S2E2: Willow Bradner, the Accidental Psychic

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This week's guest has the rare gift of being completely hilarious and mind-blowingly insightful at the same time. Listen as I help Willow, aka the accidental psychic, navigate her origin story and her message for entrepreneurs: you are your own savior!

To learn more about Willow and how she can help you get in touch with your intuition, check out her website!

Highlight Reel:

1:32 - Willow discovers her psychic abilities by accident (on her wedding night)!

5:10 - Willow decides to use her powers to help entrepreneurs (aka True Spiritual Badasses), not just "dial up for the dead."

6:54 - The importance of authenticity in life and business

10:09 - Everybody else's way is not your way

14:44 - Intuitive living requires A LOT of patience, but it's so worth it

21:01 - Going from solopreneuring to SOULopreneuring: don't forget to collaborate!

31:02 - How to avoid gurus and stay in your power

Adrienne MacIain 0:24

[That's Aloud Intro]

Hello hello.

Willow Bradner 1:02


Adrienne MacIain 1:03

Hey, gorgeous.

Willow Bradner 1:04

How are ya?

Adrienne MacIain 1:06

I'm great.

Willow Bradner 1:07

Good. I'm so excited to hang out with you today!

Adrienne MacIain 1:09

Me too! Okay, first, very important question. I was just looking at your Facebook page. Are you wearing pants?

Willow Bradner 1:16

I do have pants on right now.

Adrienne MacIain 1:18

I just needed to check. So, I am here with the amazing Willow Brenner, aka the accidental psychic. I love your origin story. So I'm going to put you on the spot and I'm going to make you tell it. Right now.

Willow Bradner 1:32

All right. It's my favorite story to tell so I don't know if that makes me a narcissist, but I just think it's wild. So I was a long time hairdresser and literally had lines around the block of my salon all trying to get inside to see me, and I had a waitlist, and I had people calling me on the weekends, and I had people literally showing up at my house and all this while, all this while, because maybe there is a little narcissist in me, I just seriously thought I was really smart. I really thought I was just great at giving advice. And I also thought I was really good at doing hair. And it wasn't until my wedding night where all that was blown to pieces. When everyone had left the party and it's just my parents and my husband sitting out back and yes, copious amounts of alcohol had been consumed. Like this crazy thing happened. My voice changed. My body shifted. And it was my dad actually who looked at me and was like, holy shit. I think you are channeling my father.

Adrienne MacIain 2:47


Willow Bradner 2:48

I had never met my grandfather before. So this is my first true kind of encounter of this thing. And it was like something at a ghost like my voice and everything shifted. And as soon as my dad recognized his own father in me, it was like permission for all the dead people to show up. And then my sweet husband's mother who I also had not met, tries to show up as well and just goosebumps all over my body and my poor sweet husband who had just married me hours prior was like I did not sign up for Girl Who Speaks to Dead People. Full on stood up and like, went to bed. He was like: DONE. And my folks and I, we stayed up and we played with this idea. We hung out literally, with my grandfather, if you will. And of course we all woke up the next morning hungover as fuck. And pretty sure that didn't happen. But it was like every time alcohol came near me after that, it was like an invitation for those on the other side.

Adrienne MacIain 3:52


Willow Bradner 3:53

Um, so I knew it wasn't a fluke per se. It also had me questioning everything everywhere in my life like, oh my god, it turns out all this great advice I've been handing out was accidentally psychic. And all this stuff I didn't understand I was doing was in that same purview. But I think like any "normal person," went back to my real life. I was not unhappy. I was not looking for this. I had not anticipated being a psychic. So it wasn't really for another year before I decided to go get trained. And now I can tell you it's--gosh--it's been eight years since that night ish. And I have now trained under some of the most exclusive psychics and I'm very clear that I have an on/off switch. So if you ever see me drinking in a bar, don't think I'm going to be psychic because that has passed. I am only psychic when I am aligned with it and I'm very clear to open that door. I'm not going to walk up to the grocery store and tell you your dead people are here. That's not how my psychic works anymore.

Adrienne MacIain 5:04

Good to know. Awesome. So tell me a little bit more about how you help entrepreneurs now.

