The Creation Game w/ HiRa Hosen

Updated: May 26, 2021

All of us carry our own pain, and most of us don’t know what to do with it. Wouldn’t you love to be able to set it down? Today’s guest, HiRa Hosen (, explains how, by holding space for pain and truly observing it, we can dissolve it. And if we can see the emptiness at the center of pain, then creation will be the new game.

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3:00 The continuous unfolding of perfection

5:20 Seeding planet Earth

9:40 A beautiful collaboration (or Interplanetary collaboration)

13:10 What do you do with the suffering of the world?

15:00 The birth journey

23:10 Holding space for pain

31:40 How to hold that space

38:00 The planet has magically opened up

41:50 Creation is the new game

Adrienne MacIain 0:01

Hey everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud. I'm your hostess, Dr. Adrienne MacIain. And today we have HiRa Hosen. Please welcome HiRa.

HiRa Hosen 0:12


Adrienne MacIain 0:15

Can you introduce yourself a little bit? And tell us a little about you? Sure.

HiRa Hosen 0:23

Well, let me put that out first. I am from the stars.

Adrienne MacIain 0:31


HiRa Hosen 0:35

Which, you know, I live in Egypt. And here in Egypt, the most common question is, Where are you from? So my question, my answer is always, I'm from the stars. Because I remember it so well, right. So I can feel that field of, you know, where we're all from so clearly. So I identify more with that than 'I am born here, and I did this, and I did that.' Right?

Adrienne MacIain 1:05


HiRa Hosen 1:06

So one of my main practices is to practice the non-identity, I am no one. So in that sense, there's not much to say. But then again, obviously, you know, I've had a beautiful life up until now, I'm 46. I have a beautiful husband, who's a free diver and a Zen master. We lived for 10 years in a beautiful Zen temple in the south of France. And we have a beautiful girl, and her name is Mahatma, and she's 12 years old now. So full life, full. You know, I'm a teacher since 10 years from the School of Remembering, from Drunvalo Melchizedek. And they give all kinds of teachings, workshops, online, on site. Sometimes they do tours. And so, yeah, this these are my activities. I guess you can explain me better by my activities, then.

Adrienne MacIain 2:07

I think most people do that. I mean, it makes a lot of sense. We are what we do, to some degree, at least if you listen to the existentialists, right?

Unknown Speaker 2:16

Right, yeah. It's got more, it's got even more than I do, I am because I think, right? Because you can think of things, but then what do you do with it? So...

Adrienne MacIain 2:34

I think what we believe often becomes what we do, which becomes who we are, at least according to others around us. So, yeah. So what is the story the world is not getting?

HiRa Hosen 2:50

Yeah. Okay, so the story of the world is not getting. So, it's a long story.

Adrienne MacIain 2:56

We've got time.

HiRa Hosen 3:03

I guess the basics would be that the world is not getting how perfect she is, how perfect you are, how perfect this moment is, and how, whatever it looks like, it is all Divine Source Energy streaming through realities, and that we are part of that, and that we are, as human beings, we are very, we're very blessed to be part of that unfolding. Continuous unfolding of perfection. And we are that, it's just that we have forgotten. Like, obviously, that's the game, right? We come here, we forget everything, and we need to find ourselves, and Ah-ha, you know. Can take lifetimes, lifetimes and lifetimes. That's a joke. And then, of course, you know, a lot of us get stuck there and get lost there. And you know, it's not, it's not easy. It's a lot of suffering. A lot of pleasure as well. So you've got all this both sides. But basically, when we realize who we truly are, then we can feel, and we can sense, and we can live, and we can do, and we can manifest that perfection from within us. So I think that's what the world's not getting, in short. And then there's a whole lot of, you know, different concepts, I would say, that we can put on it, and say we're from here, and then were from there, and then we did this, and then we did that. So in that sense if we take it into the cosmic story, then I would say the collective is way older than what we believe. That we are situated in many different galaxies, not only this one, but many different galaxies and realities and worlds. And that definitely this planet has been one of the toughest ones because of the quarantine, like, everybody's talking in 2020 about quarantine. But this planet has been quarantined for so long that we kind of forgot, you know, about our multi-dimensional levels. But, um, yeah, so I, I have the feeling that as a human collective, as a human species, we were seeded onto this planet. It's not, I don't think, I mean, obviously, it's a possibility, but I don't think it was like, a, we come from the monkeys, and then we, you know, maybe some some races did. Bit I think like, most of us were all, you know, we're having bodies that were seeded on this planet about 100,000 years ago, something like that. And that now, parts of our bodies, and this is where my workshops are, about parts of bodies are awakening, activating, awakening, and those parts are aligning. And then we get into that more receptive nature of the Divine Source running through us. And then we start to really live our purpose and everything like that. So yeah, I would say it's kind of like that. But of course, there's many different stories linked to it, or different viewpoints. And I respect them all. And I like them all, you know. But this is the one that I resonate the most now. Maybe if you asked me again in a week it would be completely different.

