Reclaim Your Energetic Sovereignty w/ Aja Love

Updated: Feb 3

Have you ever wondered if you are an empath? Well today’s guest, founder Aja Love, believes that not only is every person an empath, they are also a fractal, multi-dimensional being capable of transforming reality. Join us to learn how a shift of perspective can shift your life!

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00:60 Energetic sovereignty for empaths

09:20 Getting the magic back

14:00 Adult-onset awakening and Old Souls

21:30 Psychic hygiene

25:50 Amazing metaphysical abilities

29:50 Everything is as it should be

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36:30 Mindfully changing the past

39:30 Uproot yourself

Adrienne MacIain 0:01

Hey everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. I'm your hostess, Adrienne MacIain. And today we have Aja Love. Welcome, Aja, please introduce yourself to the audience.

Aja Love 0:13

Thank you so much. Yeah, so I'm Aja Love. I'm the founder of What is that - it's a metaphysical coaching company, and really the hub for the build-out of a new Earth based in higher dimensional coordinates. And what the heck does that mean? That just means that we actually get to feel good the majority of the time, and when we're in that space, we get to create a completely different version of reality, one that's much more magical and synchronistic and easy, where the law of action doesn't require us to be working so hard. Joy is our birthright and life just gets magical.

Adrienne MacIain 0:52

I love it. I love everything you just said. Okay, so I'll just throw out the first question and we'll see where this takes us. So what story is the world not getting?

Aja Love 1:03

So, of course you would expect someone in my profession to be in real-time conversation with the greater unified field, and then even more specifically the people that will end up listening to this particular conversation. And so what came right in right before I got on, is the need to talk about energetic sovereignty for empaths. The idea that we can't really have boundaries. Right? We talk a lot about boundaries in mainstream now. This gets much easier when we have bio-energetic sovereignty, much more difficult, much more of a slog, when we don't.

Adrienne MacIain 1:48

Can you say more about that?

Aja Love 1:50

So again, I like to say 'What the heck does that mean? Translation, please!' because most of us didn't get an education like we did in primary school. Like, think of the primary colors, we all learn some basic alphabet, numbers. But unless you were a lucky kid, you really got no education around your psychic hygiene, energy centers in the body, the beautiful metaphysical infrastructure that is part of the unseen part of this physical bio-form. So, I'll break it down into an example. Right? We walk into a room and all of a sudden we don't feel good, something is off, someone in the room is off. Something maybe even you can feel it coming your way. And the training most of us got was to ignore that because we can't necessarily name it or identify it. Act as if nothing's going on and try to just make the best of it. The antithesis to that would be to recognize we've got some really heavy energy in this room. Some of it feels like yes, it's like it's attack energy coming my way, directed my way, intentionally or unintentionally. I'm going to recuse myself from the room, I'm going to go do whatever I need to do in my field, and obviously, that's a lot of what I would call chakra clearing and grounding and making sure that you got your field expanded and up into really, really high vibrational state. So that when you re-enter the room, that same energy coming towards you becomes transmuted in your field and you are no longer feeling like you're getting hit left, right and center, and buffeted around. This is why many empaths don't want to go to large gatherings of people because there's so much of this type of astral pollution flying around. But most of us, we can feel it, we know it, but we haven't been given the language, the vocabulary, and the tools on how to navigate that. And of course, the human population is kind of really in the thick of things now, so what seemed like kind of a luxury before I think is absolutely critical to your own mental health and well-being going forward. So I get really excited to explain to people something that if I had known it decades ago, it would have saved me a lot of dealing with misunderstood anxiety that is very then easily put on you. It's your problem. You're sensitive. You have anxiety, you have these issues. No. It's the reverse, right. We just have the super-spidey sense of being able to pick up on all of it. And I would say the other thing is everyone is an empath to a certain degree. It depends on how much they have had to shut down their emotional body in their lifetime. And we know there are a lot of people that had to shut it way down and shut the heart center off and that's always the first step is starting to open all of that back up. So I don't want to make it sound like an us and them, everyone is an empath, everyone is. It's just that some people are actively working on personal growth, and other people aren't. And this creates a huge divide in families, in communities, and it's the difference between, you know, taking responsibility for everything that's happening in your field and not being a victim versus projection, blame, and being, you know, the ultimate, Olympian victim. There's really nothing wrong with any of that, we're not going to judge it. But a lot of people are very, very unhappy and they don't know why. And so a large part of what I like to talk about, in giving these examples from my own life and stories, is there is a better way, you can live so much more freely, and joyfully and happily, when you reclaim this level of energetic sovereignty for yourself. And the good news is that then you step out of enablement, and enabling kind of this old way of being in the world, and you show something completely different. Just not even having to talk about it, but just with your example of how you show up energetically.