Willow Bradner 5:12

Yeah, so one of the big distinctions that happened early on, was that I was seeing a lot of people coming to me to talk to their dead people, and they wanted to use me like a phone booth, like dial up for the dead. That didn't feel great. And so early on in my training, and early on in my career, as I was just practicing to be a psychic, I really started to sit down with myself and ask myself who, one, I wanted to work with. And that was entrepreneurs because to me entrepreneurs are true spiritual badasses because the second-- anybody who's listening, the second you become an entrepreneur, it's like all the things you're afraid of show up.

Adrienne MacIain 5:55

Oh, yeah.

Willow Bradner 5:56

And all the things that scare you about yourself and the world show up. And so from an intuitive perspective, being able to help an entrepreneur truly activate their intuition helps to give sort of a separate voice in the ego. So the ego's voice is always a fear, is always that of comparison, is always that of self doubt. And intuition is really what brought you to be an entrepreneur to begin with. It's that call that you received that said, I'm going to go do this crazy thing that makes no sense that everybody's going to question me about. It was intuition that brought you there. And so if you can build out that muscle, then when the ego shows up, you're not so tuned into letting fear win and not meeting your goals or getting where you want to go in your business. So for me, really, the intuition is like, the way that I can save entrepreneurs, if you will, the way that I can make sure that people actually achieve their dreams.

Adrienne MacIain 6:54

Right. That's fantastic. Yeah, I talk a lot about authenticity. And I think it's the same kind of thing that we're talking about, that alignment of... getting in alignment with your intuition, understanding what your gift really is, and then finding a way to put it out into the world. That's what we're all about.

Willow Bradner 7:13

Absolutely. And to bolster off of that, like, when we are not being authentic, and I mean that not in the cliche, overused terminology, "authenticity," but when we are truly unwrapped and unveiling who we are and what we're here to do and serve in the world, then we are absolutely living in our spirit and our truth and to deny the world that... I mean, I look at it always from that is like, what do the people who are looking for you not get if you're not willing to go out and be yourself?

Adrienne MacIain 7:46


Willow Bradner 7:47


Adrienne MacIain 7:48

There's a great quote from Martha Graham that talks about, you know, art, specifically, but really this applies to any kind of gift, that your gift is yours. And so if you aren't expressing it, it will be lost to the world. The world won't have it. And that's kinda, I mean, who are we to judge, honestly, the gifts that we have?

Willow Bradner 8:12

And can we just say that again, that distinction? Who are we to judge ourselves?

Adrienne MacIain 8:18


Willow Bradner 8:19

Because it's just, again, for anybody listening, the judgment that you think other people are having. They don't care. They are so busy judging themselves...

Adrienne MacIain 8:28

[laughter] That's exactly right.

Willow Bradner 8:29

...they don't have room to judge you!

Adrienne MacIain 8:32

I remember once I was in a dance class, it was a Broadway dance class. And I felt so awkward. I was just so embarrassed, like, "Oh my gosh, I must look like such an idiot right now. All these people are probably judging me." And then I looked around and I realized everyone in that room was just so freaked out about their own steps. They weren't looking at me, they didn't care. They were just worried about keeping up and that's what everybody's doing. They're just trying to survive. They're just trying to keep up. They're just trying to make something beautiful in the world.

Willow Bradner 9:08

I mean, and I hope that that's true, that everybody's trying to make something beautiful.

Adrienne MacIain 9:11

[laughter] Maybe not.

Willow Bradner 9:12

But that is what this podcast is all about...

Adrienne MacIain 9:16


Willow Bradner 9:17

...is to inspire people to be brave and make beautiful things in the world and not be afraid of themselves and afraid of their voice and afraid of their message.

Adrienne MacIain 9:25

Exactly. And on that perfect segue note, I'm here to ask you what is a story that you have been blocked on telling something that you a message that you want been wanting to put out into the world that you're feeling blocked in some way around?

Willow Bradner 9:44

Such a good question. I have so much "Fuck you" in me, is the thing.

So, like, it's interesting because as an intuitive one of the things that's really like, I've been sitting on this egg. And and I'm not sure how-- I guess it's coming out here. [laughter] You get the story!

Adrienne MacIain 9:51


Winner! I'm the midwife. That's what I do.

