I'm going to tell you something that is equal parts wonderful and terrifying:


Your gifts are yours alone. 

They are entirely unique to you.


Think about that for a moment. That means that if we don’t put our gifts to good use, they will be lost. Irretrievably. And what a tragic ingratitude, to ignore our uniquely precious gifts while we moon over the gifts of others!

Imagine you have two children. One of them is a talented coder, and the other a gifted athlete. You give the coder a new laptop, and the athlete a racing bike. But they undervalue their own talents, taking them for granted, so they neglect the gifts you’ve given them and covet the other’s gift instead. The athlete borrows the laptop, and accidentally infects it with a virus. The coder borrows the bicycle and immediately crashes it into a pole. How would you feel? Probably pretty pissed off and disinclined to offer any more expensive gifts, right?

It’s the same with us. If we want to be offered opportunities to make use of our natural talents, we must already be making good use of them. We must celebrate them, be grateful for them, and leverage them to bring value to the world. But to do that, we first need to know what they are.

That should be obvious to us, but it isn’t. We should be the foremost experts on ourselves, our talents, our values, our truth, and our personal and professional brands. But we’ve been programmed from a young age to believe that we need to work hard to become a worthwhile human being, and so, little by little, we lose touch with the person we already are.


We fall out of alignment with our values. We lose track of our greatest strengths. We create a professional persona who is quite different from the person we are behind closed doors. We build a brand for our business we believe will sell despite its glaring lack of authenticity. The gap widens. Eventually we look around and realize we are lost. We don’t know who we are, or what our purpose is. And how can we ever hope to hit a target we can’t even define?

Signs that you are out of alignment with your authentic self:

  • You lack energy and motivation; you find yourself clock-watching and cutting corners

  • You feel incompetent, stupid, and generally not-good-enough

  • You are often exhausted at the end of the day and have no energy for creative pursuits and/or passion projects

  • You lack opportunities to shine

  • New challenges overwhelm and terrify you

  • You frequently feel like you are letting people down and disappointing them

  • You become a different person at work than you are at home

  • You struggle to find a brand voice that resonates with your niche

  • You are taking on clients/opportunities that are not the right fit for you

  • You are chasing (clients, opportunities, the competition) rather than attracting

  • You have a scarcity mindset, like you have to fight for every scrap

  • You keep your personal stories to yourself--your bios are dry, and your “about us” page is about everything but you and your journey

  • You frequently censor yourself and hold back from speaking your truth


Signs that you are living aligned and aloud:

  • You feel energized, inspired, and take pride in doing excellent work

  • You are in flow: you can work for hours and hardly notice that time has gone by 

  • New ideas pop into your head all day long

  • New challenges excite and inspire you

  • At the end of the day you feel satisfied and proud of what you’ve accomplished

  • You are often overwhelmed by gratitude - both your own, and that of others to whom you’ve brought value

  • You are the same, authentic you in every context

  • You are attracting your ideal clients/opportunities, and happily refer those who are not a good fit to others in your network

  • You have an abundance mindset and know there is plenty for everyone

  • Your brand voice is YOUR voice; you understand that your mess is your message and your vulnerability is a super-power, not a liability

  • You take every opportunity to share your story and inspire others who’ve been where you’ve been

  • You speak your truth loudly, proudly, and unapologetically


My gift is helping you get back into alignment and deliver your authentic voice to the world. I’m not here to transform you. I’m here to get you reacquainted with the person you’ve always been, so you can start projecting a personal and professional brand that will attract the right people and opportunities for YOU. 

If that sounds appealing, let's talk. I would love to learn more about your challenges and where you're needing help and support.

Share your truth

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