Believe In Your Book w/ Linn Random

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in the fast-lane, speeding toward a destination you thought you wanted to reach, only to look around and realize that you were on the wrong track altogether? Today's guest, best-selling author Linn Random, can definitely relate. After getting what was, in hindsight, some really encouraging feedback from big-name publishers in college, she gave up on her writing dreams and became a high-powered sales and marketing exec. Now she applies those superpowers to her true calling: writing and, even more importantly, getting her writing into the hands of the right readers. In this episode, you will learn the basics of book marketing, including:

2:00 - learning who you really are

9:00 - clarifying your "high concept"

14:00 - connecting your concept to your audience's emotions

18:30 - identifying your target audience

22:00 - how to get your audience to come to you

You'll also learn about my upcoming book, Release Your Masterpiece: A Powerful Guide to Discover Your Authentic Gifts and Put Them to Good Use (, which will be available for presale at the end of November 2021. In fact, next week, I'll be in Columbia meeting with my amazing Red Thread Publishing ( book launch team and filming the video portions of the Release Your Masterpiece course, which is designed to transform unhappy employees and struggling freelancers into successful Creators.

That means the FINAL EPISODE of That's Aloud will air Thursday, November 11th.

That's right, this is the second-to-last episode of That's Aloud, Season 4: Hindsight 2020. And as of now, I'm not planning a Season 5. This has been an incredible experience, and I'm beyond grateful to every amazing guest who has come on here to boldly share the story the world isn't getting. If you'd like to continue your journey to authentic, aligned, creative living, please come join the party at!

Adrienne MacIain 0:03

Hey everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. I'm your hostess Dr. Adrienne MacIain, and today we have Linn Random. Please introduce yourself, Linn.

Linn Random 0:13

Hi, and good afternoon, everyone. I'm Linn Random. And I'd like to tell you a little bit about my story first. When I was in college, I had three books that were was almost accepted by Houghton Mifflin, Doubleday, and Westminster. This is many, many years ago. And when they sent me the rejection letters, I thought they were just being very kind. What I didn't realize that that was a big red flag for me to travel on in that career. Instead, what I did was, I started, I got into marketing, which I was not just very good at, I had a very successful career in international marketing and advertising, I used to speak on behalf of the US Department of Commerce, I had this wonderful career. The only problem is, I was in fastlane, wrong track, it was never what I wanted to do. So that's why I am passionate now in urging anyone: what ever you think about that you would love to do whatever speaks to your heart, you want to get into that and follow that learn from my lesson, you know, get in the lane that you want to be in, believe in yourself, and go forward in that.

Adrienne MacIain 1:28

Absolutely. So the first question that I always have to ask, and you've partly answered it, it sounds like, what story is the world not getting?

Linn Random 1:39

Well, not too much. Okay? Because I'm very much out there. And my two, my two marketing books, I have a number of marketing books, I write romantic suspense, I've got my metaphysical section. So but in my marketing books, and I'm going to go back to where I was growing up. And, you know, my father in particular, was very fond of telling me that I was never going to amount to be anything, I didn't believe in myself. And during my 20s that I loved, and I changed took a lot of reading material, lifting myself up by my emotional bootstraps, but I realized, you know, my own self worthiness, but for so many years, I was mired down with the words that they, you know, my parents and other people told me, and to be fair, I really didn't need any outside help, I was perfectly capable of self-sabotage. So those voices that you hear in the dark. And I kind of lay them out there in my marketing books, you know, about words only hurt you if you believe they're true. So you need to learn the truth about who you are. And for me, and in my world, we are all children of God, we're all equal. We're all entire, entitled, we are all of royal blood because the universe created us.

Adrienne MacIain 3:10

Absolutely. So you have done so many amazing and wonderful things in your life. What are you most proud of?