Willow Bradner 10:09

I am really, really, really cock blocked over a few things. One is that everybody else's way isn't your way. Everybody else's way is not your way. And one of the things that keeps fucking showing up to cock block people from really making true decisions for themselves, are things like and, and I know I'm going to piss people off in saying this but, are things like human design. Like when you get put in a motherfucking box, here's what happens. We are all very attuned to our not good enough story. And when we are scared to go for what we want, we're looking for reasons and excuses not to do the thing.

Adrienne MacIain 10:57


Willow Bradner 10:58

So when you do these personality quizzes and tests and you figure out that your astrology says this and your Myers Briggs is that and your human design is this and your numerology is that what you're really looking for is fucking excuses to not have to do the motherfucking thing. And then you take your new information and you go into the world and you're like, well, why is this really well-known social media rockstar making all this money? She probably has a better sign than me. She probably is a manifester, and not a manifest generator, right? Like, suddenly you have an extra paradox of fucking like comparison and hate. And it gets in the fucking way of doing the thing you're here to do. And this is where like, again, that intuition aspect for me comes in so deeply because all of these things that are trying to tell you who you are or who could be? Are. not. true. All you can be and do is you, yo. And the more you trust your self and the more you tune in to your deep truth and turn off the noise from the outside, the more clear your instrument's going to be for creation.

Adrienne MacIain 12:18

Yeah, that's beautiful. So how have you felt blocked in getting this message out? Is it just because people are so attached to the labels and the boxes and the reasons and the excuses? Is that it? Or is it something in you?

Willow Bradner 12:36

I really hate tar and feather I really hate it. I mean I have said some things in the past like thinking I was clean and clear and have been like tarred and feathered because I have a belief system that is perhaps sometimes different than the the general norm and I know you and I have had that experience as well the two of us because you have strong opinions and I have strong opinions. And so I think I have a really sensitive bone about I don't want to hurt anybody. And I don't want to. I don't want to be misunderstood.

Adrienne MacIain 13:14

Right. I hear that. I think I mean, all of these are just, they're tools, right? And you have your toolbox, and you try things and what works for you, you keep what doesn't work for you, hopefully you discard. I think one of the problems is that, you know, someone says to us, hey, this tool really worked for me. And so then they hand it to you and you feel like I have to make this tool work for me now. Because it worked for them. And so if I'm not making it work, then I must not be using it right.

Willow Bradner 13:46

Or I'm broken. Right?

Adrienne MacIain 13:47

Right. I'm broken like, yeah, whereas the reality is that not every tool is the right tool for the job and not every tool is the right tool for you. You know, if you have a hammer, everything becomes a nail. And I think one of the most important things that I've learned from you and from looking at the things that you post on on Facebook is just really getting rid of the expectation that anything that worked for anybody else will necessarily work for you. And recognizing that you really, like you said, you have to get so clear on hearing that little voice inside your own head and recognizing that, you know, you can call that voice whatever you want intuition, God, the gods, spirit guides, whatever you want to call that voice. That is the only authority that you really can pay attention to at all if you want to be successful.

Willow Bradner 14:44

100% agree. And the thing I noticed is that we're not giving our intuition enough space to land. And what that means is like, if you got the message that... I'll use Instagram as an example, just because that's what's coming up. Let's say you really want to use Instagram as a tool for marketing for yourself. What happens is, you'll do one week of like hardcore posting and like, really get into Instagram and think you're doing it right and get one follower. And quit. But the hit was like this is going to be a great tool for you. Well, energy takes time to build, so intuitive energy, or the manifesting energy sometimes just take some time to build. It's not because you're doing it wrong or not good enough or, you know, it's you or any of those things. It's just like, you have to relax into the space of it and have less expectation like, really that expectation of success becomes a cock block for the energy that's trying to get to you.

Adrienne MacIain 15:55

That is so important. One thing I've noticed a lot with my clients is that once they get in their head, the idea that like, "Oh, well, this was a sign." Like, "Oh, I'm supposed to be doing this because I got this, you know, I got that hit, of like this is what I'm supposed to be doing." And then everything that happens externally, from there on is also taken as a sign. Like, "Oh, well, I tried this and it didn't work. Therefore, that's not what I'm supposed to be doing." No no no, guess what, that's called resistance. And resistance is something that you have to work through. And part of that is, is working through your own fears. It's working through your own insecurities, it's working through those comparisons, like we were talking about. It's working through that expectation that things should just magically happen once you get a great idea.

