Reclaim Your Power w/ Dominique D. Devereux

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Adrienne MacIain 0:01 Hey everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. This is your hostess Adrienne MacIain. And today we have Dominique Devereaux. Please introduce yourself, Gorgeous. Dominique Devereaux 0:15 I am enchanted to be on your podcast, it's so wonderful to see you, my love. I.B. Loud meeting with Aloud! Adrienne MacIain 0:22 It's so lovely! Dominique Devereaux 0:24 In stereo. We've all done that twin vibe, that just, you know, that Yin, that Yang that, you know, we gonna hit 'em with a one two punch and we gonna get this done. We gotta show people what, what...let's don't call it a feminist cuz it's not, that's what we're saying. No. I'm growing with it. I swear. No. I want a man to open my door, I just want the right man to open my door. That's all I'm saying. Adrienne MacIain 1:00 And I want him to do it for the right reason! Dominique Devereux 1:02 Woman, it's President because the other part, that's private? You should know. Absolutely! I got that ring! You know, how else did it happen? I got to explain it to you? Adrienne MacIain 1:15 Right. Dominique Devereaux 1:15 Children, Children. What can you do? Where shall we begin? Adrienne MacIain 1:21 Well, what should the folks at home know about you before we begin? Dominique Devereaux 1:28 That for some strange reason, for years I was stuck on my ex like just, Baby, can you get...? The piston ain't firing, what's wrong? Was it that good? Did he knock your back out? No. But he did bring out a lot of me that I hadn't realized, I had allowed things to bury and bury and bury. And so I didn't even remember they were gone. And for some strange reason, he brought them up. But those parts of me were attached to trauma that I hadn't healed. And people don't understand, you have to process your feelings, you can't just do this three step plan and it just...I wish! And it's because you when you do that you miss the best part of the experience. And that is, and it's one that I just had to say goodbye to about 48 hours ago maybe, there's a part of something or things he and I have done that is very much me, is anger, sorrow, however you want to look at it, that building block is like, that's how I got in. He can't take that, I'm not giving that up. Nobody gets to take that. You know what I mean? But does it not mean that I know that he's moved on to someone who's a better fit? Yeah. If I truly loved him would I not be happy for him? Of course. It still doesn't mean that there's not a selfish part of me that's, like, grappling with all these things. But now that I've finished it all, I'm so happy I did it. And it's not a matter of me wanting to say "If I Ruled the World." Well, I can rule my world, and that's okay. And if I want to join with other like-minded people who want to build a world together, so we can be a nice little tribe and do our thing, hey, the rest of the world just, you know, keep it moving. And I think that's what I'm trying to, I'm trying to say to people we shouldn't have to say one life matters, we shouldn't have to say so many things that we say if we just embrace we the people, built on God we trust. And everybody else is figuring it out. So that's the simplicity of me. And I just found a way to say it really interestingly, 'cause I'm hoping one day you know, it'll get me somewhere where I can enjoy making people feel like they're not alone, or where they can find comfort, help, at least 'You're crazy, but there's something you can do about it, and there is something on the other side when you're done that's worth it. So you'll be okay if you just kind of give it a chance.' I don't know. Adrienne MacIain 4:29 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 4:30 I'm long-winded, I'm sorry. Adrienne MacIain 4:32 That's good. That's good. So much juice in there. Love it. But I think we can all relate to being hung up on someone or something. Right? It's just like you just, there's something about it that's like, whatever it is, just really hard to let go of. Dominique Devereaux 4:52 Well, but then there's also people who maybe you didn't develop at the same speed as everyone else in your family. Like you're in a family of people who have, they don't have a really hard time making friends, they can make them very quickly, for some strange reason they can just walk in a room and walk out with friends. And you can walk in a room and, you know, do that superficial get-through-the-day type of stuff. But that actual let-somebody-in type of thing, that's a little more of a... like, I'm going to show you what I think you need to see until I'm ready to show. You know? I don't think people understand that when that happens, and then you meet somebody else who has that complement, people go Well, that's a codependent relationship. Well, at that particular time, how do you find... it's like you found someone to try and heal with without knowing how to heal, but just by being around them, you start repairing yourself. Fortunately, though, you're like this, so you guys kind of heal into each other. And it just seems like, you know, it doesn't have to be that way if we learned how to maybe make better virtual communities where I had a bad day, I want to go play with my friends, or I really need to talk to people, what community can I go into, and just kind of know that I'll be safe? And I don't understand why we don't have that. Adrienne MacIain 6:16 Yeah, I mean, there's this, there's this kind of universal softening, I feel like, that's happening right now. Where we're starting to kind of understand that the more you fight it, the more power it gets, you know what I mean? And like, the more you resist, the more it persists. When you give things energy by fighting them, they suddenly have more power over you. So I think there is this this, like I said, softening that's going on, where we're starting to find that new way of relating to each other. I'm seeing that and feeling that more and more.