Linn Random 3:21

Well, my son, you know, that would be my number one. But right now, and you heard a little bit of my story, you know, to where my passion is right now just infusing and enabling and helping men and women to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams. So that's where I am right now. And toward that goal, I've written two books. One was the business side of a spiritual practice. This is written for psychics, for mediums, for healers, for yoga instructors, for anyone out there who has their practice, and they're doing God's work. So, you know, you can get all the education for those healing practices, but no one tells you how to get out there and market yourself in a practical way. And you can do this on a shoestring. The other book that I have, this is for authors. These are both niche marketing and it's Driving Book Sales. Driving Book Sales is almost identical to these two books, but what that is, is it's for writers and authors to start their writing business in their promotion. You can have the most fab-- and this is true for both, both of these groups of nice folks, you can have the most fabulous restaurant in the world, hire the best waiters, have the you know, have the best chefs, the greatest waitstaff, you know, have everything perfect. But if you don't do marketing and promotion, nobody's going to come to see you. So it's important to take a moment learn how to do this. And I've tried to cover just about everything, I can't think of too many things I missed in both of my books, respectively, for those two markets. So that's how those two books came around. My book driving book sales actually occurred, little backstory, when I was at a writers conference that I was going in speaking about how to write romantic suspense or particular genre. And then I'd also do one for marketing, because that's my background over 40 years now. And you know, and I had this young lady come up to me, and she said, "Well, I want to have a best seller. What do I do?" And it made me be facetious, but I said, "Great. Write a good book." So she said, "Well, I've done that," she said, and I said, "Well, then you need to learn how to market and promote your book." Because your public relations and your promotional work is going to drive your book sales, you want to have have so much word of mouth going, that when someone goes into a bookstore or goes over to Amazon, you're the one they think about.

Adrienne MacIain 6:25

Absolutely, this is very much on my mind right now, because of course, I've got another book coming out soon. And this is an area that I know I need a lot of work in. And I know a lot of self published authors also need a lot of help with. So tell us a little bit more about your transformation. Because you were in marketing, you had this whole career behind you, you fortunately had all these amazing marketing tools in your tool belt. How did you use those to get yourself to where you are now?

Linn Random 6:58

Well, one of the first things I did, and as I was with a traditional publishing house when I first got into writing, I was fortunate to have one, and the rules have changed, you know, so I'll be happy to address that in just a moment. But when I retired, the first time, you know, so to speak, I started, you know, I finally got on--Fast Lane-Wrong Track--I finally got into the lane that I wanted to ride in. And I was writing my books, and I was very happy with it. And as I got into it, I already knew what to do. I had a campaign that was ready to start out. And back in those days, you had a six-week window when you really sold your books with a traditional publishing house. Amazon has since come in with eBooks, they've changed the world of publishing. And there's no need to go to a traditional publishing house, which is where they give you just a small percentage of what your book, as you know, what they're selling the book for. And so, but coming into the marketplace, and I had my book, it was like I already had my marketing plan set up. I had my high concept. I had my blurb, I had, I had all the things that were in place when I started selling my books and offering them, and I found out how authors did not know how where to begin. And I'm going to use one very small example of what happened. I was at the Southwest Publishers conference. And there were a group of ladies that did a German radio show. It was a podcast, it was very big. And the lady who was in front of me got up there and she started, oh she was just rambling. She was clearly in love with her characters and how they met, and their first kiss. And she was all over the board, you know, and I got up next to her because I bothered to learn what a high concept was. You know, I was able to explain, you know, my books. Now I've got these in print and eBooks as well. But they said, "What's your book about?" "This is the high concept I'm about to give you. The high concept is a reality show that needs a real CSI." Boom, you got it. This was back in 2002. So it was kind of before as the reality shows were just coming into into play. The other book was Pirates in Paradise. And you know, if you asked me "What is Pirates in Paradise about?" and I'll say "It's Miami Vice on a romantic Midnight Run," boom, you got it. You can use that to springboard into other marketing venues and put it on, and it should be on your book markers and on your website because people want to know in a very short sentence what it's about. The concept originally came from book representatives who would go into see booksellers, and they would literally go in with a stack of books and show the booksellers and they'd say, this book is about this. And the bookseller would say, yes, no, yes, no. And that's how the high concept came into play. And then the movie industry took over. So if you were to go, like, what is Jurassic Park about? I would say, "Dinosaurs are regenerated into the modern world, and escape." So you know what those are. So you want to have a high concept for your book. And then that falls into your elevator speech, which is about 30 seconds, that you should say, in the length of the time of an elevator with my 30 seconds for Pirates In Paradise is--and all of this is in my book, driving book sales, and I tell you how to generate it, but, "On the wrong on run from drug traffickers, and US Marshals in the FBI, Haley Rollins assumes her twin sister's identity, and her only hope is a modern day pirate, but she can she trust him with her secret, or her heart?" So that was romance novels. Pardon me for being a little cheesy there. So but but you get what the book is about. And then people are able to ask questions, you know, per their interest. The next thing that any writer needs to do is to understand what branding is. And branding is just a quick example, actually started about the turn of the century of the last century, to where people would understand, you know, the product and what the product does. And my favorite example is Kleenex. Kleenex is the name of a company. But actually when you are needing a tissue, you know, you said you made Kleenex that's brand new, because they're actually asking for name of a company. Yeah, another quick example of how to distinguish yourself is people get a little concerned about, "Well, how do I distinguish myself from the romance author down the street?" and you want to emotionally connect with your readers so much so that they think of you. If I look at the peanut butter aisle and my local store, it goes on, my gosh, a mile and a half of all these different peanut butters. What do I pick? I pick Jiff, because I'm a choosey mother, and I'm a good mother. So I'm going to emotionally connect the peanut butter so that my son will have a good peanut butter. But it's the same, it's the same reason why McDonald's builds a store right next to Burger King, they both Sell Burgers, but you have to distinguish yourself and emotionally connect yourself with the people that are getting ready to turn in and buy a burger. So learn the high concept, the elevator speech, and marketing, and then you can almost springboard into any particular marketing concept that you have.