Adrienne MacIain 6:29

Yeah. I find it, I think there's some very interesting and compelling evidence that there was a point in time where there were a lot of different, you know, versions of upright apes, I guess, hominids, right. And then there was just one. All of the others kind of disappeared quite suddenly. And this one that was left had a very advanced brain that none of the others before had had. And so what happened there? There's sort of an evolutionary leap or jump there. Yeah, yeah, it's very interesting. I've read some about this, and it's kind of a mystery to scientists, you know. They kind of look at this and go, Well, why did this happen? They don't really have a good explanation. And so I think it's as good a theory as any that at that point, we were, as you said, kind of given a helping hand by extraterrestrials or, you know, beings from elsewhere, to help us get to a certain point in our evolution. Now, why they did that? Again, a lot of different theories, a lot of questions around that. Was it to help us or was it to use us? Was it to, you know, seed this planet, with workers for their projects or plans? But...

HiRa Hosen 6:30

Yeah, I think all of it.

Adrienne MacIain 7:59

All of it.

HiRa Hosen 8:00

Some of them used us, some of them helps us, and, you know, and then, like, some of them are positive, some of them are negative, all of it. But what we're often forgetting when we're speaking about extraterrestrials, in that sense, is that we are like, an ultimate mix of them. We, we're more alien than they are, like, we are more extraterrestrial than, than they are. Because we are, I mean, as far as I can see, it is that we are a mixture, our DNA is a mixture of the Arcturians, of the Pleiadians, of the Sirians, of like, all these different, you know, and when you combine them all together, that's us. Like, human beings on planet Earth. And that's why, obviously, that our awakening is so like, kind of, eh-er, eh-er, eh-er, you know, so many things need to be combined and put in place, but then when you got the good mix going, you got the powers from all of them. Coming in from the Pleiadians, you got the, you know, the joy coming in from the Arcturians, and so, they put basically all that inside of us as the ultimate vehicle on this planet. So I don't know, I don't see them anymore as extraterrestrial. And I also have to say, in the beginning, I was like, Whoa, these extraterrestrials, and they have such a high frequency, and 5D, and 6D, and 7D. And then after a while, I was like, Hold on. Because everyone that's helping us is actually clearing out their own mess, you know?

Adrienne MacIain 9:35


HiRa Hosen 9:37

Because when they gave her their DNA, and they mixed us, I mean, they, we linked now. So whatever is happening to us, it's happening to them. So it's not only like, We're here to save you! No, hold on, hold on, hold on, you just don't want us messing around with your existence. Which I can imagine, because we are a complete mess, we're like the Brooklyn of the Universe, that's clear. I get it. I totally get it. I'm not into the, you know thing anymore where I'm like, Oh, thank you Extraterrestrials. I'm like, Yeah, okay, let's do this all together. But I'm the human, and I'm living this, in this time, and this density. So, you know, like...

Adrienne MacIain 10:19

Oh, I love everything about what you just said. I mean, so many beautiful lessons in there, right? That we often, we put others up on pedestals and say, Save me, save me. That never works. No one can save you except you. So even if they're extraterrestrials, even if they're spirit guides, even if they're whatever you want to call, you know, entities that you encounter, they're not here to save you. They're here to save themselves. And they're here to collaborate with you. So if you're open to that, you can have these incredible experiences where you collaborate with beings on other planes. But if you're expecting them to come and save you, and teach you everything, you already know everything. They can maybe remind you of some things that you've forgotten, and vice versa.

