I'm Adrienne MacIain, PhDaka The Story Whisperer.


Authorspeakerpodcasterperformer, and above all, creation coach. Think of me as a muse with follow-through: I empower you to not just get and stay inspired, but to transform your inspired ideas into playfully powerful realities.

I'm here to help you:

  • Define your message

  • Align to it

  • Find the right story to illustrate it

  • Refine it

  • Shine it out to the world 

"What are you, The Story Whisperer or something? How did you do that?"

This is the question that changed my life.

It came during a walk-and-talk with an old friend who was working on a TV pilot for Amazon, and had hit a snag in the writing. The main character needed to make an important discovery in the woods that would lead the plot to a resolution. But what mysterious object should she find there?

To me, the answer was obvious. This friend, however, is an absolute mastermind with a massive, enthusiastic following, and a list of credits longer than my arm. So rather than simply blurt out my idea, I asked a series of questions to make sure we were on the same page, thematically.


"It sounds like the core message of the episode, and of the entire series come to that, is radical self-acceptance," I reflected.



"Okay. So what if the object she discovers is a mirror? That way in addition to serving as a plot device, it can carry the symbolic weight of self-discovery as well?"


That's when my friend stopped walking, stared at me as if I'd fallen from the sky, and handed me the title I've worn with pride ever since:


The Story Whisperer

As to how I do it, the short answer is: it's my gift. A gift I've honed through decades of dedicated focus on:

  • Storytelling -- as an author, a live performer, a podcaster, a professor, and an academic researcher

  • Support -- in addition to supporting authors, podcasters, performers, etc. through the many challenges of creative living, I have also supported c-suite executives as they grew companies from inception to multi-billion dollar acquisitions

  • Coaching -- my superpower is getting people un-stuck and out of their own way through guided exercises, active listening, empathy, and intuitive insight

  • Alignment -- taking in the bigger picture, clarifying the authentic truth at its core, and aligning all involved to create a cohesive culture and powerful, magnetic messaging

But enough about me. Let's talk about you, and all the wonderful things you're here to create!