Adrienne MacIain 13:18

Excellent advice. One of my favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, and it's people won't remember what you said, they won't remember what you did, they will remember how you made them feel. And I really live by that. I think it is so essential to be intentional about how you are making people feel and the feelings that you are evoking in your specific selected audience. But it's can be really difficult. I know, as an author, to come up with that high concept and see your book from the outside, you know, because you're so far in it a lot of the time. What advice do you have for someone who's like, I mean, I know what my book is about. But how do I communicate that to my audience?

Linn Random 14:04

Well I have three separate genres that I write about: my marketing genre, my metaphysical genre, and then my romantic suspense genre. So it really depends who you're talking to, and who they want to talk to that I'm going to give the right Linn Random back to them. But my books are very well known. I'm a very type of Agatha Christie kind of writer to where there's a lot of twists says a lot of turns. So you have to decide how you know how to take that and convert it over to your readers. Because like I said, just like Michelangelo, they you've got to make them feel. If you're going to be sterile and you're going to say, "My book is about..." you know, whatever, but you don't, you have to promote emotionally connect with the reader-slash-buyer of your book. I used to be in sales and I taught sales, and I've taught sales people. And so one of the things I would tell them is you've always got to emotionally connect your product with the client that you're talking to. So when I was working with real estate clients, I told them, I said, as you're walking through the house, you don't want to say, "Here's the bedroom, here's the bathroom, there's the living room." You want to walk through, and emotionally make that connection by saying, like, "Look at this beautiful TV room, I know you will enjoy it, you shared with me that you and your husband and kids love, you know, watching movies, this would be a great place for you to watch those movies." And, you know, so you want to continuously... when I'm doing sales work, or when I'm even working with books, I start talking about "you, yours." When I'm at--I'll give you a trick--when I'm in a Writers Conference. And I went to one where I was with 20 other romance novelists. And I don't want to mention the name, but they were just staring at me because they were sitting there with zero books to sell. And I outlined all sorts of, you know, things in my book to make. You know, I had the balloons, I had my reviews up, the reviews I got on Amazon, and the reviews I got on my publisher site, I had a little photo book. So if people said "Is this good book?" And I would say "Yes, and you can look at this," and about three into "This is such a great book," they were ready to buy. Now something else I would do--psychologically, Doctor, you will appreciate this--I take the book, and I'd put it in their hands, they now psychologically have possession of the book. And I would say, "How would you like me to autograph that book for you?" And they tell me and I outsold everybody else. I sold over 55 books that day. And I think they didn't sell 20 between all of them. So you have to learn a little bit of sales technique. I don't want people to get intimidated by some of these things. If these aren't out there, it's just a matter of learning, you know, how to ask for the book sale. In the case where people are talking to potential customers or they're talking to, you know, they want free advice or free books or free something, you know, then you want to say things like, "That's a great question. I don't have time for it right now." And that, my psychic friends get a lot of that. "What's going on with Bob?" You know, I'm going like, well, here's what you know, they were like, how do I handle that? And And I'll say, well just tell him say, "I'd like to really be comprehensive with you. And let's talk about that. Okay, but I don't have time now to give it to her. So give me your email address, and I'll send you a link. And we'll go ahead and set up a time that way. That way, I can give you the time that you deserve to have." Now, on the backside, I'm sending him a link to schedule, but I'm also sending him the link to my PayPal account to pay. Right? Oh, you know, and I'm not saying everybody gets, you know, is willing to give free advice and help other people. But at the same time, this is your business. So you don't want to you know, give away the cow, so to speak.