Dominique Devereaux 6:53 Well, the greatest thing that happened, I think, with it getting a little out of control, is people have had to face the exact same questions. That it doesn't matter how much money you have. I don't care how famous you are. Like, I've been looking on Instagram, Selena Gomez has, what, over 183 million followers and hasn't really busted over 1% or even 2% of her follow interaction. Where are these people? I know they didn't. So it makes you then look and question information you're seeing on the news, which Trevor Noah even said it when he was talking to Dr. Fauci, where do you go for reliable information? Because you'd hear somebody say one thing, then somebody else would refute it. You got people out here doing crazy shit 'cause they're scared. And nobody can say who knows? Adrienne MacIain 7:45 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 7:46 You know? And then you have people in the community that call themselves light workers, you know, these are people who are very spiritual, they're very affected by these things, and they just feel the need to try and help because it bothers them to see people in pain and they feel like they can say something, or do something, to at least ease it. But then you're starting to see where some people are like, Oh, that's a great way to make money and get donations and whatever. Adrienne MacIain 8:15 Oh yeah. Dominique Devereaux 8:16 So you're gonna beat humanity with its humanity. What are you getting out of this? So it's been, it's just really been interesting to sit back and watch, being a person of color who for once truly feels like it's really getting the attention it needs, and people are honestly giving it a sincere effort, that I resent, and I get ashamed and mortified of resembling those people who are out there being the epitome of ignorance, that fuels why they hate so much. How is this, what is this doing for you? Can I find another way to feed that for you? Because I personally don't, this is not on, I want to get it done. There's got to be another way. But you know, and so I've said a lot on my Instagram and, you know, sometimes when I see another person of your ethnic origin, trying to say something and then seeing how they're just getting crucified. Like, if you look at my Instagram, you'll see I talk about G-Eazy alot and whatever. But I literally have been in his comment things and seen this, literally, if you just looked at this man's works, he's, what more, he's not the Messiah, you know, but he is doing something in those underrepresented communities that is the best that he can do and what he can't do, he's got people in his network doing whatever, what have you, why not? He's got a song that says Bump Donald Trump. And I'm in his comments the other week and he literally said, announced, you know, 'Make yourself known and then undelete me' and it was scary who was in there. Adrienne MacIain 10:11 Oh, yeah. Dominique Devereaux 10:12 And you're just trying to figure out, is that him? Or is there a whole spam army that's been happening this whole time on our social media platforms, from countries like India, Russia, China. Not trying to be stereotypical from anybody who's come from those countries, it's not that kind of gig. We've got Americans doing some dumb stuff in other areas. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying like, if you really want to disseminate the American culture by us, or the people who are designing these platforms, not taking an ethical and moral stance on it, you have weaponized the assassination of our entire species. Adrienne MacIain 11:00 Yes, yes. Dominique Devereaux 11:02 In what could have been handled in one week, and everybody who could have been kept it pushing, and now we're hitting on three to five years before we possibly, truly honestly, and sincerely know we can stably see some semblance of what should be normal. Adrienne MacIain 11:19 Mm hmm. Dominique Devereaux 11:22 Could somebody please tell me what they got out of that? I mean, is that person dead? Because COVID sure didn't care what they did. These are the questions.