Willow Bradner 16:45

And to piggyback on that sign thing, we will manifest it's just like reading up on all those personality things. It's like we will go out of our way to make signs. We'll go out of our way to conjure whatever information we're looking for to validate the choices we're making right now and so that, too is ego. And you have been really careful to notice what is ego and what is intuition. And this too is like part of why we have to give intuition a place to land. Because it is slower than we are accustomed. It is like AOL dial up. Back when you had to plug in your computer. It might even be slower than that guys, but like, intuition is an ask that you sit the fuck down, relax, drop the rope. Don't try so fucking hard and trust that your shit is on the way.

Adrienne MacIain 17:48

How does that resistance show up for you when you try to get your messages out into the world?

Willow Bradner 17:53

I'm totally in it right now. So I'm real good at talking about it.

Adrienne MacIain 17:57

Fantastic. That's why we're here. That's exactly why we're here.

Willow Bradner 18:01

No it's really funny. I had a call with one of my friends who's a Chinese face reading acupuncturist. Amazing.

Adrienne MacIain 18:09


Willow Bradner 18:10

And she was saying that her podcast had just come out live and she's like just five listeners away from 2500 people having listened to he was checking her stats all morning long and like it was doing really well this morning and then it just plummeted and it crashed and it burned and so she's doing this live video and she's talking about how she just knows like the message she could hear spirit telling her like back the fuck off. Walk away. And I emailed her right at that moment and I was like, "This is so good. I needed this so bad today because I'm so in that goddamn space." And I said "And what's even funnier is like we need a safe word to text each other when we're in this! We all do it, we all get like just, whoopsie, ego caught on "Ooh how many people liked it? How many people are commenting? What is the world doing? Did I book a client? Did I not book a client? Am I making money? Am I not making money? Go for a walk, go for a hike, right? So that's what I'm doing today, I'm cleaning my house and going for a hike. I'm taking care of a little business, but mostly I'm just dropping the rope.

Adrienne MacIain 19:14

I love it. I love it. Yeah, I got to do that yesterday. Yesterday was my day. Because last week, that was me. I was absolutely like, pushing so hard to try to make the world turn. Just trying to control every little aspect. And just like, "I must make this happen!" That hustle. And so I promised myself that this week, I was going to step back, take a few deep breaths. And just like you said, listen, listen here. To the direction that my gut is wanting to go right now. And yesterday, I got this great experience of collaborating with a friend. She had me read out loud a story that I have, you know, like, I wrote the book, and it's just sitting there. And I haven't done anything with it. Because I know that it's not what it should be. You know, like I just I--

Willow Bradner 20:10

That's your should, not the world's should.

Adrienne MacIain 20:12

I hear that. I hear that but it's like, I know this story is good. And I want to tell the best way I can. And so I started reading it out loud to this friend of mine. And just the act of reading it out loud made me realize okay, A. this is better than I thought it was.

Willow Bradner 20:30


Adrienne MacIain 20:31

B. I can now hear all the places that sound awkward. And then seeing, just having her facial expressions, just watching her reaction as I read, it made me go, "Oh, she's bored here. So am I, I need to fix that." And it's such a simple thing, but I think we forget to collaborate. You know, we think we're in this little bubble of like, "Oh, I have to do everything myself." No, we're in this together. This is what we do.

Willow Bradner 21:01

And that is like, you know, a side hustle mission of mine is like how do we stop solopreneuring? And start soul s-o-u-l preneuring and like come together as souls and like work together. We're not meant to do this alone. We're not meant for life alone. You know, like there's a reason that we're all so busy looking for our community. Why would we assume that there's not community in business? Or in writing? Or in living?

Adrienne MacIain 21:31

Yeah, absolutely. Your your story, your message? Who is it for?

Willow Bradner 21:36

Hooooaahhhh. I just always say the same thing is for those on the precipice of jumping into entrepreneurship. It's for those who are on that first brink of it, and all the shiny objects are screaming, "I have the fix! I know what to do!" So I want to catch people before they jump into the abyss of this unknown and this place where everybody's trying to truly take your money and take your time and steal your soul and build up your intuition so that you can navigate this thing so much better.