Adrienne MacIain 6:11

Everything you're saying is so wonderful. And I have so much to say about it. Okay, so let me start with, I think one of the things that happens, at least for me I know, is that you may not even be aware. You walk into a room, right? And you just have this feeling, and you don't know where that feeling's coming from. You don't know that it's someone sending it your way or that it's in the room even. You might think, Oh, maybe I'm just upset about something. And then you start asking yourself, Well, shat am I upset about? And of course you can find all kinds of things to be upset about when you look for it. And so then you get yourself into this loop that maybe has nothing to do with you and was just something you picked up in your space. But that now you're ruminating on and trying to figure out and perhaps creating a problem that wasn't even there.

Aja Love 7:02

Yeah, it's like the fundamental step is to check in on ownership. Is this mine? And intuitively you will be able to feel the difference, especially the more you keep your field clear, right? I really talk a lot about basic psychic hygiene. You know, we don't walk in our homes with muddy boots, we take them off at the door, we clean them. It's the same thing. Like you know, we're out in the world, we've got to we've got to come in. I used to talk to my, you know, daughter about this, she's 14. When you come in the house, you gotta, like, make sure that you're not bringing in all sorts of other stuff from the outside world, right? And it can happen so fast. To your point, all of a sudden, the feeling is just there. So yeah, checking in on ownership. Is that even mine? And usually the answer is no.

Adrienne MacIain 7:49

This happened to me the other night. So, I've been avoiding the news for obvious reasons, but my mom had the news on the other night. And so I saw this, kind of, just peripherally, I wasn't even really paying attention to it. And all of a sudden, it was like, I just started crying. And I couldn't stop. And I start, I was, like, sobbing at the table. And everybody was like, What's wrong with you? I'm like, I don't think this is mine. I just, like, just everyone's really upset right now, and it's just a lot. I'm just processing a lot right now. She's like, Do you want me to turn that off? And I'm like, Yeah, could you?

Aja Love 8:24

Absolutely. And the spontaneous processing that you're talking about, in with the people I work with are, you know, they're working as metaphysicians in their own right. And they were all experiencing that a lot right now, because of what I said earlier. When your heart is shut down you can't process your own emotions, but they're still moving and out in the field. I like to say the biggest form of pollution on the planet is lower negative thought-form and feelings. And so guess what, those of us with an open heart portal will be able to clear this and feel it and emote it on behalf of the collective. So that's, I'm glad you brought that up, because that's not something, again, we were taught and trained on how to deal with that and even to recognize it. Right?

Adrienne MacIain 9:10

So it sounds like you were not taught this stuff growing up, just as I was not. When and how did you discover that this was something that you were able to do and start to hone that as a tool?