Adrienne MacIain 18:29

Yeah, you have to have boundaries.

Linn Random 18:31

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So to do that, so, um, but yeah, just know who you are. The other thing that I would tell people to do is know who your demographics are. Your demographics are the market, the people that are going to most advertise and buy your book. I'm gonna go back to my advertising days. We had an account back in the middle to late 70s. And these are clients that this is such a great idea. We think people love it. We'd say what is it? And they'd say, Well, it's first-run movies, Vegas nightclub, sports spectacular. And I said, "Where are you advertising?" They were all over the place. They were with an advertising agency. Advertising agencies make money by getting 50% of every ad that they place everywhere. So we started target marketing with this account. And the account was HBO when it first came into Pinellas County, Florida. And it was HBO you know first thing is you want to educate people. What is HBO? First-run movies, Vegas nightclubs, sports spectacular. We advertise in places, only TV, all the little throwaway TV Guide pumps, you know, that were out at the time, and in couple billboards and you know some areas and we increased their business 600%. I developed the number one real estate presale in the US, and also in Canada, we sold over 200 homes in less than two weeks. So, and I took the same concept different places, and we sold out. Why was I successful? Because I target marketed to exactly the right audience that I should reach. And authors, and writers, or spiritual practitioners need to do the same thing. Understand who your market is, if you're, if you're writing a romance novel, about 80% of your market are women, your demographic group are 35 plus years. So you want--where do the women go to buy the books? And where do, besides Amazon, they buy the books? At grocery stores, so know where people are buying your books?

Adrienne MacIain 20:51

So knowing your audience, absolutely super duper important. That can actually be a really big question. I think for a lot of people they haven't really thought about who am I writing for? Who am I writing to? One thing I always advise if you're having trouble with that, is really think about what do you value? What value does this book actually bring? Like, what is the value proposition? And who else values that, right? And who could use that? That's really who your audience is. And one thing that really tripped me up as a new author was figuring out my categories. Because it may be--it's simple when it's romance, you know, that's a category, that's a genre. But when you're writing a book that's nonfiction, it's got some memoir in it, it's got some how-to in it, it's got like, it's, there's a lot going on in there, figuring out what category to put it under, can be kind of tricky. Do you have any tips or tricks around that?

Linn Random 21:58

I would look at people like who's going to, again, we're back to demographic but yeah, Who are your people that are going to buy your book? So for instance, one of--I just have this in my head right now--but one of my hotel clients, they were a hotel up in the mountains of North Carolina. And, and they said, well look at us, and he showed like the major city, like 100 miles from them, is the major center of the world, you know, and they said, "How can I reach the market?" So his market was so spread out, and I said, let's pull it back and start where your hotel is. You are the center of your universe. So you need to find the people that are most apt to buy your books. So depending on what your story is about, you know, I talked to somebody the other day, and they had, nobody's going to buy my books, and they put it out on a post on one of the loops that I'm on. And I was just shaking my head because people were writing, oh, other immigrants, you know, this struggle, you know, a struggle with a young immigrant who came to this country and lifted yourself by the bootstraps and became a success. That was her premise. You know, so she wasn't, she said, "Oh, I need to go to other immigrants." I'm like, "No, you know, that's not your market." Because number one, you're trying to address somebody that's just crossed into our border, God bless them, you know, but they're not going to buy your book. And I said, "What you want to reach is that broader market, to where you're reaching people who are interested in getting a book that would tell about how you lifted up by your bootstraps, and talked about your biography and how your life is similar to theirs." So for her, I recommended there's a lot of stories right now, you know, she can focus on cable news. She could go on the, you know, the Today Show have been on a lot of these shows, national TV, should we get our message out, but she's got to look at who's going to be most apt to buy her book, you know, and don't you want to go to people that can buy your book, you know, so, where there might be a couple of people out there, they're going like, oh, I'm just doing this for myself. Well, you know, get over it. Take a little money, as well, and I certainly endeavor to do that but you want to promote yourself and to find your right market. You want to talk about your book? I can see what I come up with real fast.