Adrienne MacIain 22:14

Yeah, I get this a lot when I first talk to clients, they want me to do something for them? Like, "Here, fix my problem." And they're always a little bit shocked when I say, "Okay, but let's talk about what your problem is first. Let's talk about what your mission is." Because, yeah, they're like, "Oh, well, I need to make more money." I get that. Everybody does. Hundred percent understood. We all need to survive in the world. But to get what you want, you have to help other people get what they want. That's just how it works.

Willow Bradner 22:51

[laughter] I don't know what you're talking about. ;)

Adrienne MacIain 22:54

So the first question, of course, is: Who are you trying to help, and what do they want? Because not everybody wants the same thing.

Willow Bradner 23:05

Right. And that's a big piece. I think when we're talking, when I'm working with my entrepreneurial clients, I make them sit down-- it's probably similar to what you do--and we go through the problem you're solving.

Adrienne MacIain 23:18


Willow Bradner 23:20

Versus the even who yet like, let's just start with what is the problem you're best at solving. And stop telling everybody what you do and who you work with and like how awesome you are. Nobody fucking cares.

Adrienne MacIain 23:31


Willow Bradner 23:33

They don't care how many certificates you have on a wall or what famous people you've participated in. What they want to know is: do you understand their problem?

Adrienne MacIain 23:44

Yes. Do you feel their pain? Because when they come to you, they are in that pain. They can't see outside of it. They don't understand what's beyond it. All they know is "I'm in this pain. I need it to stop." And if you can get them to define that pain and see it and understand that you understand it, then we can get somewhere, you know? Yeah, that's beautiful.

Willow Bradner 24:14

Agreed. Good job. Thank you for doing the other heavy lifting on that one.

Adrienne MacIain 24:17

Absolutely. [laughter]

Willow Bradner 24:21

I'll send them to you when I'm done because then they'll have a clear, defined statement that they can work within.

Adrienne MacIain 24:28

THEN we can work on brand voice. I think brand voice is a tricky thing, because people don't always understand what that means. Like, what is your brand voice? Well, it's just your voice. It's your authentic message. It's who you are. It's what you're doing. It's what you're trying to accomplish in the world.

Willow Bradner 24:41

And do you feel that like, here's what I keep noticing is that there's not a step by step procedural of business. What it is, is like shiny object, shiny object, shiny object. And so people keep getting like lost in that well, I don't know how to write copy. So if I have that, then I'll be fixed. Ooh, I don't write technical thing. If I have that, then I'll be fixed. And, like, again, this is where I'm like, "Guys, it's all those things. But if your mind and your shit is not aligned, if you are not clear about your, your own who you are, yeah, then none of this shit is gonna matter.

Adrienne MacIain 25:20

That's right. And I have actually had to turn clients away, I had to do this really recently, where they just don't know what they want, and they're not aligned. And I can tell, and I say to them, I'm not going to take your money. Because of course, of course, I can write something for you. Of course, I can, like you know, throw something together and throw it up for you, but it's not going to get you the results that you want. Because it's not in alignment, because I don't know what you really want. And I don't think you do either. And until you figure that out, no go. And so I can coach you on that, like we can work on that. But I'm not going to start at the end of the process for you.

Willow Bradner 26:00

No. And that's the thing is like, I would even be curious like, this would be a later conversation, but anybody listening as well, please leave comments because this is the entrepreneurial business conundrum, constantly, is like, how many of you guys are also receiving people before they're ready to work with you? And before they understand what's happening? And so this used to be languaging that we're all using is like real clarity when it comes to your advertising and who you're really speaking to, so that we're capturing these people fresh out of the gates or so that those of you who are mindset coach type peeps, like really working out their own personal details and helping them hone in that voice before they get sent out to all these places. Because otherwise we are capturing and killing these entrepreneurs before they're ready to do the full business thing.

Adrienne MacIain 26:53

Absolutely. I mean, God, I wish that someone had said that to me, when I was trying to skip five steps and run out into traffic.

Willow Bradner 27:06

I can honestly tell you I'm probably 100 K in. Like, yeah, 100 K in to some of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. But also great wins out of it. A lot of people were happy to take my money. And not to say the truth girl, you need to go meditate, pillow-top, palms-up and figure your shit out.

