Unblock Your Chakras w/ Emily Tamayo Maher

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Whether you're well-acquainted with your Chakras or just now hearing the term for the first time, Emily Tamayo Maher's Meaning Method can help you better understand your creative process and easily get unblocked at any point along the creative journey, from ideation all the way to connecting with your audience. Ready to discover the gold at the end of your own personal rainbow?

Highlight Reel:

3:30 - The feminine, intuitive story the world isn't getting

7:00 - Taking the leap

13:30 - Down the manifesting path

18:00 - All writer's blocks are chakra blocks

Adrienne MacIain 0:03

Hey, everyone, welcome to the That's Aloud podcast. I'm your hostess Dr. Adrienne MacIain, and today we have Emily Tamayo Maher. Please introduce yourself. It is a delight to have you.

Emily Tamayo Maher 0:20

So yes, I've been working as a book coach, a spiritual book coach, especially for entrepreneurs, for let's see, oh, my goodness, I'm going on my fourth year, it's going well. And so before this, I was a teacher and I taught English literature. And I basically made this transition, and really opened up into the work of helping people pursue their creativity, taking this path down the chakras, it's actually a very old manifesting path. So many people know the... are familiar with the chakras through yoga, and different spiritual practices. And so I just noticed that making your book your spiritual path can create so much more productivity and fulfillment in your life. And so just a funny thing is, as I've been doing this for the past four years, I've noticed that everybody thinks of the particular chakra path as a path to liberation and enlightenment. But what I really enjoy is if you go through the feminine path, which goes from inspiration down to rooting and growing your audience, then you can actually become more open and creative, to produce the contributions you're meant to make in the world. Whether that's a business or a book, you're more open, you're more creative, and you produce more meaningful work. So, in a nutshell, that's what I've been up to, and I'm so excited to, to connect and talk about it with you!

Adrienne MacIain 1:57

Oh, that is so awesome. I just love that. I love the idea of it being a spiritual path, to create something like a book, I always tell my clients, I mean, it's a devotional practice to create, it is a devotional practice. Whatever it is that you're devoting that energy to is really up to you, that's a very personal thing. But when you create something that is a devotional practice, it doesn't matter what you create, it doesn't matter how good it is. "Good," right? Like, take judgment out of it, just the act of creating can be a devotional spiritual practice.

Emily Tamayo Maher 2:42

I love that, you just reminded me my word this year, is devotion, and I said it in January. And now it's coming back to me, it comes back to me regularly on this path. But I couldn't agree more. Because when you, when you make your creative practice your spiritual practice, you're not as attached to it. So not as much of that inner critic not as much of that comparison or competitiveness comes in every moment of working on your book, or your creative project feels worth it. And because it feels worth it, and you're putting your love and devotion into it, then the results are, ironically, without trying so much more authentic, so much better and far reaching.

Adrienne MacIain 3:29

Absolutely. So I'm gonna ask my first question, and see what happens. What story is the world not getting?

Emily Tamayo Maher 3:40

What story is the world not getting? I suppose, you know, I'm going to go with my gut on this one: the feminine, intuitive story in a certain sense. So, I think this connects into a bigger story in that creatives have been obsessed for years with, you know, the mysterious art or the spooky art, etc., you know, we get these flashes of inspiration. And we don't really know where they come from. And so this is one thing I love about this creative path that I've been diving deeper and deeper into is that, when you're looking at those upper chakras, the crown chakra and the third eye, you can really start to become more conscious of your intuition and your imagination. And so I would say, there's a lot of feminine intuition that we kind of have the cultural belief that everything is explainable, everything is rational, everything is logical. And so I'm just so grateful to live in a time when we're able to have more conversations about intuition, about your soul calling, about things that you can't explain, but you know, you're supposed to do this or you KNOW you're supposed to follow this. I feel like artists have been tapping into intuition--and this is, of course, men have intuition, I think I'm using the abstract terms of feminine and masculine--but it's kind of like we've said, intuition, mysticism is... we can't understand it, or it's unknowable. And so that's kind of what I'm excited to be coming out with now, is actually you can dive deeper and deeper, become more and more confident, and develop that feminine intuition.

