How to Get Unblocked

Updated: May 27, 2021

Let’s start here: You are a creator.

Every time you solve a problem, use your imagination, express an idea, opinion, thought, or desire, you are creating. Period.

And as a creator, you are a powerful antenna for inspiration and innovation. But in order to receive the messages that are trying to get through, you need to keep that antenna unencumbered, in proper working order, and pointed in the right direction.

Just as every creator has experienced the magic of inspiration, we’ve also experienced it’s opposite: creative blockage.

You know the feeling. It’s that beat-your-head-against-the-piano frustration, when the ideas just aren’t flowing and the act of creation feels like such an unbearable slog that you wonder how you ever managed it before, and even begin to doubt if you’ll ever manage to do it again.

That feeling isn’t just a sign, it’s a giant, blinking, neon billboard that you are out of alignment with your creative source. Something, somewhere in one of your many interrelated life support systems, is blocking the flow of energy from the wellspring of inspiration.

This holistic checklist is designed to help you not only identify and remove existing blockages, but proactively prevent future blockages from occurring -- not just creatively, but in all areas of your life!

For the sake of clarity, I’ve separated the checklist into 5 sections: physical hygiene, emotional hygiene, mental hygiene, spiritual hygiene, and devotional practice and ritual. But the truth is that all of these areas are deeply interconnected, so positive practices in one area will positively impact all the others, and vice versa.

You can get a handy PDF checklist-only version, along with video versions of some of the exercises mentioned, when you opt in to Club Muse.

Physical hygiene

Your body can be a powerful receiver, or a record player stuck in a loop. This section will help you get back into the groove and get inspiration flowing to and through you. Because if you’re not creating what only you can create, the world will not have it. And that is truly tragic.

Basic physical needs

  • Adequate rest

  • Healthy food

  • Hydration

Adequate rest & food

Check in with your body. Are your basic needs taken care of?

If you’re hungry or tired, you’re not going to do your best creative work. Have a healthy snack (fruits & veggies, beans & grains, nuts & seeds), or a nap, or both.


Make sure you’re well hydrated. Invest in a water bottle you actually enjoy drinking from, and fill it with spring water, not just tap water, or even filtered or distilled water (which robs you of important nutrients). Keep it within reach throughout the day.

Experiment with other forms of healthy hydration. Try drinking herbal tea, coconut water, or fresh-pressed juice. Hydration shouldn’t have to be a chore, it should be a treat!

Beyond the basics

  • Movement

  • Breath

  • Sensation

  • Contact

Move your body

You don’t need to be an athlete to stay unblocked, but some kind of physical movement is essential to keep creation energy flowing through your body.

Stretch. Do some yoga. Dance. Dance in slow motion. Do some calisthenics. Go for a walk (in nature if possible). Go for a run. Or a hop. Or a skip. Or a sashay. Whatever makes you feel alive.


Try some different breathing techniques. Some, such as deep breathing from the diaphragm, and circular breathing, can help relax you and relieve anxiety. Others, such as “power breathing” (Wim Hof, prana, breath of fire, Lion’s breath, etc.), can help energize and motivate you.

Try this short power-breathing exercise whenever you need an energy boost:

  • Sit in a comfortable position

  • Take a deep belly breath in (fill your belly up with air before you fill up your chest) on a count of six, and breathe out on a count of six. Repeat three times.

  • Then go double time: breathe in on a count of three, and out on a count of three, this time for 6 repetitions.

  • Then go down to just one beat per breath. Take in as much air as you can in a single count, and exhale as deeply as you can in one count. Repeat 6-9 times, or until you start to feel a touch lightheaded. This will feel a bit like panting.

  • Finally, take a nice, deep breath in and out at whatever pace feels comfortable.

  • Repeat as many times as needed until you feel energized and rarin’ to go.

Explore sensations

Play with things like unusual textures and alternating temperatures. Take a hot bath. Take a cold shower. Take a hot bath followed by a cold rinse. Different temperatures release different chemicals in your body, so experiment and see what works best to snap you out of a funk.