Adrienne MacIain 27:31

Because they don't know, that's the thing. I mean, you know, a lot of these people--and this is why we have a community, and this is why it's really important to keep that abundance mindset and to remember there's enough for everybody. It's not a competition. If I find someone who hasn't even figured out their message yet, I can send them to you. If you have someone, that is just like...

Willow Bradner 27:53

Perfect for you

Adrienne MacIain 27:54

Absolutely. That's how we work. And I think that's a that's one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they're first starting out is they feel like, oh, they have to capture every single client. No, you don't. In fact, a lot of those clients, that client that you had to work so hard to get is going to take up 90% of your time 90% of your resources, and it's not going to be worth it for either of you.

Willow Bradner 28:21

No. And that's, I mean, I'm really big on the qualifying, you know, like, once you figured out who you want to work with, then get to the qualifying, like, pieces of what that looks like, like who are these people, how motivated are they? Like, it's really like a dating application as far as I'm concerned, in terms of calling in your client, it's like calling in "the one," like, it is no different to me then how you find your mate in life.

Adrienne MacIain 28:46

Absolutely. This is where being a dating coach actually comes in.

Willow Bradner 28:51

Same, same here, like if you want me to fix your love life, I can do that for you too, but like, but you have to be so crystal clear, not just on your message but then once you have that, it's like, be qualifying who you want to work with. Yes is not necessarily the best answer. And by the way, we're not all of us Mc-- some of you might be McDonald's listening to this, maybe some of you want to serve 1 billion people, at like a buck 99 apiece. But some of you might be looking more for the $2000 to $10,000 scale. And if you're in the $2000 to $10,000 scale, well, then you're going to want to qualify these guys, you're going to want to make sure that you're working with quality people who are not going to waste your time and who are going to feel an experience of transformation that you're offering through whatever your business is.

Adrienne MacIain 29:39

Absolutely. And also if you're thinking in terms of the you know, the McDonald's model, and you want to just reach absolutely everybody, then think more about one to many. Think more about a podcast, think about a blog, think about ways that you can get this information out to a lot of people at the same time. Rather than trying to get one on one clients that are not really in alignment with what you do and how you can help, you know.

Willow Bradner 30:09


Adrienne MacIain 30:10

So in terms of your message, what is the bottom line that you always want people to walk away with? What do you want them to know?

Willow Bradner 30:21

I want you to be the guru-in-chief of your life. I want once you've activated your intuition that you are a walking GPS system for yourself. The one you are looking for is always you. And you are your own knight in shining armor. And I said that five different ways so that one of you will hear it right.

Adrienne MacIain 30:43

[laughter] Exactly! I love that.

Willow Bradner 30:46

Guru-in-chief. Shining Armor. However you want to hear it, when you work with me, when you hang out with me, when you activate that intuition inside of yourself, what you should walk away with is understanding that you are your everything, and you are the perfect guide that you've been looking for.

Adrienne MacIain 31:02

I love that. There's a lot of Guru-y-ness in this biz. Can we talk about that for a minute? Can we just talk about the guru syndrome? In coaching?

Willow Bradner 31:13

Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know, it's interesting when I first began in this, I used to tell people, like, I don't want a million followers. And by that, I mean, like, I don't want followers. I want a tribe of people that are leaders themselves, like, I'm not looking for people to follow. And I feel like guruism at this moment in time is like, "Let me tell you how awesome I am." And then you bow before me and you do this my way and you will be like me. Whereas I'm like, "Here, let me pass you a way so that you get to do you even better than everybody else, and be the leader of your own life." And I think that's-- when you are interviewing a coach, or you're interviewing somebody who is going to work on your team or with you, you want somebody who's offering you independence. You want somebody who's going to be your greatest cheerleader. You do not want to have to prove yourself to somebody else. And that is guruism, as far as I'm concerned. What I noticed is that the guru peeps, or the people waiting for their guru, are waiting for their guru to turn around and validate them somehow. And a guru's primary job is to make you feel inferior, and to have you doubting yourself and not feeling totally fulfilled, and always working really hard for their approval. How fucking scary is that?