Aja Love 9:23

Yeah. So I wrote this little book called 'How Mommy Got Her Magic Back.' And it was based on a conversation I had with my daughter when she was then five years old. And I was trying to put into five year old terms what I was experiencing and the best way I knew how to phrase it was I got my magic back. Right? This thing we were talking earlier about, being able to live in such a different way, multi-dimensionally, without all of the constraints of linear belief systems, you know, and pinching what we think we can create here and how we can live. So, looking back, there were elements of it for sure. But my awakening, I would say, to this larger reality consciously happened in 2009, when my father became gravely ill with cancer. He didn't have a terminal diagnosis, he was in the midst of chemo treatment, and then all of a sudden I just received a, like a transmission, like a download, like a knowing. And I just knew he would be leaving, he will not be staying is kind of what it said. And so I shifted gears, everyone else was like, Oh, he's gonna beat cancer again. He had had it forty years before. And I was able to be very, very present during that time, even leading up to, he was in the ICU for about four days, he had a underlying heart condition nobody knew about from that original experimental radiation treatment for his original cancer 40 years ago. And I was able to just go into this mode of helping midwife him out of his body, helping to just, I look back and set the stage, made all the calls, said the things he needed to hear. And now, with the knowledge I have now is, I actually created, to help create an energetic bridge for him to be able to do that. It's kind of like when we go to leave a place, anyone with young children knows this well, right? You're going out for an evening out, and the young child does not want you to leave. This is what it feels like to our loved ones when they're trying to transition. And they don't want to let us down, and they don't want to leave, so they do their best to stay. Right? So, that all happened. It wasn't conscious on my part, it was very spontaneous. His childhood friend, who had passed away a couple hours before, I could actually perceive him in the room, I knew he was there. I knew he had come for my father. And then when my father actually left his body, I saw my entire lifetime of memories with him in review. Never heard anybody talk about that, right? When you have your own near death experience maybe, but just an amazing gift, an amazing energy went through me. And then, you know, you can imagine, I was pretty overwhelmed by the whole experience, I went home. As a young child, my daughter was very little at that time. And I tried to just kind of move through the grief, the deep, deep grief that I was in, because he was only 65, he had just retired three years before, he was kind of really excited to spend this next chapter, and it's like the rug got pulled out. So on a human level it was very disorienting. But he kept showing up, he kept showing up, when I was driving places he would talk to me. And I remember thinking like, Well, I must just be creating this because I miss my father. And then, make a long story short, I helped another soul, another person cross over, it was the daughter of a friend. And she did the same thing, she kept showing up. And that's when I started realizing, Okay, wait a minute, there's, there's, and had I done this for my aunt 20 years before, there's a trend here, there's a pattern. And I ended up working as a spirit medium for a while, and then it kind of evolved from there. But that was the major catalyst event. And when I talk to other people, their awakenings usually are something fairly disruptive: the death of someone close to them, it could even just be the loss of a job, something that's just very disruptive. And it's kind of like it's time, it's time for you to remember a greater reality and step into kind of a teaching way-showing role. Right? If your life is your example, and there's something much greater here. So what I think, I've seen a proliferation of spirit mediumship in the last 20 years, for sure. This is becoming more mainstream. And then it just kind of goes on from there. There are many different dimensions. There's a whole beautiful multiverse out here. Right?

Adrienne MacIain 13:41

Absolutely. So I hear this all the time from people on my show when they're talking about traumatic events, and then they discover this superpower. And they sort of think, Oh, well, so this trauma gave me the superpower. No, you always had that superpower. It's just that that trauma was the thing that made you realize that it was there and that that you could use it.

Aja Love 14:03

Absolutely. It really kind of kicks open the permeability of your awareness, and you move out of the density and distortion and kind of the lane that you were taught you need to be in. When we were children, this was natural. Babies have an amazing ability to connect with multiple dimensions until we are schooled that you need to be here, and this is reality, and this is what is real, and stop daydreaming and those aren't... I look back on the pretend friends I had, they weren't pretend.

Adrienne MacIain 14:35


Aja Love 14:38

Yeah, so instead of like, you know, and I would say that a lot of, I talk a fair amount about Star Kids, right? That we have a lot of very old souls in young human form on the planet right now. They won't be doing that, they won't be forgetting everything, going underground, and then having to go through what I jokingly call adult-onset awakening. If you don't have to go to sleep in the first place, and you know, don't do it, like just stay awake.

Adrienne MacIain 15:06

I might have to use that as the title, adult-onset awakening. I love it. Go on.