Connect through contact

Practice self-touch. Explore your body and what brings you pleasure. Masturbate shamelessly. Hug or snuggle with a person or a stuffy or a pillow. Get a massage if you can. Enjoy that beautiful body of yours and feel gratitude for the pleasure it can bring you!

Staying aware of and taking good care of your physical needs will not only keep your inspiration antenna in proper working order, it will help you reconnect to the powerful creative tool that is your body.

Emotional hygiene

One of the most common forms of blockage is emotional. When an uncomfortable feeling gets stuck and plays on repeat, it can feel like there’s a cloud of dissonant static following us everywhere we go, blocking out every other signal. This section will help you not only recognize and process those feelings, but replace them with more conduc(t)ive emotions moving forward.

Basic emotional needs

  • Feel your feelings

  • Name your feelings

  • Process your feelings

  • Practice self-compassion

Feel your feelings

First, simply check in with your feelings. Ask yourself: how do I feel? And then take the time to feel the answer.

Name your feelings

See if you can name the emotions you’re experiencing.

Sometimes what you’re feeling is very obvious, but other times it can take a while to discover what’s really going on. Often the emotions closest to the surface (anger, boredom, numbness, etc.) are actually covering up deeper, trickier emotions (hurt, fear, grief, etc.).

If you’re not quite sure how you feel:

  1. Try doing a body scan to find areas of tension, which can be an indicator of unprocessed emotions.

  • Lie down in a quiet, comfortable place, and take a few deep breaths

  • Envision a ball of white light above you

  • See the light going into your feet, at the heel, and then rising slowly upward with each breath in

  • Everywhere the light touches, try to relax that area completely

  • Notice any areas where you were holding tension in your muscles, particularly areas that resist relaxing even when the light passes through them

  1. Try simply asking yourself directly what it is you’re feeling and see what your gut response is.

  2. Look in the mirror, and describe the person you’re looking at as you would a stranger on the bus. How do you think they’re feeling right now?

Process your feelings

Once you’ve named the emotions you’re experiencing, it’s time to process them.

By process, I do NOT mean analyze them in terms of why they’re there or what to do about them. You can’t think your way out of your feelings. You’ve got to feel your way through.

Begin by simply acknowledging the feeling and welcoming it in.

Yes, you read that right. Welcome the feeling in, whatever it is.

Whether you’re feeling giddy anticipation or murderous rage, that feeling is here to help and protect you, and deserves to be embraced.

Besides, what you resist persists, so the more you fight against an emotion, the more energy you feed it to fight you back with.

To illustrate, here’s the basic transcript of a conversation with a client, a brilliant entrepreneur, who had come to me in the grips of paralyzing anxiety around their latest endeavor.

  • Client: I can’t stop worrying. I keep envisioning everything that could go wrong. I know it isn’t productive, but the more I try to ignore it, the stronger it comes back.

  • Me: Like when a little kid wants your attention, and just gets louder and more annoying until you finally stop what you’re doing and listen?

  • Client: Yes! Exactly like that.

  • Me: Well, have you tried shutting up and listening for a minute?

  • Client: ...

  • Me: I mean, what do you think that anxious voice in your head is trying to get you to understand?

  • Client: Hmmm. I guess… that things probably won’t go perfectly smoothly? Problems are bound to come up.

  • Me: And why do you think it wants you to understand that?

  • Client: So that I can be prepared for them. Because I really want this to succeed.

  • Me: That sounds pretty helpful to me.

  • Client: Huh. Good point.

Your feelings are here to help you. The harder you try to prevent them from doing what they came to do, the louder and more disruptive they will become.

Instead, simply ask the feeling why it’s here.

Is it trying to protect you from something? To defend an important boundary? To help you heal from trauma? To express love that doesn’t know where to go?

If your gut response is that the feeling is here to encourage you to take some kind of constructive action, then write down whatever that action is, and give yourself a deadline by which you will take said action. Then thank your emotion for reminding you about the importance of this task, and let it know you will take it from here.

That’s exactly what my client did after our conversation. They set aside time on their calendar the following week to write down every worst-case scenario that had been popping up in their mind, and brainstorm ways to handle each one. Turns out, it was a pretty enjoyable and confidence-building exercise, so after that, whenever an anxious thought popped up, instead of trying to push it away, they saw it as a fun opportunity to troubleshoot and problem-solve.

