Trust Yourself w/ Colleen Mitchell

There's only one real authority in your life, and that's you. Colleen Mitchell, a type 1 diabetic, joins us today to discuss how listening to her own body and doing her own research gave her control over her blood sugar levels, and her life. Whether it’s facing your fears, getting your message out, or defending your health, Colleen is here to tell you why your choices should never be left up to other people.

Highlight Reel

0:30 Type 1 and Type 2

1:30 Fear of public speaking

13:40 Everyone has a message

16:40 Carbs and diabetes

23:40 The processed food industry

30:20 Make your own decisions

35:10 An ideal situation

41:40 Question everything

42:40 Testing for diabetes

Adrienne MacIain 0:01

Hi, everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. I'm your hostess, Dr. Adrienne MacIain. And today we have Colleen Mitchell. Please introduce yourself, Colleen.

Colleen Mitchell 0:11

Hi. Well, as you just said, my name is Colleen Mitchell. I am a life coach, a podcaster, an author, a speaker, and I'm also a full time analyst/engineer in the power industry. So I do quite a lot. And I have fun while I do it all.