Your ideal clients aren't biting because the most read page on your site is NOT CONNECTING

What do you think is the most read page on your website? 


Nope, it’s not the Home page. Most people spend only a few seconds there, just long enough to make a gut-level decision about whether to stay or move on. 


If a visitor decides to stay, guess which page they’re most likely to click on next? 


That’s right: the About page. This is the page they will actually read, and on which they will base their decision to do business with you, or not. 


Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs under-prioritize this all-important page and miss that precious opportunity to communicate to visitors what their brand is really all about. Meanwhile, those who do recognize its importance often lack the specific skill set required to create copy that is as effective as it is engaging. That’s why writing or rewriting the About Us page is the most popular service I offer as a brand voice and storytelling expert. 


And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Helping solopreneurs and entrepreneurs discover their brand story and distill it into a short, compelling narrative that communicates directly to their intended audience is what I live for. Because, when done correctly, the About page is not just a reflection of who you are and why you do what you do, it’s where you can really connect with your niche. The About page is there to let them know that you get them, you’ve got them, and you’re not going anywhere.


Normally, I charge $350 to write an About page. But to help spread the gospel of this often-overlooked shortcut directly to the hearts and minds of your audience, I will write or rewrite your About Us / About Me page for just $75. 


Due to high demand, this offer will expire on Halloween (October 31st). So let’s get cracking! Help me help you improve your conversion rate and connect with your ideal clients by clicking the button below.