Adrienne MacIain 5:36

Yeah, I love that. I agree. I think there's feminine and masculine as sort of universal concepts, and we all have both of them within us, that Yin and Yang, right. And so this isn't about men versus women, it's about recognizing that the Divine Feminine has been suppressed in our culture, that there's so much Yang in our culture, that's all about you know, make, go, do create, which I, you know, I'm all about creating and making and going and doing however, I think it's also so important to stop, listen, accept, you know, be. Just be. All of that is so important. And when we push ourselves and push ourselves and push ourselves, we don't allow that refilling of the energy. And that's not about being a man or a woman, that's about not respecting the Divine Feminine within ourselves.

Emily Tamayo Maher 6:42


Adrienne MacIain 6:44

So my first question, actually, my second question, because I already asked my first question, my first follow up question would be: Where did this journey begin for you?

Emily Tamayo Maher 7:03

Especially the spiritual part, that's such an interesting topic. So I mentioned before I started running my own business as a book coach, which I feel is more and more my soul calling as everything expands, but so, once upon a time, I was a school teacher. And I was working so hard in the traditional education system. And I know that it was about the time my son was born. He was he's six now that I started to realize that I was supposed to do other other types of work. And it was really hard to understand what was happening or how I was receiving this call. I've always meditated. I've always had a spiritual practice. But I suppose I hadn't gone as deep as I was about to go at this time. So I suppose in the traditional education system, I was a high school teacher, I was a preschool teacher, I was doing all sorts of different--there's a little bit of road work, but--

Adrienne MacIain 8:08

Yeah I can hear that!

Emily Tamayo Maher 8:08

But we're enjoying the energy of the moment. So I was working as a teacher in a very, very kind of, let's say, elite private school, where people were very driven. You know, this was an international baccalaureate School, which is a great program. But I think we all, the students and teachers alike, were drowning in work. And I started realizing that this type of education wasn't playing to my strengths. I was working really hard, I wasn't able to use my intuitive powers, my creative powers, the things that come naturally to me. And so it was funny, I started taking my first class in energy work, which is where I really started to learn about the chakras and things like that. And I cannot believe the intuitive hits and the synchronicities that allowed me to successfully transfer from my full time job into my full time business. I've always been a breadwinner in my family. So it's not like I needed to really think about that Yang business, numbers, measurables, etc. as I was transitioning out of my full time job. I was very, I had to take good care of my profit margins in order to be able to do this. But oh my goodness, the spiritual help that came my way was incredible. The coincidences that lined up for me to be able to find a school for my son, who was just becoming old enough to enter into my school, enter into a different school because I was transitioning out of being a teacher, you know, the, even when I couldn't see it for myself, some person would come up to me, and shake me by this shoulders and say, I need you to go down this path. There's a school at the end of this path, and they have an opening for your son there. And so I think that it's really interesting that you know, going along with your other question of how, you know, what's the story the world's not hearing, they're not hearing about intuition. And for men and women everywhere, the things we think are impossible, are more possible when we understand these upper chakras, and we use them more. So that may have been a little vague in parts, but I think, yes, that was, that's where I really started to learn about it within a time in my life when I really needed to pay the bills and to have a successful business, etc. And, of course, analytical skills, measuring numbers, etc, is very important. But I was good at that in my old job as a teacher. And so now in a creative path and creative work. Oh my goodness, I live by my intuition. That's all there is.

Adrienne MacIain

I love that, it's so true: when you leap, you know, the universe catches you.

Emily Tamayo Maher


Adrienne MacIain 11:17

When you make those big decisions that are really soul-aligned, it is amazing, *amazing*, how rocks just rise out of the water to make a little path for you. It really is.

