Manifest a life you love, one minute at a time

Every morning, first thing when I wake up, I watch a movie.

Don't worry, it's a really short movie. Like, really short: just one minute and fifteen seconds long.

But this little mini-movie often makes the difference between an off-day, when my energy feels like an enemy agent sent to take down all my best efforts to create the life I intend to live, and an on-day when it feels like I've stepped onto a moving sidewalk and everything just flows.

It instantly realigns my attention away from whatever weird dream I just had (this morning I woke up just after chasing down a bus driven by Gabby Bernstein, populated by women obsessively checking their teeth and hair in broken pieces of mirror), or whatever baseline anxieties immediately crop up upon waking, to all the things I intend to keep my focus on: inspiration, joy, creation, gratitude, etc.

Now, this is not the only manifestation movie I've made using free animation software and photos I found on the internet. I actually have several, each with a slightly different focus. For example, I have one to help me manifest the creativity retreat center I intend to bring into being at the northern tip of the southern island of New Zealand. Hey, what can I say? Specificity is key. In fact I'll probably go watch that one right after I'm done writing this blog post...

The one I'm about to share with you, though, is special. This one is the meta-movie that encompasses the really deep desires that all those other dreams and goals and plans feed into. This is the realm of my core desired feelings, of my most sacred intentions and dreams.

Does it feel weird and vulnerable and scary and raw to allow others into this realm? You bet your sweet boppy it does.

But I'm inviting you in anyway, because two of my most treasured values are authenticity and inspiration.

So, without further ado, here are my authentic desires and intentions. May they inspire you to create your own manifestation movie(s), or whatever daily ritual works best to keep you aligned to your authentic desires and intentions.

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