Adrienne MacIain 11:32 Yeah. So I mean, that brings us right to the first question, which is, what story is the world not getting? Dominique Devereaux 11:40 That the 1% they keep blaming for causing all of the decision-making is the 1% you keep giving the decision-making power to. If you're not, if you don't know who the sheriff is in your local neighborhood because you didn't vote him in...hmm, isn't that the guy who's training in all of the police that are monitoring in your area? You can vote with the almighty dollar, if you don't like what Nike's doing why keep buying their shoes? But I mean, I also have been trying to put together my own project for doing business and the state of getting funded is weird. So I've had to learn how to try and approach it in a different way, which I've actually appreciated. Learned a lot from people who have had money and absolutely no quality of life, apparently. So, after this whole entire experiment that's been my life and what segregation was supposed to do for us, and I'm like, who thought that was a good idea to send a child that looks like somebody these people don't like to educate them. What do you think they were going to teach them, not to like who they saw in the mirror? That's fun. Too, what are they going to tell me about me? They don't know me. I don't understand, what am I doing with this information? Why don't you just take that money, buy us good books, and let us educate ourselves and leave us alone? But apparently, you know, I'm sorry, these are the questions. These are the stories. These are the stories they're not telling you are the reality of corporate America. The biggest joke they played on minorities was telling them that getting an education would actually change their circumstances, and then sold them an education that would keep them in poverty forever. Adrienne MacIain 13:43 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 13:48 How did this help anybody? I'm confused. And where did all that money go? And now we've got where there's been so many class lawsuits, I hope you took business law or whatever and constitutional law because doing a borrower-defense application, no, you got to be an attorney to get the attorney you would be able to afford to make the pay. Now mind you, I've been really good at getting pro bono work, like, my education has served me well in the fact of knowing what you can and can't do. But without a stable network like a family, like my family, three generations of people who know what it is I've been taught and can support me as I transition, it's My Fair Lady. You've made me into somebody. Where do I fit?

Adrienne MacIain 14:43 Mm hmm. Dominique Devereaux 14:44 How do I live? How do I support myself? Realistically, without constantly having to come back to you because you taught me a culture you left me no space for. We could go on. Like, these are the stories that you're not hearing. This is not what you hearing, you know? Or how Minneapolis hold people hostage because they know that the people who really need medical marijuana, because minorities, I'm sorry, our physiology, we don't really do good with synthetic crap, we really don't. We do better with stuff that comes from the earth, which is why y'all took it and drove us crazy. If you won't let us, you said we can have it in this state, said we want it to be more medicinal, pharmaceutical. I am down for that because I like to have consistency. Okay, cool, that's beautiful. But I'm on medical assistance because I'm poor and so I can get the pharmaceutical that will make me half nuts and crazy on the 12 O'Clock News for a dollar. But what I really need is more than half of what you give me to live off of for the month. Adrienne MacIain 15:51 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 15:54 And there's a solution. And the people who are providing the medicine say we have a way to fix that, but you won't let them do it, and you won't say why he won't let them do it. These are the questions. Like, I'm gonna let you ask someone else because... Adrienne MacIain 16:13 But that's the thing. It's like, we know, we know the answer. We know the answer. Right? The answer is why people want to keep the power, they just want to keep the money, they want to keep the power. They like it. Right? They did this experiment, okay, let me let me tell you this. They did this experiment where they had a game of Monopoly that was rigged. Okay, so two people come in, and they pick one person from a coin toss. And they give them the majority of the money, and they give them the majority of the dice, so they get to get around the board even faster than other person, and started with most of the money. Right? Now at the end, and immediately, they start to feel entitled, they start to act like they fucking own the place. Right? And they're being loud, and they're being rude, and they're eating most of the snacks, and they're talking smack to this other person that started off, obviously - they were there, that started off with less. And at the end, they asked them, Why do you think you won this game? Not a single person, not a single person said Because I won that coin toss. None of them. Dominique Devereaux 17:28 Oh, yeah. Adrienne MacIain 17:29 They all said "Because I'm better at Monopoly." Oookay.