There are some feelings, however, that can’t be resolved through action, unless that action is to surrender the desire to control it. People die. Projects fail. Bad things happen to good people, and it’s not always up to us to prevent or repair those things. But that doesn’t stop us from having feelings about it.

If there doesn’t seem to be a productive action item attached to a given feeling, and after sitting with it for a few breaths it doesn’t seem to be going away, simply thank it for reminding you of what you value, and assure it that, whatever happens, or whatever happened, you will learn from it and move on as you always do.

In other words: you’ve got this, and it can stand down now.

I like to talk to my more angsty emotions--fear, anxiety, embarrassment, guilt, shame--as I would a child who has woken me up in the middle of the night to tell me there’s a monster under MY bed.

“Thank you SO MUCH for letting me know, but that monster and I made friends a long time ago. You can snuggle with me for a little bit if you want to, but then it’s back to bed.”

Practice self-compassion

Compassion is a wonderful way to get positive energy flowing. And despite popular opinion, you don’t need someone else to offer it to you. You can offer it to yourself!

Show yourself compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Treat yourself like you would a dear friend who is having a terrible day.

If you overhear any negative self-talk, invert it into a pep-talk to build yourself up by adding “and that’s awesome because…”

For example, if you said to yourself:

  • “I’m always screwing things up!”

Transform it into:

  • “I’m always screwing things up, and that’s awesome, because it gives me so many opportunities to learn and grow, and makes me super relatable!

Beyond the basics

  • Avoid avoidance

  • Cultivate courage

  • Go toward your core desired feelings

  • Be a beacon for what you’re seeking

Avoid avoidance

To remove deep emotional blockage, and prevent new blockage before it begins, head relentlessly toward your desired feelings, not away from uncomfortable ones.

Start to become aware of the feelings you tend to avoid, and your go-to behaviors for avoiding them.

One of mine, for example, is that every time there’s a long enough pause that I feel even a twinge of boredom, I reach for my phone to fill in that void, and start scrolling through social media.

But what we resist, persists, right? So if I try to fight that urge, it becomes ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT.

The trick is to deliberately substitute a new behavior with a similar emotional reward whenever that trigger comes up.

So, now when I feel that itch to reach for my phone, I close my eyes and envision myself breathing in colored light.

Sometimes I’ll just breathe in and watch what color materializes each time.

Sometimes I’ll go through each of the chakras, breathing red light into my root chakra, orange light into my sacral chakra, yellow light into my solar plexus, green light into my heart center, aqua light into my throat chakra, violet light into my third eye, and finally I breath a bright magenta light up and out through the top of my head, my crown chakra. I call this "taking a Chakra Shower."

Often, the colored light / Chakra Shower breathing gives me enough of an energy boost that I’m able to leave my phone alone.

Other times I’ll recognize that I’m looking for a “hit” of connection and validation, and will reach out directly to a friend via text instead of scrolling.

Either way, I’ve successfully substituted a healthier behavior that still gives me the kind of psychological reward I was unconsciously seeking.

Cultivate courage

Think about what you want to feel more of in your life. Then ask yourself what’s between you and those feelings.

Spoiler alert: it’s usually fear. Fear of pain. Fear of failure. Fear of humiliation. Fear of loss. Fear of condemnation. Fear of fill-in-the-blank.

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. Always.

You’re scared because you care. Meaning, if something scares you, that means it has to do with something that matters to you.

So, you can probably guess what you need to do. Face those fears. Turn yourself around and run straight at them, head-on.

Do that thing you’ve been avoiding. Have the difficult conversation. Share the uncomfortable story. Make the scary appointment. Whatever that thing is that is standing between you and how you really want to feel, go at it with everything you’ve got.

Go toward your core desired feelings

Start feeling the way you want to feel. Now, today. Exactly where you’re at. Remind yourself that the only one who can stop you from feeling the way you want to feel is you.