Emily Tamayo Maher 11:31

Exactly. And I think we have a belief system that isn't quite allowing for that. But more and more people, including myself, as a teacher, I did not know how to use my intuition. But as I made that transition, I learned how to activate my intuition, and am just so excited to share it with more people, like those tangible ways to practice.

Adrienne MacIain 11:57

Well, let's dive into that then, absolutely!

Emily Tamayo Maher 12:00

Okay, awesome!

Adrienne MacIain 12:00

So I know that you have a kind of system where you help people to align their chakras so that they can create more effectively. Can you tell us about that?

Emily Tamayo Maher 12:12

Yes, yes. And this is actually, it's so funny, right around that time, when I was leaving my full time job, I was getting this hit to learn energy work. At the time, it was really hard for me to follow that because I had no idea what energy work was, like, there were-- sometimes you'll just, and this is an intuitive force, but sometimes you'll just see a course, and you'll pick it up, or you'll pick up a book and it will be completely out of nowhere, but you'll feel like, oh my goodness, I need to eat this book alive like this book is-- I have no idea why I'm so enthusiastic about this, but I need this. And so those are your upper chakras at work. And so when I was started taking this course, you start in the upper chakras if you want to build a business, or if you want to write a book, that those soul callings are coming to you and your upper chakras. And so sometimes in culture, we don't listen to them, or we think they're not practical. However, when you can really start to develop and trust them, your life will become so much more easy and flowing than if you ignore them. So the full system works down the chakra system in the manifesting path, I'll just go through the different chakras going downward. And then we can kind of get into whatever you're interested in. So starting in the crown chakra, this is where we first get those ideas, those "Oh my goodness, I need to go to that place." "Oh my goodness, I need to write this book. It won't leave me alone." One of the things that people say to me so often is I've had this creative project inside me for so long, and it hasn't gone away. And so then when I'm going through a coaching relationship, so often people will be like, I was never supposed to do this. I'm down on this! I'm down in the dumps, I feel stuck. And I'm like, well, you want to know what it's not going to go away if you stop. So the only way out is through. You're gonna get this call. And so that's the cool thing is so you start in the crown chakra, you get the call, then you start to picture that out into the vision, or in a book, the outline, you start getting into the details. Okay, how can I strategize this? What could this possibly look like? What form can this take? So now we're in your third eye, which is the imagination. This is your ability to both plan and to fantasize: the left and right brain. That's your third chakra. Then we get into finding your voice, which is where you get into the habit of being honest, of speaking your truth, of saying things in the way you're meant to say them. You grow confidence, do a little every day, and then before you know it, you're in that heart chakra, where you're nurturing and loving your creative process to life. The Heart Chakra is where most of the creative process is spent. Just that daily nurturing of taking care of your creative baby. Then, and here I'll probably related more to books, specifically, because I'm just so familiar of how this works when you're writing a manuscript. Next, we're getting into the solar plexus, which is your professionalism, your willpower, etc. And so in a book or in a business, this is where you start to polish, and you make it very professional, ready for the world to consume. And it's so important to ship. This does not mean, being professional doesn't mean being a perfectionist, there is a state where it's good for public consumption, and that doesn't need to be overthought or overwrought. So that's the solar plexus, then we get into birthing your creative project out into the world making publishing decisions when it comes to a manuscript. And so I always say when we get to publishing, it's so important to be flexible, women could not give birth if their bodies weren't 60% water. So you need to be able to just kind of roll with the flow, because sometimes things don't go exactly the way you may have pictured in your mind. But this is where we're joining your inner idea with the outer world. And so yeah, there's going to be a birth canal thing, you're going to get through it, and you just got to go. And then finally, the root chakra becomes how you're rooting your work in its audience, you're reaching out like the roots of the tree, and so it's those roots and that outreach, and that marketing, that gives the project a life of its own. And, and makes it ready for, you know, ready to continue to sustain itself. So that you have a successful venture. So yes, that's the system. Top-down. Bottom-up is liberation, top-down is manifesting. There you go.

