Hi, I'm Adrienne MacIain.

I'm here to help you:

  • Define your true purpose

  • Align to your core values

  • Find your authentic personal and professional brand voice

  • Refine your message

  • Shine it out to the world in engaging story form (written, audio, or both)

Have you ever noticed that the simplest questions are the hardest to answer? 

Who am I?

What’s my origin story?

What’s my mission?

What are my greatest gifts, and who are they for?

For a long time, I struggled with these questions. When I could answer them at all, I answered differently in different contexts because I believed that, in order to be valuable to others, I had to become whatever they needed me to be. 

In a professional context, this usually meant attempting to transform myself into a more linear, data-driven, detail-oriented person. The strain of that continual effort led me to a rock-bottom moment that forced me to question not just my entire career trajectory, but my beliefs around personal and professional development.


There I was, hiding in the back stairwell, ugly-crying after a screwup of truly epic proportions. 

Overwhelmed by all the detail-oriented busy work on my plate (stuff that takes me way longer than it should because it’s smack in my zone of incompetence), I had written a hasty email to the organizers of an event my boss was speaking at in a couple of weeks asking for details on her time commitment so I could set up her travel, etc. 


In my flustered state, not only had I written an email devoid of any attempt at empathic connection, I had accidentally blasted that email out to the group list rather than the individual organizers. That meant that just about everyone in the company received my hastily-composed missive, including the CEO, who let my boss know right away that the curt tone was damaging to her brand. She gave me a well-deserved tongue-lashing and let me know that I would need to pay more attention in future to my representation of her personal and professional brand in my communications.

Bawling in that stairwell, I was of course mortified at having let her down and humiliated myself publicly. But it went much deeper than that. Our conversation had forced me to confront exactly how far off-course I had drifted. Branding is MY JAM. Communications is where I’m supposed to SHINE. Normally, I would have been able to compose a beautifully crafted, 100% on-brand email with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back. But there I was, spending so much of my precious time and energy doing stuff I suck at, that when it came time to do the stuff I genuinely excel at, I had nothing left to give.


I realized in that moment that not only was I doing myself a grave disservice in trying to be something I’m not and was never intended to be, I was doing the world an even greater disservice. Not only was I setting up unrealistic expectations for those who had come to rely on me, I was depriving the world of my actual gifts by silencing my authentic voice.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to the task of excavating my true self, and delivering my authentic voice, from beneath those layers of unrealistic expectation and unfair judgment. As a result/reward, I get to spend my most precious resource, my time, squarely in my zone of genius doing the things I'm fucking amazing at and that truly feed my soul: ​

  • Truth telling, inspiring, and making people laugh so hard they snort

  • Helping others align to their purpose, find their voice, and tell their truth

  • Leveraging my natural talents, my PhD in Dramatic Art, my background in branding, culture, and User Experience, and my passion for great storytelling to create written and audio content that genuinely connects with its intended audience

But enough about me. Let's talk about you, and how I can help you live aligned, and live aloud.

Share your truth

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