Dominique Devereaux 17:34 There's a video on YouTube called 'Is Success Hard Work or Luck?' It just came out like maybe a couple weeks ago. He breaks that whole argument down. I was like, Thank you, sir. I love seeing people who can critically think and do an actual logical argument. It's so refreshing. It was, it's, that's fantastic. The funny thing is, and it's really humorous, that's the weird thing about me, when you have a system that said Can you teach a child to beat a test, and then they go Oh, and we got a black one too! Can the monkey learn? I was born in the year of the monkey, so I don't mind saying that, it doesn't bother me. In Chinese culture, the monkey, the Monkey King, brah, read up on him! I can handle it. But, you know, and then you get me, who's like, Oh, yeah, teach me a system and I will tell you exactly how to break it. I know it's weak points is. Why? Because that's what they wanted to see. Can you? That's what they taught me to do. Break it. So yes, I have walked into situations. My daughter, who's lighter than me because her father is lighter than you. First generation removed from Auchtung, but... Adrienne MacIain 18:58 Dang. Dominique Devereaux 19:01 There's Deutch on my grandmother's side too, so what? She could pass. We can go there. But the point is, is that, we've gotten away, I know, I've gotten away with murder. I also know I've been thrown under the bus. It's really been what held me back, confidence. Adrienne MacIain 19:28 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 19:29 Which it's really hard to look at you and say like, Whoa, that tells me, yeah, exactly, like, I'm the chick who can say I've been in the white suburbs. Y'all got personal issues, just like all of us. Like, people, just because what you see on the screen, Come on, bro. And it's like, I used to try and explain that to people in my family who're like "White folks this' or 'White folks that,' I'm like White folks are people, what are you talking about? They work hard. They're scared. Like, what are you talking about? If you want to bump somebody and do such and such and so and so, like, Do you live here? No! It's rude. Now mind you, there's other things where your your culture can be known to kind of invade a space as if you somehow 'a piece of paper, we sat down, you know, we did this ritual and it made it ours.' Gaia, the planet, is actually a sentient being and I don't think she'd really appreciate you saying you own, because the instant She don't want you here your little tent and everything with it just kind of goes into the ground.

Adrienne MacIain 20:35 Yeah. Also... Dominique Devereaux 20:36 And She just looks at you and says, I'm sorry, what are you trying to say something? Adrienne MacIain 20:41 Like, if she also, let's just say, if you do own the earth, then you are doing a shitty job of taking care of your stuff. Okay. Dominique Devereaux 20:55 And you live here! Do you have a spare planet on stand-by I ain't heard about? Adrienne MacIain 20:59 This is your spaceship. Okay? You're destroying your own damn spaceship. Space is not a friendly place for humans. Dominique Devereaux 21:10 In your own bed. Peeing in your own bed. You say, like, You don't want me to come fix this, you really don't. Have you noticed, I burnt, like, most of Australia? Adrienne MacIain 21:22 Mm hmm. Dominique Devereaux 21:23 California done had it two or three times? How many times you gonna tell me to come fix it before you figure out you should probably just clean up your own mess. Adrienne MacIain 21:33 Clean up your own garbage patch. Yeah, I hear that, I hear that. Dominique Devereaux 21:46 We're good. I'm sorry. Adrienne MacIain 21:48 So let's move on to another question, which is, we know what the problems are. We know what the problems are. Right? We see them, we live with them. Dominique Devereaux 21:58 Started caring about vitamin T just a little too much. We started caring about it so much that we started fighting each other. Why, girl, why? No, it's not really that serious. We can work this out. I don't want to do this? Adrienne MacIain 22:17 So that's the question, what should we be focused on? What should we be focused on? Because we know that what we resist persists? And the more we focus on shit and put energy onto it, the more real it becomes and the bigger it gets. So where should we be putting our collective focus? Dominique Devereaux 22:37 Stop lying to yourself. Adrienne MacIain 22:38 Well, yeah. That's a big one. Dominique Devereaux 22:39 Run your life like the personal corporate, the personal business Corporation brand, your little makeshift kingdom that you are the queen and king, you own every bit of your life. Unknown Speaker 22:53 Mm hmm. Dominique Devereaux 22:54 And make your lifestyle reflect what makes you happy. The whole world right now is changing, no one is going to blame you for saying I don't like doing it the way I've been doing it before. There's a couple of people who have been forcibly put into that position. If you're a tarot reader, it's called the tower moment. Now you can see it one of two ways. You can see it as like 'Oh my god,' a catastrophic event that you just lay down, die, and never get back up. But see, guess what happens? Once it's over, you're gonna, like, open up your eyes, take a breath. And even if you're not in this existence, I'm really trying to explain to you you're gonna be, you're gonna, there's something