Adrienne MacIain 17:17

I love it. That's so great. So having heard all that, I think that's so, so helpful for my audience. I know a lot of them out there are trying to write books or create, you know, meaty projects that take a lot of time and energy. And it's so great to have just a system like a step-by-step system to help people do that. What other--I don't want you to give away all your your best tools, obviously...

Emily Tamayo Maher 17:51

Oh, I'll give them away!

Adrienne MacIain 17:55

But what other tools would you recommend to someone who is maybe stuck somewhere in the process? They're just feeling like I can't quite, unh, like you said, you know, I've had this on my heart, or I've had this on my mind for all this time, but it's not happening yet. How do you help someone like that?

Emily Tamayo Maher 18:16

So I have a fun phrase that I think it's really resonated, it's in the book that I'll have coming out next. But um, all writer's blocks are chakra blocks. And so at any point during this system, you can get stuck in your head. And so I might just, these are blocks that I kind of see in your chakra system. The more you know your chakras, the more you can move through them... taking on a creative project improves your inner spiritual health, and so it's kind of fun, I'll just go through it again and talk about common blocks. Because basically, whenever you're blocked, you can use that next chakra to pull yourself out of it. So let me do a 2.0, version two of this system.

Adrienne MacIain 19:06


Emily Tamayo Maher 19:07

So in the crown chakra, when you get blocked in the beginning, you might be getting tons of ideas. Your crown chakra is just wide open, and you're just like, I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that this is a block I think people have come probably come to you with a lot. And so one thing I've noticed is that early on in a project, I will have multiple ideas. I remember there was a time when I was a school teacher: I was a school teacher, I was working on a novel, I was working on this business I was about to birth to, and a lot of other things, a toddler too, poor him. But so there were a lot of different ideas. And so the way to get out of many ideas is if you can just pull it into the third eye and start writing things down. Even if that's journaling. This is this is what I did. If you start writing things down and making them a bit more concrete, you're going to eventually, you know, sometimes it takes a few months, but you will often find that one project starts to become more concrete the than the others, it's not easy to do at first, always, you really have to take that action of starting to write it. And then you'll start to intuitively realize, oh, my goodness, this is taking form, I can see how this fits into my world. Let's go through with this and finish it. And then it will actually open you up to be more successful with the other projects, because you'll have worked that channel all the way through. So once you get to this third eye, you can start overthinking. The way out of overthinking--you know: who am I to do this, overwhelm, this is impossible... All of this stuff, you want to get into your throat chakra, where you start to take the next right action, connecting with other people, maybe through a social media platform, maybe you'll start talking to people in your community, but you want to not be alone. Basically, you want to connect with others. If You're overthinking, talk to somebody about it, then you might get into the block of always talking about it and not actually doing anything, this is a block we can feel when we're nervous. If we try to execute, we might fail. And so I say the way out of that throat block where you're talking about something all the time, but nothing's moving forward? Love, self love, because that's the cure for that fear that if I talk about this, I'm experiencing it right now, you know, I am an author, I am a rock star. And I'm a millionaire, because I'm just talking about it. And so just love yourself to know, love yourself and love the project, to spend some quiet romantic time seeing it through and taking those actions, then once you get there, the next is making it professional, the solar plexus is kind of an ego burner, it burns up that ego where you have to become a little bit more objective, you have to get an outside perspective on it. And so what I say to move out of the heart chakra, where you're still you know, it's still your baby. And it's still this little thing you're nurturing start to look at other people who are professionals start to get into the different professional realms, what are those people doing, connect with those people, and then you're going to start to move into that editing process, where you look at this more like a job and less like a baby. Um, then you just want to make sure that you don't get into that perfectionism rut where you're tweaking and tweaking with your professionalism, to do that, start to just have the confidence to ship. So start moving into either getting beta readers just start putting it out there, start to publish, you don't have to publish it on Amazon or send out proposals, but just start putting it in someone else's hands and start doing that research to get it out there. And then finally, once you've published, you might get into the block where, okay, it's out there, nobody knows, but it's out there. And then you just want to take the smallest actions, marketing actions, make them as... put the least amount of resistance as you can, and just start posting about it, start connecting. I love to do one on ones as we're doing right now, where you just meet different people, and then those roots, those roots start to grow pretty soon, you know, it's secure. And you're back to your next idea. And you have a million ideas again, and then you just work it down. You've gotta you got to take the next leap into the next unknown. So yes, those are some blocks that you can come up against. And yeah, just move it to the next chakra when you know this chakra system, then you just want to take the easiest action to the next step.

