The COVID Pandemic: a Course Review

Dear Professor Pandemic,

I have to be honest: your class has been, far and away, the most challenging I've ever suffered through. As soon as one seemingly-impossible assignment is completed, two more pop up, even more insurmountable than the last.

Meanwhile, none of my usual corner-cutting methods seem to work for this material, so I end up giving each and every assignment my full, undivided attention. Do you know how exhausting that is???

Honestly, I'm not even sure how I ended up in this class. I definitely didn't sign up for it, nor did any of the other students I've spoken to, by the way. Yet here we all are. And is it just me, or has it lasted way longer than one semester?

Oh and apparently it's now a requirement for graduation?! Had I known that, I'm not sure I would have even attempted to get this degree in the first place.

And I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Far from it. Many of my fellow students--especially those who are close to someone who passed before they could pass--are questioning your credentials and wondering what gives you the right to teach us anything at all.

Even you must admit, your methodology is... somewhat incoherent. It all feels a bit arbitrary and random, and I've often thought, "Oh for crying out loud, is this really necessary?"

In fact, there are times when I've wondered if you weren't getting some kind of sadistic thrill off of watching us beat our heads fruitlessly against the impenetrable course material, knowing how ill-prepared we are to handle it.

But after the first few weeks, I realized I wasn't actually alone in this. I reached out to a couple of classmates and started a small study group. I found it a lot more manageable, not to mention more enjoyable, to tackle the assignments as a team, and so did my teammates. So I started a second group. And then a third.

The class wasn't getting any easier, but it was getting a lot less insufferable. And over time, I began to notice something: I was improving. My skill set was expanding, my resilience was rising, my creativity was flowing, and my compassion was deepening, both for others and for myself. All that hard work was beginning to pay off, and I was transforming in ways I never could have predicted beforehand.

That's why, despite all the pain you and your insanely difficult class have put me through, I am giving it my highest accolade: the Jagged Little Pill award. This class brought out in me a strength I never knew I had, and I know I will walk out a better and more competent person than I walked in.

I would recommend this class to anyone, but I'm pretty sure everyone on Earth ended up taking it this semester, so... yeah.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly clamoring to sign up for your class next semester. I think it's time to move on to a new set of challenges now. But I will always be grateful for the growth, the connections, the knowledge, and especially the wisdom I gained in your class, Professor Pandemic.

From here on out, I won't hesitate to sign up for any class that looks like it's going to kick my ass in the best possible way. And for that, I owe you one.


A Humbled Student

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