next. So once it's done, you know, switching on. And then the question right now that we all get to look at is, say, so everything that you've done that you thought was so important, that you really thought defined you as a person and made you the man and all of that, now that you've had nothing but like, three, four months to just take a good grimy look at it. How you feelin'? And if you don't like what you see, the only person who can clean that up is you. And, Oh, but it's so hard! It's called dark night of the soul for a reason. It's what makes you who you become. Take your dark side out to lunch and make friends. Because it can get you out of this mess. See, it's your hustle. It's your drive. It's the primal part of you that's, like, I know how to navigate this jungle if you just take me out this cage. And accept the fact that yeah, you put your energy in places that was a bad investment. You're gonna have to take that ell a lot of people take, and worse ells, you'll be fine. Take a look around you. You might see something you never noticed before and just slip-tripping get happy on that. Does it? Do you see anybody else sitting out here talking about Oh, I'm so happy, I have a Lamborghini cuz that's my entire...Okay. Yeah, I mean, it's beautiful if you're a car aficionado, okay, if it's one that literally you paid money for because Do you know the craftsmanship that went into it? It's a work of art! I ain't mad at you. But if you did simply because, I don't know, it looked good. See, 'cause I can't say that, 'cause Cardi B has earned the right to have bought a Lamborghini because she looked fly, you know, taking a picture in front of it. She comes from the Dominican Republic. Yes. And she does. She does, when she got something to say she say it, she put, you know, she puts her energy behind things. Do you know what I mean? I'm not trying to say she's perfect. She could have just slipped away from so many things, and she said, Nope, I'm gonna just keep going. She out here doing what a lot of other grown women should have been doing a few decades ago. So I ain't mad at, you know, that generation for wanting to do that. But I am mad at our generation for not showing them Well, if you're gonna do it, here's how you get it done. Yeah, I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

Adrienne MacIain 26:36 What's real wealth for you? Dominique Devereaux 26:37 You know, where is my coffee cup? Adrienne MacIain 26:44 Coffee! Coffee is wealth. Dominique Devereaux 26:46 Real wealth? Well, if you do it from a financial standpoint of like, you've actually taken a class or two in finance and you know, all that Wall Street stuff that they teach you matters, wealth is your ability to maintain your lifestyle at its current pace with no more resources coming in. How long can you do that based on what what you have in your portfolio? If you can do that for two months, that is a healthy place to be, you know, that's healthy, because that's realistic, you know. That's a good place that a low income person, you know, with some diligence working together, that's been moving towards that, you know, for good 5, 10 year place, this is a good place, this is a doable wealth. If you are sitting there trying to figure out how you're going to get to the check, I don't think you understand how the economy works. And it's not the job that's broken, it's not everything, it's you. You are going so against whatever energy that flows within you that you are working ups, you're working up straight, you shouldn't be, it shouldn't be that hard. If you're surrounded by people who share a common goal with you, you should just be like 'Woo-hoo-hoo.' I mean, if you're the person who's trying to make a point, okay, so be it, but be in a position to be able to like hold that line, otherwise all you're doing is making yourself mad for no reason. I don't know, I feel like I might have lost that question in there somewhere. Adrienne MacIain 28:18 No, I'm just, I'm trying to get at what makes you feel wealthy? What gives you a sense of abundance in your life? Dominique Devereaux 28:29 See, and that's what I'm saying, like, right now I feel very lucky that the circumstance I'm in. I honestly if, gosh forbid, if I was to have turned up positive it ended up in a situation where I couldn't care for myself, I actually don't have to necessarily depend on anyone other than, I have resources, you know, in this state that I can call that, you know, my own health care, whatever. And I think that's pretty wealthy 'cause there's... During this pandemic, I did some I did some work with a social security advocacy group for disability, helping people fill out the applications. There are some people who, the stories, it was that every day I used to just sit there for like, an hour and just walk around my house saying Thank you. So yeah, to me, that that feels like, you know, wealthy. Where, would I like to be someone who can actually be out there like I said, doing things that are helping other people to, maybe you're not where I'm at right now, but maybe I can tell you something to help get you there or at least do something where you like believe you actually, like, at least I got, you know, today that would be all I can do, you know, but it's something. Tomorrow, you might find somebody else, you know. Being able to know that when I leave here, I've done something for my family to know I love them. You know?