Adrienne MacIain 24:17

Wonderful. That is so helpful. I know for me, and for my audience. So thank you so much for that. I think now we'll transition, this is about the time that I usually do this transition and do a little exercise a little visualization here. Okay. So what I'm going to do is just have you close your eyes because I like to visualize with my eyes closed. Not everybody does though, so it's totally--

Emily Tamayo Maher 24:40

I do about equal. Yes.

Adrienne MacIain 24:41

Okay. And I want you to just breathe colored light into your body and let me know what color it is.

Emily Tamayo Maher 24:49


Adrienne MacIain 24:50

Beautiful. And do it again. Was it the same or different?

Emily Tamayo Maher 25:00

Was a little orangey this time, which makes sense in my life right now. Yeah.

Adrienne MacIain 25:05

You want to explain that?

Emily Tamayo Maher 25:06

Well in the chakras, I'm a very Solar Plexus driven person. I'm very gogogo. But right now I'm doing the final editing of a book I'm working on, and I'm moving it into publishing. And so I think those, those colors just flooded my brain as soon as I stopped to just think about them for a little while. So yeah, going from my gut here. Yes.

Adrienne MacIain 25:30

Okay. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to sort of wave a magic wand over here. And once I've done that, everything that you deeply desire will come to pass, here and now, in this moment, and I want you to, however you visualize best, close your eyes or open them, and tell me what you see, the first thing you see in this ideal situation. Okay, so, magic wand waved. What's the first thing you see?

Emily Tamayo Maher 26:01

That's interesting, I actually, because I've been so focused, I see a long tunnel, kind of a dark tunnel. And then there's my book cover is at the end of it.

Adrienne MacIain 26:14

Gorgeous. So there it is, and I want you to just breathe that in how that feels seeing it coming towards you. It is real, it is here it is now. And I want you to really see not only the book, but what that book means for others. What it is doing out in the world, what do you see?

Emily Tamayo Maher 26:43

I see the the book opening and the pages flipping. Um, and I suppose I I'm excited for people to to be able to turn to the page, that particular part of the process where they need the most support.

Adrienne MacIain 27:00

Yeah. So I want you to see someone doing that. And getting exactly what they needed from it getting unblocked and really see that happening. And feel that emotion that they have of just relief, and release, and joy. And that they're sending that back to you in gratitude for what you've just done for them.

Emily Tamayo Maher 27:26

Ahh, that's lovely. Thank you.

Adrienne MacIain 27:31

Absolutely. And I want you to go to a space that is kind of your happy place. It might be secret, or it might be obvious, but it's someplace that you just feel completely filled. Describe it to me.

Emily Tamayo Maher 27:52

I'm looking into, because I live in another country, I live in Colombia, I haven't seen my family for just over a year. And we finally got in the books the next time we're going to see one another, and it's on a beach. And so yes, I'm so excited to to go there and kind of reconnect and step back for a moment.

Adrienne MacIain 28:15

So I want you to be there. Now I want you to stick your toes in the sand and feel how that feels the warmth of the sun. And you can hear your family laughing and talking in the background. And you can smell something. What is it?

Emily Tamayo Maher 28:36


Adrienne MacIain 28:37

Mmmm, beautiful. And I want you to just breathe that in for a moment. Breathe in that scent. And then there's another smell somebody is cooking something? What is it?

Emily Tamayo Maher 28:51

I don't know, it's Indian food! That's so funny. I'm totally there. I'm totally in it. Yes. That's like, yeah, they're cooking dahl. I don't know why.

