Our voice is not just how we communicate. It's our unique perspective, the outward representation of who we are at our core. When we are living in alignment and using our authentic voice across all areas of life, we attract what we want and repel what we don't.

To be successful on our own terms, we MUST develop a brand voice that is uniquely ours and deliver it to our target audience in a form that communicates directly to them. Find the channels your niche is tuned in to, and get on their wavelength.

PRO TIP: If you choose a niche that is aligned to your values, you'll find them in all the same places you already enjoy spending your time!

For example--confession time: I don’t have time to read. 


Don’t get me wrong; I am a total content junkie. I believe the human need for stories is right up there with food, shelter, and a good bear hug now and again. I love reading, almost as much as I love writing. It’s just that, thanks to my dynamic (read: hectic) lifestyle, finding the time to sit down and read anything longer than a Facebook post has become a real challenge. 


Yet my appetite for engaging content has, if anything, increased. So now I enjoy the majority of my content in audio form: podcasts, audiobooks, radio, etc. That way I can listen while doing ALL THE THINGS: making stir-fry, driving the kids to Tai Kwon Do, falling over in tree pose, artisanal mollusk painting, etc. 


And I know I’m not alone. Consumption of podcasts and audiobooks is skyrocketing across the board. Hearing words spoken aloud is visceral, personal, and hits our emotional buttons in ways that the written word simply cannot. But don't take my word for it! These infographics speak for themselves. 


Speaking directly into the ears of your audience is the most intimate and powerful means of connecting with them, aside from an in-person meeting.

Not sure where to start? No problem, that's where I come in. I'm a professional storytelling coach and voice-over artist. I can help you discover the right story for the right audience, shape it into an engaging narrative, and either record it for you, or coach you through the process of recording it in your own voice. You can find my full list of offerings here


I can't wait to help you deliver your authentic voice!