Adrienne MacIain 30:11 This is a perfect segue, we're gonna go into my favorite little exercise I always do at the end here. So you can close your eyes or open them, as you prefer. All right, beautiful. And I'm going to wave my little magic wand. And all your dreams have just come true. Everything that you want, everything that you deeply desire, on like a core soul level, has just come to pass. So I want you to look around your life, all these amazing things around you that are giving you meaning, that are bringing you this joy. Just describe to me this ideal existence that has now come to pass. Dominique Devereaux 30:54 Wake up in the morning, and when I when I wake up, Alexa says Good morning, or Jarvis, or whoever I've programmed, saying, Good morning, how'd do you sleep? Only because I really don't want to feel like my perfect world is dependent on a guy. So I'm just gonna say, I'm gonna say if there is somebody else that can fit my personal assistant, my electronic guy, perfect. Adrienne MacIain 31:26 Okay. Dominique Devereaux 31:26 I'm trying to leave space for that person. Not gonna kind of define what that is because I don't want to X out something that could be, you know... Adrienne MacIain 31:34 Well, and this is in this moment, let me just be clear. Dominique Devereaux 31:36 Right, no, but that's what I'm saying like, in this moment, it's like, you're asking me to tell the universe What do you want me to manifest? So I'm not going to manifest something that doesn't leave room for a companion, a partner. Adrienne MacIain 31:51 Okay. Dominique Devereaux 31:52 My partner, my playmate. Adrienne MacIain 31:54 Beautiful, beautiful. Dominique Devereaux 31:56 And when I go to work, I'm going to my lab, because eventually I want to be able to have it to where it's a co-living co-working space. Adrienne MacIain 32:07 What does it look like? Describe it for me. Dominique Devereaux 32:11 Well, it's a, you know, live-work-play space that's designed in a way to where each, it works, it's environmental design, so it fits into the space as it should, as if it was meant to be there, not it was put there. Adrienne MacIain 32:25 So it feels organic. Dominique Devereaux 32:27 Oh, very, it just, you know, there's nothing wrong with having a little bit of structure to it. But it just makes sense and it's a statement of itself. I love architecture, Adrienne MacIain 32:39 How does is smell when you walk in, what does it smell like? Dominique Devereaux 32:41 When you walk in, it's just, it's got different sections that are meant to have different energy flow, you know, like, very feng shui, but where it's not always all calm. But when you walk in there, you know, it's like, creative, just want to be there. Because there is, you can just, you know somebody is doing something, you know what I mean? And, like I said, experiments are running on, you know, we'll have the the main game that I've built, that I will have built, you know, through the hive mind, that allows us to have almost like a digital city or situation where we can run Well, this is what we think will work. I think I know how to run your city better than you do, and run simulations where it's fun, but you kind of get to see like, well, who has a better solution. And discussions. And people can have a very passionate debate, but at the end, it's all, you know, hugs. It's like'I don't wanna hug you right now, that wasn't fun' and it's like 'That's okay, but I'll see you tomorrow. Yeah, just let me walk it off.' But do you know what I mean? And I am able to see just the beautiful parts of different cultures or different places, it doesn't have to be like, a whirlwind tour, but just being able to show people urban alien adventures: Here's why you came to this planet, and you might not be able to go all those places with me, but maybe I can show you how you can go those places where you are. Or with me in a way to where it's like you're here, but you don't have to deal with all the inconvenience of like, you know, going through customs and visas and it's hot, you know, that type of thing. You know, it's just, I don't know, I just want to feel like I did something to make people just understand it's not, it doesn't have to be, it doesn't have to be bad. I get it can be, but it can be better. Adrienne MacIain 34:41 Why do you think you're on this planet? Dominique Devereaux 34:44 For that very reason. I thought it was a good idea. I looked down and told God, it's like, I know what's wrong, and I can fix it. And he was like, Oh, honey, you're so cute. Like, no. Oh, I know how I built you and I know why you're seeing it that way, but it's not gonna work the way you think, please don't ask this of me. And I begged and I begged and I begged and I begged. And he was right. But now I'm started so now I got to finish. Adrienne MacIain 35:10 Yeah. Dominique Devereaux 35:10 Which really kind of sucks. Because, Jesus died for your sins, I'm just trying to get out of a really bad idea. Adrienne MacIain 35:19 Yeah. I'm seeing the better idea here, I'm seeing the vision of the better idea. Flesh it out a little bit more for me, what else are you creating in this world? Now that the old system is dying off, and people are kind of letting it die off, what is this beautiful new thing that you are helping create?