Adrienne MacIain 24:47

Oh, sure. So I was just gonna ask too, so, but what about the opposite problem of like, "My book's for everyone"? I hear that one a lot with my clients. You know, "This is for everyone. Everyone should read this." It's like Okay, but we're gonna have to niche that down a little bit. So my book, it's called Release Your Masterpiece. And it's really a kind of hands on-guide to taking a big leap, making a transformation. Maybe, like you, you've been in a career for a long time that you know is not making you happy. And there's just something inside of you that feels like a masterpiece that has not been released. And this is a hands-on, how-to guide to get aligned to your creative source, and start releasing those creations that are kind of stuck within you.

Linn Random 25:40

That's a perfect book. Okay. And I want to, what I would suggest you do first is to take all the groups that you're not a part of, you don't want the Mystery Writers you don't want the already-written books, you don't want... So who are you left? The one that's going to hear your message the most are going to be women. And there's two categories of women that I would say would be your market, your first category of women would be young women who are emerging out of college, or maybe even high school, you have a story that's empowering women. And there's certainly a lot of groups online, there's certainly a lot of publications. Let me circle back to that in a second. There's certainly a lot of venues, you know, that talk about your story of people don't know where to begin the other side of this, because the middle years are going to be ladies that are, you know, they've got their families that, you know, they'd like to get there. But, you know, they might be, they're just busy raising families like getting from week to week. So who's the other group that has to reinvent themselves? And that would be people my age, you know, who are are interested in maybe, you know, how did they, how do they go back and find themselves? How do they go back like I did and create the masterpiece that's inside them? One of the--so I would go after the college, you know, graduate, the young person who 25 to 35 years of age, it's going to be probably closer to, you know, 25 to 30. But also, just as a suggestion, I wanted to recommend that you go to and put yourself on book clubs. And one of the book clubs I would recommend to you is Girlfriends, and Girlfriends is the publication for the AARP group. So they have like 10... I can't remember it's like enormous number. A friend of mine, the beautiful Tammi Morrison, she writes for, she has beautiful stories about the black experience. So while I was doing some research on my book guide and book sales and looking up, you know, bookclubs, I said, Tammi, I wrote, I said Tammi do you know that there's 750 book clubs dedicated to the black experience? And I said, No, it's not 750 people, it's 750 book clubs. Those book clubs can be anywhere from 25, 50, 100, 1000 members. What does that work out to in book sales for her fabulous books? So look at the book clubs is one avenue to do, another way to get attention, and I'm doing it for myself right now. In my book Driving Book Sales, I have a chapter you know, on why to get publicity. And one of the ways that I'm doing it is through Amazon shorts. Amazon shorts, you can publish by yourself. You don't need a publisher for them, self publish, I do. But anyway, my, one of my end chapters in--I know you've read my book, thank you--but I changed the title a little bit because in my book, it's about how to create a promotional calendar. Well, for this standout book, I wrote how to create a year-round promotional calendar. And I'm probably going to be giving it away for free, but I tell people exactly how to create a calendar from the fact of either doing it online or getting a handheld calendar, and then all the way through Schedule, like one major event a month, and then three little three little ones. Your big event could be speaking at a writers group, or being on a Zoom meeting, and your three other groups could be one week, or maybe x amount of time that you put to it. You promoting your book online, maybe your another week is going to be contacting book clubs and following up with them. And again, you're writing your high concept, your elevator speech and your blurb. And you're, you're presenting it to them. And maybe another one is going to be creating a press release. Because you've got to have people. The title of my book is driving book sales. And that's exactly what you're you're going to do. If you walk into a bookstore, you go to Amazon, and you don't have an idea as to what you want to get. You're going to be deer in the headlights, there's so much out there. So you start narrowing it down. So you want to have that press release out there, and I tell you how to do it, but you write a press release to where somebody reads it and goes, well, that sounds like a good book, I'm going to go to my local Barnes and Noble. And I'm going to buy that book, you know, and they're on a mission, because they know exactly what they want. That's driving book sales. So those are the some of the, and as I come up with other ideas, I'll send them to you, but know your market, know how to reach them. And if and what I'm doing is, you know, lifting out a chapter that is significant. And in my book, you know, after you read how to create a year round promotional calendar, I've got links that, that book into driving book sales, so that they can, they can buy the book. So and I've also got links in there, that when they read it, they can go over to my website and see the other books that I have. So that's, that's one of the things that I would do, I would take a look at your book again. But just take a look at for the younger women, I would look at some of these... I don't want to say teenage books, but you know, the little bit of a younger market, that the younger female is reading, and I put up, give them an article and say, okay to print extra of my book, you know, and then and let them have it, they'll probably pay you for it, you know, or you can put it in something like Women's Day, or there's Apple amount of online. Facebook groups, you know, the true reading, you can reach the college set up for you, I would also suggest maybe doing a couple speaking engagements, you know, at some colleges and talk about that, or seniors, you know, again, because it's that time, when they are most apt to buy your book, which is when there's a time period of major change.

