• Uncover your personal truth

  • Identify who needs to hear it

  • Choose the stories that illustrate it best

  • Pick the right format to share those stories

  • Write and publish with individualized support every step of the way 


  • Deliver your authentic voice directly to your ideal audience

  • Help them discover and digest your content with highly effective social media marketing techniques

  • Build your side-hustle into a profitable business


  • Unearth your best stories

  • Shape them into entertaining and inspiring performance pieces for any occasion

  • Hone your public speaking / improv skills

  • Overcome stage fright

  • Craft your magnum opus with expert guidance and bespoke support


  • Clarify your message, mission, and vision

  • Align your brand to it

  • Identify your ideal clients

  • Craft a brand voice and content strategy that will motivate and inspire

  • Create your ideal life and legacy


Release your masterpiece

Welcome, Creators!

What's it like to work with The Story Whisperer?

Kate Emerald, Founder & CEO of Life of Emerald

"It’s effortless working with Dr. Adrienne. She is intuitive, visionary, and a pinch of her mischief adds dimension to the storytelling."

James Gwertzman, GM Gaming Vertical, Microsoft

"Adrienne's superpower is empowering others to reach their full potential. She never fails to get me unstuck, back on track, and focused on what matters most, no matter what I'm facing.”

Michelle Anhang, Aspiring Author

"Adrienne is holding me lovingly through this process, with deep wisdom, experience, patience, and presence. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to birth a book, or any ambitious creative project!"


I'm Adrienne, The Story Whisperer

I'm a creation coach. I'm here to help you transform your wild imaginings into powerful realities through empathic, empowering support and strategic project management.  

You see, YOU are a creator.

Whether you're creating a book or a business, a course or a content strategy, a podcast or a performance art piece,

your message matters!

And you deserve bespoke support, every step of the way.

No one can create your masterpiece for you. But it takes an outside perspective to: 

  • take in the full scope of your core message

  • align you to it

  • identify who needs to receive it 

  • frame it up for that audience in a format that's easy for them to enjoy

  • help you reach your performance potential

  • keep you on track to deliver

That's my gift: I empower you to produce the incredible creations within you!

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