Dominique Devereaux 35:42 Technology is a tool, people! It's not anything that can do anything more than you perceive it is capable of accomplishing. Without power, programs, which is written by a person, it's a paperweight. When you say you're not technically savvy, what you're actually saying is I'm unable to read directions and follow them. Mind you, there are some tech people out there that don't know how to speak user. You're called a user for a reason. Look up what that word means and then decide I'm not a user. When you bought that iPhone, did you actually take the time to watch the videos on how it worked, or did you just bitch at the people because you didn't go bing-bong and it just knew what you wanted? And how's it gonna know what you want if it doesn't know something about you? So we're invading privacy because you don't want to remember how to set your own alarm, you want it all on the phone. That's me. That's what I'm saying. People, like, come on, really? Would you ever expect a hammer to build a house? Adrienne MacIain 36:58 I love that! Dominique Devereaux 36:59 Ever in your life. But you think a machine can replace a person. You don't even know how to make a person without a female? They're not cute. You don't know how to cook. Stop trying. I'm just saying, just, men, if you are really so good at things that have to do with procreation why did God give us the ability to be more in his image because life comes from us? Think he gave you sense to recognize that very simple fact. I'm just saying. I don't hate them. I love them, I really do. Just want it to be heard. He can be a little crazy, I kind of like it, you know, with some nuts but I'm just... Adrienne MacIain 38:02 How do we bring more balance? Dominique Devereaux 38:06 Act like you got some sense! Be realistic. I mean, just have a good talk with yourself and say Should I really be having this conversation with this woman that I know I couldn't afford to, like, buy her anything if I accidentally slip, trip, and hit it up real quick? You know what I mean? Adrienne MacIain 38:34 Yeah, yeah. Dominique Devereaux 38:36 Why would I waste her time knowing dad-gum-well I can't fulfill anything I'm about to say. Get on your grown, stay in your lane, afford what you tryin' to talk to, and recognize she can do it all by herself. I don't need you for that I need you for making me feel like, oh you make this so much fun. That's what a woman needs. So be fun. And the next time your relationship falls apart ask yourself how much of a bitch am I really am? Because I guarantee you it wasn't all their fault. I know for me, I can actually claim the C word, I didn't always want to be that person, but sometimes I embraced that, all capital letters in neon lights. Yep. Probably wasn't a good idea at the time however, we live, we learn. Adrienne MacIain 39:32 That we do. Dominique Devereaux 39:34 I've left an indelible mark on many a peoples. Yes. Everything has a whining somewhere. Time fixes a lot. Adrienne MacIain 39:46 So true. On that note, where can the lovely people find you to get more of this awesomeness? Dominique Devereaux 39:57 This awesomeness is, oh gosh. When I do stuff I want to look like, I want to look professional. I have unreasonable standards on me, it's ridiculous. On Instagram, I'm at i.b.loud. And if you want to know about my open source project that I'm out here going, 'I'm going to build!' Are you getting the PR shot? Anyway, that's at laughter lab dot com, spelled Adrienne MacIain 40:32 What does that stand for? Dominique Devereaux 40:34 Loptr? It's a boss level character in Bayonetta Two, there's a whole history behind it. It's also Old Norse for Loki. Adrienne MacIain 40:45 Oh, nice. Dominique Devereaux 40:46 Air and sky. Adrienne MacIain 40:49 Awesome. Dominique Devereaux 40:51 Yeah, so I say if you're going to dream, dream big. Adrienne MacIain 40:54 Absolutely. Thank you so much for being here. This was awesome. Dominique Devereaux 41:03 I hope I did you good. I'm sorry if I was long-winded. You can just, you can just sushi that stuff! Adrienne MacIain 41:10 No, I just like to leave it, just let it be, let it breathe. Dominique Devereaux 41:15 Oh, 'breathe again.' Why did that just make me think of like John Wick and Halle Berry's character in there and him looking at her like, Don't, and she just whack, whack, whack, I mean, she was done. She's like, He shot my dog. Oh, sorry. For some reason you just made me think of that. Like, you know, where you sitting there and it's just like, breathe. Yeah, and it's like, I'm gonna take a deep breath as I pop-pop, just calmly, cleanly with no regret just busta... Sorry. Sorry. Adrienne MacIain 41:59 I had that effect on people, what can I say. Dominique Devereaux 42:01 No, I'm just saying sometimes Hollywood gets it right. And they make that moment that as a female, you're like, That's how you do that! Adrienne MacIain 42:09 Yes. Dominique Devereaux 42:12 You know, a black in the theater. And be proud about it. It's so rare to see us do something that it's like, all day, every day, I would do that. You know, that's just me.

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