Adrienne MacIain 32:47

Absolutely. Yeah, great advice, thank you.

Linn Random 32:50

But what I tell people to do is to take my book, I don't care if they mark it up, it's not going to hurt my feelings, or get a notebook beside it, and what I ideally would like people to do is, you know, get $1 notebook. And as you're going through it, you want to place things in three categories, one are things you want to do right now. Number two would be things you want to do in 90 days. Number three would be: Boy, that's a great idea. But I'm just not ready to do that. Right? You know, so. So you have that. And then you get a calendar and you start blocking in your time, you know, on when and how to do it. But, you know, plan the work, work the plan.

Adrienne MacIain 33:36

I love it.

Linn Random 33:37

Okay, great.

Adrienne MacIain 33:39

So, at this time, I usually do a little exercise. So I want to kind of wrap this up. What would you say is the biggest takeaway that you want to make sure people really walk away with from this conversation?

Linn Random 33:52

Believe in yourself. Don't listen to words that other people tell you. If you don't have any support in your life, then learn how to draw it from within yourself. Look to Facebook groups look to groups and people that are going to support you. So believing yourself don't believe the words that others are saying, because they aren't true.

Adrienne MacIain 34:20

Is there anything else you wish I had asked you today?

Linn Random 34:25

Thank you all for attending. I'm so, I'm a little bit different horse because I'm in so many different genres. And I've got a great book out on reincarnation, that talks about near-death--I'll show you--near death experiences. And it also tells you what happens when you die. And it also, you know goes into that. My next book that's coming out this month is manifestation through visualization. So and I work with crystals, you know, and such on that, I've got one coming out on cord cutting. And the one I'm getting ready to start on now... Well, I'll save that for another time. All right, I'll tell you. I'm doing one about communicating with UFOs. So I'm doing that. And it's called, it's called Starbase Earth.

Adrienne MacIain 35:24

Nice. Well, I look forward to all of those.

Linn Random 35:29

If you want that the rest of my books of Pirates in Paradise, Lights, Camera murder... You know, I don't write books that are going to affect you and make you you know, do something extraordinary, like, find your masterpiece, I'll leave that to superb writers like yourself. I'm the book to take down to the beach...

Adrienne MacIain 35:50

Fantastic, we need those too.

Linn Random 35:51

...and enjoy it for a couple hours and then go "Wow that was a great book." So but yeah, find your genre, who you are, know who your audience is. And, you know, my book ebook of this is $2.99. The print book is, like $14 $15, or something. I don't know what publisher said, but. But, and if you do, leave a review, please leave reviews,

Adrienne MacIain 36:19

Always! Please leave reviews.