Adrienne MacIain 29:01

That's what they're making! Beautiful. So I want you to feel that nourishment of knowing that someone is making something just for you. They're making it with love. They're creating this meal that we're all going to enjoy together, together again after all this time. And just breathe that for a moment. And then something unexpectedly wonderful happens. What is it?

Emily Tamayo Maher 29:31

The Indian food was pretty wonderful. I feel like I'm making a connection that I didn't expect to happen.

Adrienne MacIain 29:41

Beautiful. So this connection just really sparked something within you. It's one of those synchronicity moments where you're just like, wow, I was not expecting that. And what a little miracle that little connection was and it's opened up a new opportunity for you. And I want you to Celebrate that somehow. What are you going to do to celebrate?

Emily Tamayo Maher 30:04

Now I just have pictures of the kind of a child's birthday party confetti and the little things you blow? That's totally there.

Adrienne MacIain 30:11

I love it. I love it.

Emily Tamayo Maher 30:13

Those little whistles with the, yeah. Totally got mine.

Adrienne MacIain 30:19

Fantastic. All right. Well, thank you so much you can--

Emily Tamayo Maher 30:24

Back in reality.

Adrienne MacIain 30:25

Welcome back!

Emily Tamayo Maher 30:26

I loved that. Thank you totally shifted my energy.

Adrienne MacIain 30:29

Yeah. So I always tell people, you know, that's yours, you get to keep it. I always recommend that you, like, try to find some of those images that you saw, in your mind, create them or find, you know, something similar on the internet. And just make yourself a little slideshow. I like to use Animoto for that. It's just like free software, and you can put music behind it that really like lifts your spirits. And it's a thing that I like to do every morning, I just I have a little power song that I play with it. And I just watch my little slideshow and play my power song. And it just really puts me it just it's one of those things that can just align me like instantly. You know?

Emily Tamayo Maher 31:10

I love that. And one of my favorite teachers of all time who has started just to kind of spin off that he was teaching me to use my intuition. One of the things is we would go on those journeys. And he would say, what's the thing--Like, see one more thing that you couldn't see before or which the thing you didn't expect? And I loved that, just as an intuitive exercise. Because sometimes you can, you might feel like you're really controlling it. But now I'm so curious for the things that were so spontaneous that I couldn't possibly have, you know, controlled it with my own mind. Yeah, really excited for this Indian food. This is Indian food. And it's there. I didn't put it there. But it was a fun encounter. That's where you know, your intuition is. So yes, that is so cool. Thank you.

Adrienne MacIain 32:06

Absolutely. Yeah, that's my favorite thing is that people, you know, they get up in their head, and they think they know what they're going to see. But once they actually drop into that heart space, and they're open to just what is there, they're like, what? I didn't, where'd that come from??

Emily Tamayo Maher 32:21

I haven't had dahl in like, since I was, you know, for years! So yeah.

Adrienne MacIain 32:26

Yeah, just if you keep those channels open, those those new inputs will come, you know, and you'll start creating stuff that you didn't think you were even capable of creating, you know?

Emily Tamayo Maher 32:40

yeah. And it's such a great exercise to get that, you know, to get those intuitive visions in motion.

Adrienne MacIain 32:46

Yeah. So thank you so much for doing that with me. Where can the lovely folks at home find you so they can get more of this awesomeness?

Emily Tamayo Maher 32:55

Oh, thank you. So my website is meaningmethod.com. And I have a book coming out, it will be out in late August. The pre sales are open now. But it's called the meaning method. And so if you're ever interested in getting deeper into opening your chakras, and finding out how that can, can contribute to your creativity and ultimately, to your success and fulfillment professionally, and in your family, you'll be able to find it the meaning method, a spiritual path to writing and publishing by Emily Tomayo Maher, that's me.

Adrienne MacIain 33:33

Fantastic. Thank you so much for being here, Emily.

Emily Tamayo Maher 33:37

Thank you. And I'm excited. I'm excited to follow up and become a part of your community. Yay.

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