We often erroneously believe that once our outer circumstances improve, our feelings will follow. But the truth is exactly the opposite. Our outer circumstances will only improve once we begin to feel the way we truly desire to feel.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your life, regardless of how close you are to reaching your external goals.

Do things that bring you joy. Play. Adventure. Laughter. Glee. Schedule in time for pursuits you find delightful. If you’re not sure what those pursuits are, set aside time for exploration until you discover some. Remain fiercely loyal to your highest vibrations.

When Melissa Mosher, founder of Support Savvy, came on the That’s Aloud podcast, she came to the realization that, despite being an avid gamer for many years, she had judged that pursuit as frivolous and unworthy of her time and had stopped pursuing any type of play. Small wonder she’d been dealing with burnout and losing touch with her “why”!

Cultivate the feelings you deeply desire to feel more of by taking the time to deliberately conjure them up each day.

Be a beacon for what you’re seeking

You may or may not be familiar with the “Law of Attraction,” which posits that like attracts like, and therefore we must put our focus on what we want more of, not less of, in our lives. But I’m willing to bet that you are familiar with this feeling:

You’ve been wanting to do something for a while, but you haven’t yet pursued it because, as much as you desire it, you also judge it as frivolous, selfish, pointless, impossible, etc.

For example, let’s say that for several years, you’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a musical. You’ve written a scene here and a song there, but don’t feel like you can afford to dedicate enough of your time to the task of actually finishing it. So it languishes in a forgotten file on your computer, and you content yourself to humming the tunes you came up with to yourself in the shower.

Then one day, you’re scrolling through social media, and lo and behold, you see a post from an old acquaintance celebrating the debut of their new musical -- on the exact same subject as yours! You never told this person about your idea, so you know they didn’t steal it. But still, you are flooded with a powerfully ambivalent emotional soup.

At first, you feel envious and resentful. Why should they get to live their dream, when you’re still stuck here dreaming about it? You tell yourself they probably had a better support system. More resources. A better network. More available time.

You “console” yourself by criticizing the preview and predicting it’ll be a huge flop, only to realize that doesn’t actually matter. At least they created something.

You start to throw yourself an epic pity party...

But then, quite unexpectedly, you find yourself filling up with very different emotions: hope, relief, and exhilaration. Because if they did it, that means it can be done. That means you’re not crazy after all. That means your dream is worth pursuing.

In other words, just witnessing someone else going after what they want gives you permission to go after what YOU want.

It’s time for you to pay that permission forward. Stop judging your desires, and start pursuing them!

Be the example you needed back at the start of your journey. Relentlessly pursue your desires, and judge your success not by how rich and famous you are, but by how many others you inspire to do the same.

Here’s where the magic happens. Simply by shamelessly and courageously pursuing the things that bring you more of your core desired feelings, you will attract more and more of those things without even trying.

Opportunities will open up. New connections and collaborators will show up out of nowhere. Unexpected synchronicities will surprise and delight you. You may even find yourself asking, “Why did I never see all this wonderful stuff? It was right here under my nose all along.”

The answer is simple: focus determines reality.

As quantum physics has revealed and continues to clarify, the world is essentially an undifferentiated wave-soup of possibility, until we, the observer, come along and solidify that possibility into a reality by focusing on it.

Imagine yourself in an enormous library, packed not only with every book ever written, but every book not yet written as well, and even every book that ever could be written. All possible books are here in this space, but it’s up to you to pick one up and start reading. The moment you do, that book shapes your experience of the entire library.

Of course, you’re always free to put that book down and grab another one. But the fact remains that whatever you are reading at any given moment, THAT is your reality.

So if you’re reading a book about a starving artist who just can’t seem to catch a break, that’s exactly what you’re going to experience in your life.

Now, imagine that this library is sentient, or at least equipped with excellent Artificial Intelligence. It learns your interests based on what you’ve already read, and just like Netflix or Amazon, continually offers you more in a similar vein.

Because you read a book about suffering for art, you are surrounded by similar stories. Struggling artists keep popping up in your life, and you can’t seem to escape that narrative.

But what if you decided to open a different book? One about a resourceful artist who makes clever use of discarded materials, takes the art world by storm, and goes on to thrive on their own terms?