HiRa Hosen 11:12

At a certain point, it becomes a beautiful collaboration, right? Because it's like, imagine, imagine you are there, like you are in that moment in your living that, as one of my teacher says, the Temple of the present moment, you're living it. You're completely free. Then obviously, what do you want to do? Like, you want to help, or it's not even helping anyone, it's just you want to do positive things. You want to, you know, collaborate, and you want to, you want to do all those things. So obviously, the collaboration, the more it becomes a collaboration, the more for everyone involved, it is this beautiful energy that is created. But for sure, up until you get to that level, you have to bring yourself up to a very high frequency. And of course, people can help you and you can be grateful for that. But I think, yeah, we're coming out, thousands of years of kind of waiting for the savior, and not realizing that we are the ones we're waiting for. I mean, and we're going to keep keep hearing that because a lot of people are saying that we are the completion that we are waiting for. We are it. But it's true that the more you start collaborating, the more kind of pure that energy becomes, and it's not a "saving" anymore. And I think that's the whole new Earth, new paradigm's about, right? And I still, I'm not out of this one. I'm not, I'm not completely clear. Like I'm not, you know, I can feel that, for example, in my heart, when I go deep in my heart, there is, I am feeling the suffering of the world. And I'm not saying that I'm beyond that. I'm not saying like, Okay, I'm not going out here to save anyone - go save yourself. It's not like that. It's very subtle. It's very, very delicate. Because what do you do with the suffering of the world? And I mean, I've been feeling it augmenting this last year. It's like, the poor are getting poorer. The people that are not aware of the awakening of our planet are becoming less aware. It's like, everything is just kind of, seems to accumulate, seems to become more difficult, there seems to be more suffering. Or maybe it's just more obvious these days, we can see it, and we can feel it. But I can feel the densities, they're getting denser, and the light's getting lighter, so that there's this split, right. It's like, aargh, eergh, like, moving on, it's painful, it's extremely painful. So I'm not there yet. Like because, you know, at certain moments, I will feel that and it just hurts so much. And I'm like. But then I can feel like the back of my heart opening and I feel that you know, these wings or these type of space coming in, and then I'm like, Okay, it's not my personal heart who needs to do this. It's just I need to surrender to that space and let the source come through and do it. But we are human. So there's definitely days that I do want to save the world. And I do want to save everyone. But then I'm like, Okay, what is the new paradigm about? It's not about saving anymore. Because if I go out and I go save someone, I can I can drag them along, and I can I can keep their vibration up. But as soon as I turn around, they're gonna fall harder than where they were before, they're gonna go deeper than where they were before, because they felt that they had it in them, but then they think it's me who did it. So it's like, Ooh. It's not, it's not an easy thing, just like, Okay, go save yourself. Bye. It's like, it's, yeah. This is a big thing. Yeah.

Adrienne MacIain 14:58

So can you tell us a little bit more about your personal journey. Your awakening?

HiRa Hosen 15:04

Sure. I guess I've, yeah, I've had many of them. And I think the biggest one was probably my birth.

Adrienne MacIain 15:12

Mm hmm. Yeah. Absolutely.

HiRa Hosen 15:18

Yeah. Not too hard. All the initiations and awakenings I had before that.

Adrienne MacIain 15:22

Right, right.

HiRa Hosen 15:24

You don't want to talk about those.

Adrienne MacIain 15:26

Which, which do you want to talk about is the real story, right? What's compelling you to share it right now?

HiRa Hosen 15:34

I think it's my birth, because I've been doing some work with... I'm doing so much work with women. It's so awakening to work with other women. Yeah, work with sacred sexuality, work with the energy and how it flows to the body, work with all these things, work with love. Work with seeing suffering and answering it with love. Basically holding the suffering of yourself and the world in your hands with love. So I think it's, yeah, I've been working with with other women on the subject of my birth a lot last week. So I don't mind like speaking about that. So when I came into the, through the birthing channel, normally, when people go for the birth... When you're still in the belly, you still remember. I mean a lot of people, not everyone, but a lot of people still remember. I remember I'm from there, I'm connected to this family, these stars, I'm connected to this, this is my mission, this is why I chose my parents, da-da-da-da-dah. But then when we go through the birthing channel, many of us forget. It's part of the game. But it's also why do we forget? Because you're a huge light. And then you're supposed to go through that birthing channel, you're supposed to completely incarnate - you aren't supposed to, I mean that's what happens - you incarnate in that body. Before, you can go in and out, in and out. But then the body comes to life. If you're not present in the body, the body's not going to make it. So you need, to you need to incarnate in that body. And those nine months are preparing you for that. But then once you go through that burden channel, your light is so bright, that when you go through it, it burns. It's super painful. Like, the birth is like, a million times more painful than dying. Dying is like, Yoohoo, I'm free, I'm flying, it's all good. Of course, there's a whole process to it, it's not, it's not that easy. But the birth is, is super, super painful. So most people just go out. They're just, like, knocked out and they, you know, at some point they're born and, you know, it just happens. I was aware during that whole process, so I was born awake. And so that was so painful, that you know, you can feel it like as if you are a huge light, and then you get burnt, like burn, burn, burn, burn. Because you need to become smaller, you need to fit in that tiny little body. It's ridiculous! It's really hardcore. So then, of course, like the first meeting with my parents, and the meeting with this density of the world. When you're in the womb you're still protected, you're still safe, you can hear the heartbeat of your mother. You feel like you're still in that bubble. But then when you get out, it's like Aaaah, like the whole thing just hits you, you know. So and that's, that's what I'm starting to really, not remember, I remember but I'm starting to really understand what actually happened there, and what happened to me at that point. Because I just hide. I don't know how to say it, but for four weeks, they put me in one of these covers, I don't know how they call them, so my mother wasn't even allowed to touch me and stuff. So for four weeks, it's just like you're under...

