Get Out of Debt Mindset w/ Aimee Cerka

Updated: Aug 19

It's hard to feel valuable when you're in the red, but focusing on paying down your debt may be keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle. Money Confidence Coach Aimee Cerka (@aimeecerka) is here to help you gain solid footing, raise your net worth, and start creating value for yourself and your family with confidence.

Highlight Reel: 1:30 - The Wake-Up Call 9:30 - Why you should stop focusing on debt reduction 15:00 - Time isn't money 16:00 - 3 ways to increase your net worth 19:30 - Stop chasing money, start creating value 22:00 - You are valuable!

Adrienne MacIain 0:01

Hey everyone. Welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. This is your hostess Dr. Adrienne MacIain. And today we're here with Aimee Cerka. Please introduce yourself.

Aimee Cerka 0:11

Well, thank you. I'm really excited to be here. So um, yeah, I'm a wife, Mama to three, we homeschool. But I'm a money confidence coach. So I teach people to master their money while juggling everything at home.

Adrienne MacIain 0:27

Fantastic. So I'll dive into the first question, what is the story The world isn't getting?

Aimee Cerka 0:35

Oh, of course, it's going to be about money. But the fact that um, it's like a two part thing here, debt payoff is not the thing that we should be focusing on. And so many of us truly haven't achieved financial security, really hoped that a lot more people would see that in 2020, but I think, thankfully, for us, our wake up call was beforehand, but truly realizing like what it takes to actually take care of your family and get to that place where you can feel good about it, and how many ways we're harming ourselves by not taking care of our finances, because subconsciously, like, it's a stress, it's a concern, and it shows up in health and relationships in so many different ways. So it's create that financial security and stop worrying about paying off debt all the time.

Adrienne MacIain 1:29

Yeah, so you said you had a wake up call. Tell us about that.

Aimee Cerka 1:33

Yeah, so ours was kind of two-part. So in 2016, after several years, it was I had a background in insurance was really how I got my start in personal finance. But I had started my own business, we were three months pregnant, my husband and I were newlyweds. We made the decision that I was going to leave my job, things were doing okay, we could, I really wasn't making a profit with my side business, it was more like for fun. We were really living off of his income. So it was Friday, my last day, the following Monday, the guy that we were working with--my husband was self employed, he's a truck driver--the guy that we were contracted with, basically got mad for something that like my husband couldn't really even control and decided, like, you know what, like, that's it, we're terminating the contract, didn't matter that it was against the legal terms of the contract, he kind of had to have assets to be able to get what we were owed for his breach of contract. So we went from doing okay, to zero income in a span of a couple days. At three months pregnant. Was a very stressful week, as you probably can imagine. Hustled quite a bit there and made it work. Within the end of the week or so we had taken a 50% income cut, but we were making some income again. When my son was born, six months later, everything went great in the pregnancy, no complications at all. But a couple hours after he was born, the pediatrician came in to do their check on him. So I turned to face one way to eat because, you know, they had taken the baby, so I was gonna eat some food now. But he turned purple on the table when they had him. So they took them back to the NICU there at the hospital. And we're doing all of their tests on him. And I remember the moment that I heard that he was going to be transferred to the local Children's Hospital. And it had been shift change. And the new nurse was taking me over to the recovery room, because they had been backed up. So I was still stuck in the labor and delivery unit for a little bit. So she was pushing me over. And her question was when when are they transferring your baby to the to Cooke Children's, which is our local Children's Hospital? I was like, What are you talking about? Like, they're not moving him, he's fine. There's more backstory there with my first like, with medical issues, but I just remember that feeling of like my heart sinking, like: no. So he had what was called esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula. So you might know what that is, for those of us who weren't medical doctors, okay. The esophagus was not connected to his stomach. So he had his first surgery at less than 48 hours old and was in the NICU a total of seven and a half weeks. And during that time, we had done enough work on our finances that like I was able to be there every single day. I left to take care of myself, and to go spend time with my oldest, but I was there day in and day out, I was there for everything. And that was like that whole build your well before you're thirsty, like we were living that. And even though we were nowhere near where we wanted to be, we had done enough so that when it mattered, like we had gotten there, and that was really the wake-up call for us. And that was when I got very passionate, or I should say more passionate because we had been working on our finances. But on like, okay, this is what you need to know, because we all have stuff come up in life, and it's just about being prepared to be able to be with who you want to be in that moment, instead of having to make those tough decisions of like, do I do this so I can put food on the table? Or can I spend time with my loved on