Not only would this new story shift your perspective on your current experience, it would tweak the algorithm so that new opportunities and connections begin to pop up around the themes of resourcefulness, surprising success, and holistic wellness.

Simply by intentionally choosing to open the books you enjoy, and leaving the ones you don’t to collect dust and fade back into obscurity, you can create your ideal experience.

That, in a nutshell, is how consciousness functions.

By deliberately focusing on what you want to feel and experience, you can conjure more and more of it. For yourself, and for everyone around you.

To sum up: your emotions can be your greatest obstacle to inspiration, or your most powerful tool in uncovering and attracting it. The choice is always yours.

Mental hygiene

Mental blockage, much like emotional blockage, feels a lot like an audiobook that’s stuck in a loop, playing the same messages over and over again. Only there’s often a whole bunch of them layered over top of one another, all playing at the same time. To hear the messages inspiration is trying to send and create truly authentic and innovative output, we must first make room for fresh input.

Basic mental needs

  • Clear out old input

  • Seek out new input

Clear out old input

Do a brain dump. Write or record everything that’s on your mind.

Set a timer for fifteen minutes. Then, just start writing, or talking into a recording device, and don’t stop until the timer goes off. If you get stuck, try one of these prompts:

  • “What I really mean to say is…”

  • “But what’s really on my mind is…”

  • “I just need you to know that…”

The idea is to shake out all the accumulated junk to make room for something new. You don’t have to do anything with it once it’s outside your head, but you certainly can if you’re inspired to.

If you discover an unmet need or an unprocessed trauma, try talking to a friend or a therapist about it.

If you discover a story, share it. I’m here to help!

If you discover action items, add them to a to-do list, or better yet, directly to your calendar. This is especially useful if something keeps repeating itself in your mind. That’s a sign that it’s asking you to take action on it, and until you do, it will continue to block the signal for anything else that’s trying to come through.

Seek out new input

Deliberately take in new, diverse input.

Follow your curiosity. Go down an unexplored rabbit hole.

Read a new book. Listen to a new podcast. Look at art you’ve never seen before. Listen to new music.

Walk or drive down a new street. Explore a new part of your area.

Meet someone new. Have a stimulating conversation.

Expand your horizons. Try a genre that’s not usually your thing. Read a book by, listen to a podcast from, or better yet have a direct conversation with, someone who comes from a very different cultural background than yours.

If you’re only exposed to the same old stuff, you’re likely to produce the same old creations.

A few months ago, a fellow podcaster complained to me that they were feeling stuck in a rut.

“I just feel like I keep repeating myself,” they confessed. “It’s like I’m having the same conversation over and over with different people.”

“Well, how different are those people?” I asked. “If you’re only inviting on guests with really similar experiences and perspectives, you’re bound to hear a lot of the same ideas expressed.”

The proverbial lightbulb went off and they realized they needed to diversify their guest pool if they wanted less predictable conversations.

Beyond the basics

  • Challenge yourself

  • Get into the FLOW

Challenge yourself

To keep that inspirational energy flowing, you’re going to need to keep yourself intellectually challenged. Go in over your head on purpose. Never stop learning, and continually take on just a touch more than you feel comfortable with.

Years ago I saw magnificent motivational speaker Dan Thurmon give a keynote address in which he shared an anecdote about learning to juggle.

You see, he’d gotten so good at juggling three balls, he decided it was time to move on to four. After a bit of practice, he was able to do it, but barely. It was awkward. And no matter how much he practiced, it just didn’t feel like he was making any forward progress.

That is, until he tried to learn to juggle five balls. Then, suddenly, juggling four balls became a piece of cake.

Often, when we feel blocked, our go-to response is to do less. To take things off our proverbial plate and simplify our lives. Which is a perfectly rational response.

But sometimes, what’s needed to move things forward is exactly the opposite. We need more challenge, not less, to keep our minds sharp and focused, and motivate us to get up out of bed and start solving interesting problems.

Get into the FLOW

Back in my table-waiting days, I learned the hard way that the most exhausting shifts were not the busiest ones. Even when we were getting absolutely slammed during the midday lunch rush, I was able to get into a rhythm, going from one task to the next very quickly and efficiently, and get everything taken care of. In fact, it was kind of a rush to serve all those people, and reap all that reward, in such a short span of time!