Adrienne MacIain 32:35

Well, and I think we do that in a lot of aspects of our lives. We do that in relationships, we do that with mentors. We do that you know, pretty much everywhere. Whenever we set someone else up as this like authority figure over us or whenever we look to anything kind of outside of ourselves to validate who we are, then we're in trouble. We're in trouble. Because, like you said, the only authority on you is you.

Willow Bradner 33:11

We just give all of our power away. The second we dream or imagine that somebody else knows better than we know for ourselves, period. And we've been indoctrinated into this system. I mean, we had parents, essentially, our parents were the original guru in our life. We were always looking for their approval. We were always hoping they'd like us. We always wanted to do it, right. We didn't want to get in trouble. So if you consider our roots, like it's not surprising that so many of us are signing up. And I'll just use Oprah as an example not to put her down. I know she does a lot for a lot of people. But she's a great example of sort of that guru esque type person we're everybody's falling in line and doing the Oprah and reading the books and right, as long as I do all these things then I could be like Oprah someday. And maybe you can, I don't know, maybe that works for you, but in my world. I don't always-- it's like, everybody's heading for the Oprah door, I'm going to go this way.

Adrienne MacIain 34:03

Right. Well, and the truth is, I mean, Oprah's not so fucking special. I mean, like, I get that she's worked super hard. Yeah, she's like, she's got a lot of great stuff going for her. But at the same time, she didn't have anything that you know, we don't have. As humans. We all have gifts. We all have strengths. We all have the ability to be an Oprah or a whatever we want to be.

Willow Bradner 34:35

I mean, consider the time that she became famous. She was it was the 80s she was, a, what we once called--and I know terminology has changed--but we what once called an African-American woman. In the '80's, rocking her own TV show. And she came from serious poverty and had come from abuse and trauma. Like today, we get in our own way, we decide that have-- again, we're looking for excuses to not do this thing.

Adrienne MacIain 35:05


Willow Bradner 35:06

Oprah didn't let those excuses get in her way. And I think that's the difference between those who become Oprahs and those who do not become Oprahs as it is right. Is what will you let lead the way?

Adrienne MacIain 35:17

Absolutely. Yeah, excuses. That's been a big one that's been coming up a lot lately, is just recognizing, when ever whenever I think, "Oh, I can't, that's too hard. It's too this, it's too that, I don't have the training. I don't have, you know, whatever it is. That is 100% an excuse. Always.

Willow Bradner 35:39

Let me tell you my least favorite excuse of the week. And that is this--everyone says it, and I'm calling every single one of you listeners to the mat on this one--"I'm so busy."

Adrienne MacIain 35:51

Uh huh.

Willow Bradner 35:53

I can't do it. I'm so busy. And you hear this a lot when it comes to entrepreneurship like oh, I would love to be an entrepreneur. You know, I just don't know HOW. I'm SO busy.

Adrienne MacIain 36:03

I saw this great meme, you should always spend 30 minutes in nature every day. Unless you're busy, and then you should spend 60.

Willow Bradner 36:13

It was one of the Guru's who said that, right?

Adrienne MacIain 36:15


Willow Bradner 36:17

But I agree.

Adrienne MacIain 36:18

But it's still true. And that's the thing. I mean, these are just tools. You know, these gurus the things that they're they're throwing out there, they're just tools, and you can use them or you can discard them, you can ignore them, whatever works for you. That's the bottom line.

Willow Bradner 36:32

Just don't drink all the Kool Aid and go on the spaceship behind the sun, you know? Like, within reason.

Adrienne MacIain 36:42

All right, is there anything else that you absolutely want to make sure that people know and walk away with before we end this podcast?

Willow Bradner 36:51

Yes. Once you are clear about what you want to say and you are ready to hire a brand expert, you guys should totally hook up with Adrienne here! She'll help you put together your brand voice.

Adrienne MacIain 37:04

And of course, those of you who are just starting out or even if you're not just starting out, even if you're just getting serious now about recognizing that alignment is important, that you need to get in touch with that voice inside yourself in order to succeed which, 100%, you do. Spoiler alert. You should you should look up Willow because she is really amazing at what she does.

Willow Bradner 37:29

Thank you. You can find me at willowbradner.com, just in case though I'm sure Adrienne's put it in the link.

Adrienne MacIain 37:36

Absolutely. All right. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day!

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