• Clarify your message

  • Align your brand to it

  • Identify your ideal clients

  • Craft a brand voice and content strategy that truly resonates with them


  • Find your authentic voice

  • Identify your ideal audience

  • Choose a format and framing they'll love 

  • Help them discover and digest your audio content


  • Uncover your personal truth

  • Identify who needs to hear it

  • Choose the stories that illustrate it best

  • Shape them into compelling narratives--written or spoken, recorded or live


  • Clarify your message, mission, and vision

  • Identify the audience you most want to reach

  • Craft targeted messaging and a content strategy to motivate and inspire


clarify your core message attract your ideal audience

What's it like to work with The Story Whisperer?

Kate Emerald, Founder & CEO of Life of Emerald

"It’s effortless working with Dr. Adrienne. She is intuitive, visionary, and a pinch of her mischief adds dimension to the storytelling."

James Gwertzman, GM Gaming Vertical, Microsoft

"Adrienne's superpower is using her listening skills to fully put herself in my voice, clarify my message, and help me get my word out even more effectively.”

Chris Brodhead, CEO of Suit Social Media

"Adrienne is a blast to work with. She is super creative, focused, entertaining, and reliable with an unmatched attention to detail. You will LOVE working with Adrienne!"


I'm Adrienne, The Story Whisperer

You know your story better than anyone. But is the story you've been telling a genuine reflection of your authentic truth? Is it an accurate representation of the person you truly want to be? If not, it's never going to attract your ideal audience, no matter how loudly and enthusiastically you shout it.


In truth, it takes an outside perspective to take in the full scope of your core message, help you align to it, recognize who needs to hear it, frame it up for that audience, and shape it into a narrative that's easy for them to enjoy.

That's my gift: helping you discover and deliver the message that will attract your ideal audience, even at a whisper.

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