Adrienne MacIain 18:58

Incubator light. Yeah.

HiRa Hosen 19:02

Crazy. So of course, it's like super cold world. You get into super dancing. And when you are an empath, like many people I know are empathic, but you know, when you're born, you're just naturally like that. So you can feel the suffering of the world. You're just like, Whoa, what, you know, what hell did I come into? And it's like, Welcome to Planet Earth. You know, and you're like, Okay. So basically, to finish that long story, just what happened is I hid into my heart, and I hid into this part where you combine the spine and the skull, that place, took the the suffering of the world on my shoulders, went into my heart and said, I can't, I can't deal with this. And I think, for me to, now I'm going through the biggest initiation, I think, is to admit and to accept the pain of separation.

Adrienne MacIain 20:04

Hmm, yeah.

HiRa Hosen 20:05

The pain of separation that you had. Like, you're in a human body. Like, I am in a human body. I am separated from the Oneness because I am in the human body. Of course I know that this is not my limit. I don't stop here. I know that I'm everything. I know it probably better than most people because I still have that memory, thank God, I still, Goddess, I still have that memory. But for me, it's the other way around. I have to accept that I am a separate entity in a body for me to be able to actually really be useful at this point.

Adrienne MacIain 20:48

That's such a good point. I mean, I think people spend so much time trying to get back to that state of of oneness, that they can't accept where they are. And if you can't accept where you are, you can't go anywhere from there. You are stuck. Yeah. That's, that's fascinating. And I think we spend so much of our lives as human beings running away from pain, that what we're doing, I would say 90% of the time, is just avoiding discomfort or avoiding pain.

HiRa Hosen 21:24

Yeah, I would say 99.9%. Yeah, no, but it's true. Like, the last, I think the last two, three years, this has been my main work, and of course also the last twenty years and everything. But I was on another wave. It was like, oneness and love and light and I'm a being of love and light. And then and then I started to like, you know, started to meet one of my main teachers right now, he's a Tibetan Buddhist Lama. And so he started to talk about pain identity, pain speech, pain body, pain mind. He's not only talking about pain, it's like pain identity, pain body pain speech, pain mind. He started to teach me about that. I mean, he's teaching the whole world. His name is Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. He gives a lot of Facebook Lives and everything. And then I started to really realize like, Oh my gosh, like, the amount of pain that I've been walking around with, and just like kind of stuffing it away, you know? Absolute craziness. And then of course, like people say, Yeah, well, that's, you know, that's shadow work, shadow work, shadow work. But it's, it's, I agree, like, I've been doing shadow work for a long time. But this is something more specific, something very, very, very specific. that you can kind of like combine into, you can say it's the Ego but it's not, it really has to do with pain.

Adrienne MacIain 22:48


HiRa Hosen 22:49

And, and the strange thing about it is that we are in pain, we're not even noticing it. So we're numbing ourselves out with television screens, iPhones, whatever we can do to numb, to not go beyond that numbness and feel the pain.

Adrienne MacIain 23:08

So how do we do that? How do we go into that pain without kind of losing ourselves in the pain?

HiRa Hosen 23:15

It's, you have to hold space. And I know that 'hold space' is a big thing, and everybody's, like, I hold space for you. But do you really know what that means to hold space? So you can't hold space for another person if you can't hold space for yourself. So basically, it's like when you realize that you are that space, like my t-shirt calls it stillness, silence and spaciousness. So there's three, kind of, these are kind of like three experiences we can have of being source. So other people will say it's silence, you know, the Zen, I'm a Zen nun, so they more go into the silence on me. So it's very much silence, but also the stillness of the body because you're sitting. I mean, we used to sit like, eight hours a day almost, you know, in and out. But I've done that for 15 years, almost every weekend. And you know, sometimes even like, six, six weeks in a row, sitting. Just, you're not moving a hair, you know, you're sitting in Lotus pose, you're not moving a hair, so that's stillness. Definitely, you know, after eight hours a day, you're like, Okay, that's stillness. And then, and then you have the spaciousness. And so the spaciousness is like, realizing what science is now catching up on is that everything is just pure space. It's like, you know, this feels real and solid, but it's pure space. So when you can hold space for yourself, like this space is your true self. And you can hold that space for your pain, or your, you can call it anything, your Ego is not really a nice word, you can say or, I don't know, your small self doesn't sound very nice either, but maybe your abandoned self, or your painful self or your, you know, like, there's so many names you can give to it. But if this true self can hold space for the other one to just express itself, you know, and even just recognize it, if this one recognizes that one and that one feels recognized, then that's already enough. That is the healing, like, you just need to recognize it. But of course, sometimes that pain so deep, it goes life after life, there's a line of cultures and cultures, and thousands of years of pain. So of course, like maybe only recognizing may be not enough for all of the pain. But basically, if you could do that... so this is kind of, it's a little difficult to seminar, I will try it. Like if you, if you're able to observe, but really observe from a clean and pure place, like just pure awareness. So from this pure awareness, you're able to observe that pain, then it will go directly through it, it cuts through, it gets to the core of it, and the core of it is emptiness. Because as the Buddhists say, everything is empty. So once you really can, are able to not criticize it, not manipulate it, not even say you have to heal, or I don't know, wanting to change it or create, you know, all these things we do, or judge it, or whatever - no, nothing of that. If you're able to just like really observe, you know, directly, then this will just start to melt, dissolve, like, at a certain point, it just [poof], it's gone. But most of the time, this is kind of hard, because you have to understand, not even understand, you have to be able to be open enough to be in that state of awareness.