Linn Random 36:22

Oh, exactly. Reviews is a way, I think, number one to say thank you to an author if you enjoyed the book, number two, it changes the algorithm so more people read reviews, it kind of bumps you up in the ranking more people see you more people buy you, so, you know, it's really a strong way to do it. I tell all of these things from Amazon shorts, to how to create your branding, it goes into detail on so many different things that go step by step on how to do a press release. As an author, you already have all the tools inside of you believe in yourself. And like Nike says: do it.

Adrienne MacIain 37:04

Just do it. Absolutely. So let's do this fun little exercise that I always like to end on. You are a visualizer. So this should be easy, easy and fun for you. Right? So I'm gonna have you close your eyes. And just breathe in some colored light. And then tell me what color is.

Linn Random 37:25

Green rainbow.

Adrienne MacIain 37:26

Beautiful. Excellent. And now I'm going to I have a magic wand over here. Okay. And when I wave it in front of you, everything that you deeply desire will come to pass just right here in this moment. So magic wand waived. What is the first thing you see in this new ideal existence?

Linn Random 37:49

My bills paid in full. And it's because I've just, we're doing a lot of home improvement. So right now, so we just put that up. So that's kind of not pressing, we've got the plan, plan to work work the plan, I do the same thing with my bills. So I know exactly when everything will be paid for but yeah, it's, you know, it's having those, the rest of the things. I'm of the age where I'd really got everything I want, you know, my dogs, my health is not the best, but it's okay. It's age appropriate. So, you know, so I'm not looking for that new car, that new house and go. You know, my passion right now is I want your viewers and everyone who has a dream of writing a book to be successful. That's my passion right now.

Adrienne MacIain 38:45

Oh, yeah. Well, so now I'd like you to see someone who just read your book. And they've put all your ideas into practice. And they're getting a ton of book sales. And they're so excited about it. And they really want you to know how important this has been to them. And just soak that feeling in. Tell me what that feels like.

Linn Random 39:11

This is something that I do. I'm an Akashic Record reader. I am a crystal intuitive. I work with angels. So in my next book, Manifest... you see with me, you can almost go anywhere and say, that reminds me of my next book. But you have to align yourself with that success. You have to align yourself with that which you want to have. So for that reader, who was a success. That's what I want. Quick story, and I'll be brief. I had a writer's conference, had a lady come into me just in tears in the bathroom. She was just a muddle of tears. And I said what happened? She said, I just met with an agent. And he said because I was self-published, I would never get published. So she and I had a come to Jesus meeting. And I talked to her about it. And she wrote children's books about fairies. I said, you keep doing what you're doing. And her passion was, she loved sharing her fairy book at the library, doing readings for children. Long story short, two months, two or three months later, I got a call from her. And she said when she said I was doing my story, reading in the back of the room was the Vice President of Marketing for Walt Disney World. And he loved the story. So much, long end of the story, they came in and bought her book, making it into a movie or television show. So do what you love.

Adrienne MacIain 40:41

Absolutely. Yeah. That's a perfect way to end. Thank you so much for being here, Linn.

Linn Random 40:46

Thank you. I'm also a fairy-ologist by the way, I should mention that so I love fairies.

Adrienne MacIain 40:51

Me too. Me too. Me too. All right.

Linn Random 40:54

We'll have to talk about that sometime. Okay, very good. Thank you so much. Namaste.

Adrienne MacIain 40:58

Yes, thank you. Where can the folks at home find all your all of your wonderfulness?

Linn Random 41:03

They can find me on, I'll show you, this is if you're into writing, You can find me on my authors page, my author profile over on Amazon. And just, you know, leave me a review. If you do enjoy the books, the romances and mysteries of the paranormals and comedies that I write. And if you're a writer or a spiritual practitioner, medium psychic, holistic healer, get your copy of the Business Side and be a success. I want to be that little pebble that goes into the middle of a pond, and it just radiates out. Because I know we're doing God's work. And I know that we're impacting and changing the world. And I think we all do this together, help everybody that you can, and love without conditions.

Adrienne MacIain 42:05

Absolutely. I think there's enough for all of us. Thank you so much.

Linn Random 42:10

Absolutely. Namaste.

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