The toughest shifts were the slowest ones. When there were just a handful of folks in the restaurant, I would take their order, and then there would be this long period of just sitting around and waiting for their food. During that time, I’d fold napkins, or restock sugar packets on tables, or whatever I could come up with to fill in that gap. Which would inevitably distract me from the main task at hand, and often resulted in mistakes I wouldn’t normally have made.

The difference is: when things were busy and I was challenged but not overwhelmed, I was in a state of FLOW. Time flew by, and I did great work. When things were slow, I wasn’t challenged, and so not only did time tick by painfully slowly, I did mediocre and sometimes flat-out lousy work.

In short, if you’re finding it hard to stay in flow, which is the best way to keep inspiration flowing through you, try throwing in one more ball to juggle!

Spiritual hygiene

This is, in my experience, the most neglected and misunderstood life-support system of all. But the good news is that means there’s massive potential here for clearing up super high-level blockages and receiving on powerful channels you may never have tuned into before! Channels that can not only supercharge your creative output, they can help you release your true masterpiece: the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Basic spiritual needs

  • Tune out the noise & tune into source

  • Feel & express gratitude for what is

  • Align to what you desire to create

  • Feel & express gratitude for what will be

Tune out the noise & tune into source energy

Creative productivity is a beautiful thing. But if you are busy, busy, busy all day long, constantly either taking in input or producing output, you’re probably also feeling exhausted, anxious, and unbalanced.

It is equally important to take the time to tune out the constant chatter of scarcity messages we receive all day long--both from outside and from within our own minds: those anxious voices telling us we must do more, receive more, achieve more… that what we have, what we do, and what we are, is inadequate and insufficient. Otherwise we have little chance of hearing the quiet whisper of our intuition, the voice of source energy, our wellspring of creativity.

Of course, a meditation practice is an excellent way to tune your antenna away from the scarcity station and back to the abundance network. And, despite what you may have heard, there are as many ways to practice meditation as there are individual minds!

Anything you do with the express intention of respectfully reconnecting with source energy can be your meditation practice, whether that’s a physical activity like yoga, forest bathing, running, etc., or a more traditional practice of sitting or lying still and detaching from your monkey-mind chatter.

That said, I know it can feel intimidating to start something new, so here’s a simple introductory exercise to help you experience the benefits of tuning out the noise of scarcity chatter and tuning into the source of all abundance.

You can do this exercise any time, anywhere, so long as you are able to safely give it your full focus (NOT when you’re driving, for example). Your body can be still, or in motion, whatever feels good to you.

First, take a moment to set your intention to connect to the source energy that flows through all things.

Then, breathe in for a count of four, hold for a count of four, breathe out for a count of four, and hold for a count of four. Repeat this 4X4 breath four times, just to keep it nice and symmetrical.

Then, as you inhale, think: I DO ENOUGH.

As you hold the breath in, think: I HAVE ENOUGH

As you breathe out, think: I GIVE ENOUGH

As you pause before breathing in again, think: I AM ENOUGH

Repeat as many times as necessary until you start to feel a channel open to that part of you which is directly connected to source energy.

It might feel like a peaceful warmth spreading over you. It might feel like a joyful, giddy delight. It might feel like relief, as if a weight has been lifted off of you. Or it may trigger the release of trapped emotions and you might find yourself weeping or growling or laughing through your tears. Whatever you’re feeling, welcome it in and accept it as part of the process.

If your mind starts to wander, no worries. That’s normal and expected. Simply watch the thoughts go by like clouds across the sky of your mind, and then return to your mantra of abundance.

If you enjoyed that, and are wanting to go deeper, try this wonderful guided centering meditation from Aja Love at Multidimensional U, or indeed any guided meditation that catches your eye.

The next step, of course, is to try to bring this mindfulness back to the rest of your life. This could mean more internal awareness, such as noticing when your mind wants to time travel back to the past or into the future, and choosing instead to stay in the present moment. Or it could be situational awareness where you make real-time observations of, or even narrate, your surroundings. The important thing is to come into present time.