Adrienne MacIain 26:48


HiRa Hosen 26:49

So you know, meditators can do it. But obviously everyone can do it, because everyone has that awareness, but you sometimes, probably a lot of times, people need some practice to get into that state. So then we can do it, you can get into that state, and also to hold it. Because of course, like if you have your pain going on, you're gonna cry, and like it's really easy to kind of like go into that story. Yeah, of course, it's like, it's you. So you're like, Oh, my gosh, oh, poor me! Yeah, and the whole story again. But if you're able, if you're able to hold that even for a minute, that's, that's, that's purity. Like, just, you know, and in that one minutes, you're going to dissolve 10 years of psychology and analyzes of what happened there. You don't need to know what happened there, you just need to, you know, kind of like directly observe. But, because that's hard, we can also give it love. We can also embrace it, like, most people say, my teacher will say, Give it a spacious, luminous, warm hug. Just on that space, just bring that space closer, that warmth and that light and yeah. So it's, it's, it's a process, I mean, and so that, I think that all the therapies and everything, the healing on a planet, all comes down to that same thing. Are you able to hold that space for that person to actually be acknowledged, just acknowledge that pain, and it will dissolve. Or if that's not, if that's not enough, then you can love or, you know, hold space for that pain to express itself. And if it expresses itself by crying, screaming, scolding, I don't know, break some pillows, or I don't know what, then then good, right, or cry tears, whatever. But the pain in a lot of cases needs to be expressed. But if you just start expressing it by destructing something, that's not going to help. But if you hold space, and then it starts expressing itself by destructing something, at least there is the awareness of what's going on. And that awareness is medicine.

Adrienne MacIain 28:54

I think that's why I'm so drawn to storytelling, because it's a way to tell, you know, tell our pain story, but also be separate from it. Because it's a story. And everything is a story, right? And you can see it as a story and go, Oh, this is just a story. This happened to me, but it could have happened to somebody else, and probably did happen to lots of other people. And you can kind of, like you said, look at it and kind of love it as a story because we love stories. And the worse the story, the better, the more we love it. Right?

HiRa Hosen 29:29

Yeah, it's true.

Adrienne MacIain 29:31

Yeah. I think it's really powerful. You know, not everyone, of course, has the devotion to sit for eight hours a day, right?

HiRa Hosen 29:43

Well, yeah.

Adrienne MacIain 29:44

But at the same time, we can all recognize that what we resist persists, and that the more energy you put into fighting your pain, or fighting these stories, or trying to push them down, or shaming them, judging them, the more powerful and the more solid they become. And so, like you said, if you can see them as empty, as these kind of empty stories, they are, they're empty space, they're memories, they're, you know, however you want to describe it. If you can just see them as what they really are, and, as you said, embrace them, thank them even. I've been doing that a lot lately with fear, because fear has been coming up a lot.

HiRa Hosen 30:28

It's the year for it.

Adrienne MacIain 30:28

Absolutely. Not just for me personally, you know, I'm an empath, and so it's all around us. I, you know, I go for a walk, and I can feel fear coming at me from everywhere. And so I, you know, at first, I was like trying, I was doing that empath thing of like, trying to vomit rainbows onto everything, you know? Like, Oh, here, I'll help your pain, I'll soothe you, I'll pull you out of that fear. And I very quickly became drained. And then the fear was all that was left. And so I've been spending a lot of time and energy lately just loving that fear, and thanking it, and embracing it, and saying, Oh, thank you so much for being here. You understand. You see what's really happening. You're aware of the dangers, and you care. You care about me and you care about us. And you want us to see the reality that is happening around us. And thank you for that. And then when I do that, it's like it just [poof], it just disappears. It's kind of amazing.

HiRa Hosen 31:14

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it is.

Adrienne MacIain 31:42

So, I would love to hear a little bit more about what you... I don't know if recommend is the right word. Like you were saying, you know, you can't really pull people out of there, pull people's frequencies up, right, pull people's vibrations up for them. Obviously, meditating is one one way to do that. What are some other tools that you can recommend to people too, just practices?

