Start Here. Start Now.

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Unless someone has found the rewind button and I didn't get the memo, we can't go back and change the past. All we can do is start from where we are to create a better future.

The key is simply to START. From exactly where you're at, with exactly what you've got.

There is no better time than now. In fact, there is no other time than now. Now is all there is. So just start. Imperfectly, and awkwardly, and authentically.

Uncertainty is scary. I know. But what's really scary is that life was ALWAYS this uncertain. We just didn't realize it.

So whatever it is you've been avoiding starting because the world has come to an apparent halt, I'm here to give you permission to start it. Now. Today.

See, the COVID-19 pandemic, like all things, is a blessing and a curse, and which of those you will feel more strongly depends entirely on your perspective.

Those who are desperately clinging to what was and panicking over the loss of what passed for normal are in a bad way right now.

Those who view this as an opportunity to create something better are thriving like never before.

Which will you be? Will you ride out the storm, waiting for your comfortable "normal" to return, or will you dance in the rain, even while sheltering in place?

This week's episode of the That's Aloud podcast with Jag Sandhu of The International Connection podcast is all about letting go of external expectations, getting in touch with the person you truly are and wish to become, and cultivating a life to match.

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom:

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