Does Queen Elsa Have a Podcast?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

One of the best things about being a voice actor is the ability to blow the minds of small children.

Last year, my dear friend Stephanie asked me to call her daughter, Abigail, to wish her a happy 5th birthday. In the voice of Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Unfortunately we didn't have the foresight to record that call, but suffice it to say that little Abigail was in a state of delighted shock for quite a while afterwards.

This year, though, we were prepared. Here is me wishing Abigail a happy 6th birthday as Elsa... and Anna, of course!

Not sure how many more years we can keep this up for, though. Stephanie tells me she was recently listening to the That's Aloud podcast, and Abigail walked into the room.

"Does Queen Elsa have a podcast?" Abigail inquired.

Doing her best not to laugh, Stephanie replied, "I think queens are a little too busy to host podcasts."

Then again, 2 Dope Queens is one of my favorite podcasts, so the subject is definitely still open for debate.

Got a character in your life that needs a message from someone special? Ping me and I'll see if it's in my repertoire!

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