HiRa Hosen 32:08

Well, it's...

Adrienne MacIain 32:09

You know, hold that space, as you said.

HiRa Hosen 32:11

Right, like, first of all, I'm not sitting for eight hours a day anymore. So we left the Zen temple. And I do, I do a lot of practice, though. But more like, small moments, like I'll have a little moment where I'm sitting in meditation, maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes. During the night, I do some sleep yoga, you know, or, or dream yoga, the same thing, or just sit and rest. Basically, it's like resting.

Adrienne MacIain 32:41

I have never heard of dream yoga. Can you tell us what that is?

HiRa Hosen 32:44

Yeah, that's, that's all from the same teacher that I keep mentioning. Yeah. Well, yeah, let's just get to your question. And then they can, they can check it out with him. Yeah. Or I will, you know, kind of do some movements, or I also do Tao practice, from Tao lineage, where you learn how to move the energy through your body. And so I will do some Qigong, like that movements, or that definitely, definitely helps. And a lot of people are looking for something, and they are forgetting that if they are in their heart then it doesn't matter what they do. So for one person it can be painting, another person it can be dancing, another person that can be going for a bike ride, and another can be walking in nature, or looking at a flower, or whatever it is, right? So it's like, I think, I think we're changing, I think those those days... I mean, it is good, like obviously, I would never be where I am now if I wouldn't have had all those hours of meditations. So I'm not just you know, spitting in the soup or something. I'm not doing that. I'm just saying like I, you know, that devotion was and is amazing. But you don't need it. You you can tune into the present moment. I think like, if I look at what I have to bring in the world now, it's this living, this temple of the present moment as as an open temple. So that all the ancient Mystery Schools, all the teachings, everyone that has come before me can actually live through my breath, live through my being, live through the way that I look at the world and what I give. So then it can be anything, right? It can be you're smiling at someone on the street, that can be your practice. You can maybe not vomit rainbows, but maybe, you know, if you would be vomiting rainbows from the right place it would not be wrong. So you're doing it from the place of them needing something you're offering. But if you're like super happy and you are a rainbow anyway, you're like doo doo doo doo, and the rainbows are just like, coming from the heart, and then everything you touch and everything you see, and everything that happened is a rainbow, then you're not going to be drained, you're going to be so energized you don't know what to do with your energy afterwards.

Adrienne MacIain 35:25

It's very true. Yeah, yeah.

HiRa Hosen 35:27

So like, it's a bit like, obviously, like, my teacher would say, you need practice, and I agree with that. But also, we need to make those practices our own. Because I have been practicing so many hours of meditation, when I look back at it, I'm like, I definitely had moments where I was free. But a lot of those moments, there was still this this type of identity there, the meditator. The meditator meditating to become enlightened. You know? And you know, and I don't want to insult anyone with that is recognizing themselves in here, I just want to say, like, that, I recognize it myself. So many things that I've done on a spiritual quest, or with this, with a goal of enlightenment, that, in the end, it created a bigger Ego. We get we call it a Spiritual Ego. Yeah, I'm so cool, you know, because I'm a Zen monk. And I'm a Zen monk, and I'm so cool, because... it's like, it's the worst!

Adrienne MacIain 36:27


HiRa Hosen 36:28

You know, it's like, so this is a trap, as well. It's like, people will do yoga, and then they go in a little tight pants, and they say, Ooh, I'm so cool, I'm so beautiful. Yeah, for sure. But what are you, what are you really doing there? Isn't, I mean, wouldn't it be, I don't know more helpful for the world to... I don't know, do something else where you're not feeding your Spiritual Ego. So I would say anything that comes from that, like heartspace that is tender, that is innocence, that is delicate, that is soft. Anything that comes from that, like whispering... yeah, very respectful place is your practice, whatever that is.

Adrienne MacIain 37:20

Yeah. That's beautiful. I would love to transition now. And I'm going to ask you, usually I do this as a very sort of personal manifestation experience, but I'm going to ask you, because you are, if I can call, you a lightworker, I would love to have you kind of show us a vision of what a future of this planet could could be like.

HiRa Hosen 37:55


Adrienne MacIain 37:57

So I would love for you to just close your eyes for a moment with me. And I'm going to kind of wave my magic wand here. And the planet has woken up. We are now aware as a group of what we really are. And I want you to tell me, looking around this world, what you see, what you hear, what you experience.

HiRa Hosen 38:34

Yeah, I'm seeing like that, but our communication is as one. So we can, it's almost like plugging into the internet. Like we have this inner organic internet going on, from which we can be connected to everyone all the time. Like we're not having phones or anything like that anymore because we don't need it. We can just tune into anyone on the planet, any given moment, without violating privacy or, you know, anything like that. It's just like, you can of course go into your own space where nobody gets in, but most of the time, you know, people are just open and just happy to communicate. That's the first thing.