Simply stop, look, and listen. Be exactly where you are, and know that you have access to everything you need to be happy. Right here, right now. All you have to do is receive it.

Feel & express gratitude for what is

It may feel a bit counter-intuitive, but the truth is that to change your life, you must first accept and even embrace your life exactly as it is.

There are two reasons for this.

First, as discussed in the section on emotional hygiene, what you resist, persists. So the more you fight and struggle against what is, the more energy you pour into it, and the harder it becomes to change it.

Second, you can only start from where you are.

Say you’re struggling to come up with copy for the “about” page on your website. How to sum up all that you are and all that you do in a single paragraph? It feels impossible. And every time you stare at that blank page, you feel more and more blocked.

So, you try to skip ahead to a more palatable task: creating a logo. But as you’re sifting through all the different images, fonts, colors, etc., again you find yourself feeling blocked on that same point: how can one image possibly represent your entire brand?

You hire a professional graphic designer to help you come up with a logo. But right away they ask to see your about page to get a sense of what your brand is all about!

“That’s what I get for trying to skip steps,” you admonish yourself, trudging back to the blank about page document.

But then it occurs to you that maybe you’re blocked on this step because you’ve skipped a previous step, something even more fundamental. You realize that before you can describe what it is you do, you need to articulate for yourself why you do it. What’s your mission? Your motivation? What’s the point of any of this?

That is where you’re at. And as soon as you accept that, you’re able to take effective action once again, writing yourself a mission statement, which then informs your about page, which then inspires a logo idea, a title, a tagline, and so on.

I know how tempting it can be to go out and buy art for the walls before you’ve even surveyed the land, let alone laid the foundation. But the bottom line is: to create anything new, you have to start with what already is.

That’s why gratitude is magic. It allows you to fully embrace what is, while still focusing on what you desire to create.

Try this simple exercise to help you refocus on what is in a positive way: say aloud and/or write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for. These can be as specific, or as high-level as you please. For example...

I am grateful for:

  • The support of my community

  • My body’s ability to heal

  • My cat

I recommend doing this every morning and evening. You can use an app like Presently, or just a good old fashioned notebook and pen.

Be sure to actually feel grateful for each item as you write or say it. Remember that feeling true gratitude for, and making good use of, the blessings you already have is the best way to encourage Source to send you more.

In other words: gratitude is prayer, supercharged.

Once you’re in the habit, you’ll start looking for more things to feel grateful about. Because frankly, gratitude feels wonderful. And the more things you find to feel grateful about, the more aware you will become of the incredible abundance that already surrounds you.

And don’t forget to express your gratitude to the people who inspire it!

Schedule in gratitude habits like thank you Thursdays. On Thursdays, I like to look back on the week and ask myself who was helpful or kind to me, and send them a short note of thanks. It doesn’t have to be a physical thank you note (though that is lovely if you’re up for the challenge), just a brief text or email will suffice.

The key is simply taking the time to acknowledge people and acts you’re grateful for. Then stand back and watch the ripple effect!

Align to what you desire to create

Realign to your deepest desires. If you’re not sure what those are, try the magic wand visualization (you can hear an example on every episode of my podcast):

  • Get into a comfortable position in a quiet environment

  • Close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths in and out

  • As you breathe in, envision colored light filling your body

  • When you’re ready, imagine a magic wand being waved in front of your face

  • The moment that happens, everything you deeply desire becomes instantly granted

  • Look around this new reality (with your eyes still closed), and discover what’s there

  • Use all your senses - what can you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in this ideal world?

  • Spend as much time as you like exploring your ideal world before opening your eyes, knowing that you can return there any time you like

Often when I walk my guests and clients through this exercise, they are surprised by what they encounter. They thought they knew what they wanted, and what they would find, but once they actually dropped out of their head space and into their heart space, they experienced something very different.

For example, the client who told me there was no point in doing the exercise, because she knew exactly what her ideal world looked like: a fancy penthouse apartment in NYC, furnished exclusively in white leather, and decorated with giant prints of her coveted, world-famous photography.