Are You Hiding Your Brownies?

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Among the many amazing insights I got at the 2019 Front Seat Life Event, this was the most major: we as humans tend to hide our best qualities. Our plate of delicious brownies. We're afraid they're not good enough, that people won't like them. So we keep them hidden away and just snack on them alone, in secret. Silly humans.

I've been keeping my most precious gifts hidden away on my personal website. I've been telling myself that my biz website needs to be "professional," meaning the opposite of who I naturally and authentically am.

No more. Integration is coming. And that shit is going to be epic.

Your story is important. Your authentic voice is your greatest strength. I tell you this stuff all the time, right? Well, I'm finally ready to take my own damn advice and set the example.

My podcast is going to take its deserved spot, front and center, instead of being buried away. My personal journey from self-loathing to soulfish self-celebration will be there to inspire. My offerings will transform from the work I can take off your plate to the amazing brand voice we can find within you and send out into the world, together.

Stay tuned, friends. My brownies are coming out of the kitchen, and they are fucking delicious.…/podca…/thats-aloud/id1478306040

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