Adrienne MacIain 39:23

That's giving me goosebumps.

HiRa Hosen 39:25

Yeah. That's amazing, it's actually really cool. Because then you can see we're all in bubbles. It's like a golden, type of golden, it comes from the heart, the first golden and then the second golden spheres, like that. Kind of our nature, our dream, and from that we can... it's almost like you... now they're showing me that I can kind of almost, it's like an iPad but round and golden. So I can just kind of touch it, you know, go in there and touch it, then just like, yeah communicate with other planets as well. It's like, it's really cool, it's like a plasma. Yeah. Anyway, I won't go into that too much.

Adrienne MacIain 40:12

Sounds amazing.

HiRa Hosen 40:13

Yeah, it is really cool. Yeah, this is the, we're still a little ahead, we're a little ahead still on where we are now, but that doesn't matter. Let me just roll back a little bit to 2020.

Adrienne MacIain 40:29


HiRa Hosen 40:33

Yeah, we're definitely not there yet but we're getting closer. And so what I can feel is there is this type of 'we did it,' this type of that the planet is clean, the air is clear, the water is unbelievably pure, the Earth, all the poison is out, and we did it. Like we, I think we all combined our healing forces from our hearts. We built it a grid, diamond grid, crystalline diamond grid, and we just like, [whoosh]! Clean clean clean clean! So there's this type of 'yay, we did it' feeling, and the Earth is completely clean. And I feel myself personally, I'm laughing at myself in the old version because I was afraid that it would be boring. And now that I'm looking around I'm like, This is not. What? No more light/dark must be boring. But it's absolutely not boring.

Adrienne MacIain 41:52

What's the new game?

HiRa Hosen 41:55

Yeah, the new game is Creation. It's being that source-energy creating what you love, what your unique vibration, your unique signature in that new world.

Adrienne MacIain 42:09

Yeah, yeah. Hmm. What do you hear in this space? What does it sound like?

HiRa Hosen 42:25

I hear a lot of songs, like nature songs. I hear some beautiful flute music and everything. But I mostly just hear the silence and the stillness. The peace, the peacefulness of the silence. The whole, that whole, that's what bothers me the most in this reality, let's say 2020 reality, the noise.

Adrienne MacIain 42:54


HiRa Hosen 42:56

The collective noise of the of the fear. That's not there. It's gone. There is no, there is absolutely no noise. It's just peaceful. Yeah. Feels so nice.

Adrienne MacIain 43:16

So you talked about how clean everything is now? What can you smell?

HiRa Hosen 43:29

I'm smelling my essential oils. Oh, Blue Lotus. Yep. Blue Lotus.

Adrienne MacIain 43:44

And what can you feel? Do you feel the the Earth beneath your feet?

HiRa Hosen 43:52

Yeah, yeah, it's clean. It's clear. It's everything, it's just, it's organic. By the way, we still have technology, there's still technology there. And actually I'm seeing different timelines at the moment. Like I'm seeing now [...] what happened, but I'm just like, now I'm seeing a lot of them, not in one anymore.

Adrienne MacIain 44:13

Can you share some of them with us?

HiRa Hosen 44:16

Yeah, so in some of them there is technology we kept on we kept on developing it, but it's not harming in any way. So all the TriGene, all this stupid radiation stuff is gone. So the radiation is biological, we can handle it, and it's not even created by electricity. Electricity's out. So this is beautiful, and we still have our little, you know, gadgets, but it's a complete different. Oh yeah, and it's teleporting, teleporting us in different, there's little teleportation devices, you get on it, and then you know. So all that is like, and then there's other timelines where we just completely got rid of all of it. We're just like completely back to the Earth. No more gadgets. We don't need it. There's like, you know, all of that. So, yeah, we have choices. And there's infinite possibilities there. And they're all existing. So, yeah. But there's a clear, there's a clean and clear cut. There is not, it's not half/half, like half the people are living in that timeline, and half in that one. It's not like that. There's no more of this whole light/dark, this [thump, thump, thump] - it's all gone. So all of them are different, but they're all, there is no more of that... you can say there's no more power over others. That whole thing of power over others, the politics, the financial system, the medication/pharmaceutical system, all this - gone. It's not, the whole power over others, the religions that are that are like that whole thing. That's a whole other, that's a parallel universe where that exists.

Adrienne MacIain 46:08

Why do you think... I'll say we, why do you think we chose this whole light/dark binary thing as our game?