Aja Love 15:12

Yeah, so so you know, that there are, there's a whole group of younger folks on the planet who will be doing this very differently, especially if we give them permission to do that. And a lot of that is unpacking all of our what I would call confinement, you know. You can call it trauma, absolutely trauma is part of it, but it's really about 'you need to fit into these constructs, you need to blah, blah, blah, that's too much, this is too little,' all that stuff, and let it fall away and create something completely different. It's not hierarchical, it's not linear, it's something very, very different. And yet, at the end of the day, in the United States, the pursuit of happiness ranks very high among kind of the entire ethos of why this American project was created. And so it's really right in line with that, you know, and that these old stories of 'we have to really work hard,' apply to a certain dimensional level that they do not apply to the levels that we're beginning to play in and remember and embody. And so there's, yeah, there's just a lot of letting go of old stories, to remember, frankly, some of the most ancient ones. There is a foundation on this platform, in the mystical traditions, for a lot of this wisdom, and it's kind of coming back to the surface now. You know, we're really not at the apex of human civilization. We may think we are because we have gadgets. But this is the greatest smart device in your possession, if we just learned how to work with it. Right?

Adrienne MacIain 16:51

Absolutely. So I want to hear so much more about that. But I wanted to say about the Star Kids. So my daughter, she's nine. And when she was, you know, when she could barely talk, she was just barely old enough to talk, I remember she saw a picture of a planet, and she points to it, and she says That Aria. And I said The planet? And she said, Yeah, that Aria. And I was like So there's a planet named Aria? She said, Yeah, that's where I'm from. And it's funny because the reason I named her Aria is when I was like, 14 years old, right after I got my first period, I had a dream where this daughter comes to me and tells me, My name is Aria. And you're gonna have me, like, don't freak out, but you're gonna have me at some point, and it's really important that you do. Like, I'm kind of a big deal. And I was like, Okay. And so now that she's a little bit older, you know, I asked her about that. And she's like, Yeah, I actually remember coming from that life to this one. I know I was supposed to die, and I didn't, and I don't know if I'm gonna pay for that at some point. But she actually just took a different kind of transition, and chose that on purpose. And she remembers all of this stuff. And it's like, how could I disbelieve that? She's just telling me this as if it's, you know, Oh, and by the way, I had cornflakes for breakfast. It's totally normal to her.

Aja Love 18:15

Yeah, yeah. Just so you know. So, absolutely. So this is this big change over, right, you hear a lot of people talk about a shift in consciousness. And there is this amazing fleet of children, like your daughter, like my daughter, like many others, that are just wired in a way that they won't, they have so much in the way of a greater awareness to gift the world again, not by lecturing us, but simply by just being themselves. And I guess that ties really beautifully into the importance and then around the message of energetic sovereignty, is that if we don't reclaim that as adults, right, we are not in our authentic self. We are chameleoning into different forms to please different people and to avoid rejection, instead of bringing forth our greatest self and letting that be the same no matter who we are around, no matter what's going on. And this sun, you know, what's happening when you do that, you seem to keep doing this in my field, right? You get to walk around as if you're in this beautiful light bubble where you just get to feel good about yourself all the time. All these old intrusions of picking up on mom and dad's stuff, grandma and grandpa's, the ancestral line, what teacher said, is really just a projection of themselves and their own issues. And then as empaths, like you said earlier, we pick it up and think it's ours. It's not. My daughter when she was five, four or five, I was putting her to bed. This was the early days of my awakening for me. So I was just kind of coming back into this remembering of, you know, telekinesis, teleportation, telepathy, like, all of this ability that surpassed, you knows, seems magical, but it's just run of the mill in other civilizations and star systems. She started to talk about what I was thinking in my mind but I had not shared with her out loud. And I realized, Okay, we can function at a higher level. So there's the telepathy. Then we forgot, you know, we spend so much time in school, learning memorization, all these things, and functioning at this level, becoming dependent on external devices. I would talk a lot in my groups about this, that the elements, we can communicate via river systems, we can get information from water in ways that was very commonplace in indigenous communities and ancient communities, and that we've lost. So, you know, this to me, I'm passionate about evolution, but it's really in a lot of ways of restoration of what was lost.

Adrienne MacIain 21:16

So what can the listeners do as individuals to tap into that and not get in their own way of that awakening and that restoration?

Aja Love 21:28

Yeah, that's a great question. Hands down the number one thing that never changes, it's always super critical no matter where you are in your awareness, and that is psychic hygiene. And what I mean by that is using the breath, I have a free meditation, you can get that out to people.

Adrienne MacIain 21:45

Absolutely. Yeah.