HiRa Hosen 46:22

Because we wanted to learn and evolve fast. So normally, like the light universe and the dark universe normally don't even see each other, because they are on such a different levels, they don't see each other. But we decided, like, a long time ago, and we were like, Let's see each other! See what happens. Yeah, so it's an experience, and we wanted to have it, and we've learned. I mean, like, what you learn now in one year on this planet is taking you lifetimes on another one. So it's, but it also has come to a point of nonsense. So of course it needs to change now. But this whole tribe trajectory, you can say duality is fueling our evolution, up until a point. And then at that point, it's like, Okay, now, okay, this was fun, but not really. And now we go to something fun.

Adrienne MacIain 47:24

Yeah, it kind of gets pushed to this point of the absurd, doesn't it?

HiRa Hosen 47:28

It's nonsense. It's like, it's not... You're just, you know, and I get it. I'm not judging. It took me a long time to get to the moment, and even now sometimes I have a little flash round, like, No, it's gonna be too boring if everything's just easy, and comfortable, and everything. Like, I'm just going to be bored. Okay, well, not really. Like, you know, one teacher that I like, Inelia Benz, she said, in one of her latest podcasts, she said, If you're climbing a mountain, like you, you're climbing a mountain, it's very challenging, you know. And then once you climb that huge mountain and you're on top of it, there is reward there. Is that boring? No. It's not boring. It's challenging. There's a reward. But there's no, there's no light/dark fighting, saving, pain, suffering, all that. No, there's not. Maybe there's a tiny little bit of suffering if you're not trained well, with your muscles, but it's not, you're not suffering, making other suffer, or making yourself suffer. So I like that. I like that example.

Adrienne MacIain 47:36

I love what you said that, you know, Creation is the new game.

HiRa Hosen 48:46

Yeah. But just to finish that, I'm not judging anyone that wants to play that game again. Because it's very, I guess, interesting to certain levels. So I understand that now the biggest part of our planet wants to continue that game of duality. We're not on the majority yet at all. I don't think we'll make it to the majority. I hope so, but I don't think so. I think the majority still wants to sign up, this is literally what they're doing, they're signing up for another layer, let's see, 13,000 years of the same game over and over again. This is one of the characteristics of it - it's endless. And offering endless, endless duality. Yeah.

Adrienne MacIain 49:45

So how, how do we opt out of that?

HiRa Hosen 49:50

You opt out of it by choosing every moment, consciously choosing your vibration in every moment, and just not allowing yourself to go into that vibration anymore. No more drama. Not even allowing yourself... if you're going in pain, then do what we just said. Observe. Then you're not going in it. You're allowing it to express itself, you're not needing new stuff of it. So we have to face our own addictions and and basically everything is an addiction. Your constant thoughts is an addiction, your constant feelings is an addiction. If I don't feel strong things, I have to watch horror movies to feel strong things. If not, I'm not feeling. Yeah, you know, just you can't do that anymore. You can't indulge in low-frequency behavior, feelings, thinking anymore. It's self-mastery. It's like the only way out is to master yourself. Not like with a whip, you know, like, Oh my god, I have to, you know, every moment be aware! Like, obviously, we make mistakes, we're humans. Maybe one day you feel super-depressed, that's fine. Just hold a space for that depression and you will heal it for yourself and the whole of the collective. Right? So it's not like you're not doing anything or feeling anymore, but you're just not indulging in your own addictions anymore. So that goes moment by moment, moment by moment, just down, down, now again, and again, and again. Because we are constantly creating this moment again, and again, and again. So you have to, the only way out is to become aware of yourself every moment and choose. Not just go automatically into all of your pain, identities, and thinking, and obsessions, and feelings, and everything, patterns. But just be like, Okay, just stop everything. Just, Okay, I'm stopping. And then just those three minutes where you stopped, you already you already opted out. If if I could say anything to anyone, then I think that would be one of the things. Just in any moment when you are aware, just stop. And when you stop, even just three seconds, you feel that emptiness, you feel that space, and you will come from another space. You will come, you will start to think from another, from a whole other field of presence. Not from your whatever you were doing, like, you know, in that rush, in that automatic, that automatic one, you know? Like, No, just breathe. Be. Where am I? What am I doing? How do I feel actually? Oh, yeah, actually, I don't need to do that thing. I don't need to speak to that person. I don't need to think like this. I don't need to feel like this. And then [poof] - you change your point of view.

Adrienne MacIain 52:42

What, what a perfect takeaway to end on? I love that. Where can everyone find you?

HiRa Hosen 52:52

Well, for the next month I'm going to be in [...], all my, by myself, offline. So...

Adrienne MacIain 52:58

Wow, wonderful.

HiRa Hosen 53:00

Yeah, yeah. So I will be unfindable, unreachable. And I love it. But yeah, check out my website, it's

Adrienne MacIain 53:27

Merci beaucoup.

HiRa Hosen 53:28

Je vous en prie.

Transcribed by Rebecca MacIain

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