Why I love infographics

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

I recently wrote an article for a client on data visualization. Now, while I wait the interminable wait for it to go up on their site so I can share it on my portfolio, I'm inspired to share with y'all why I am so passionate about good data visualizations like the infographics at the bottom of this post, which can also be found on my about page.

Like a lot of people, I have trouble making sense of abstract data. Showing me columns of numbers on a spreadsheet is the fastest way to get me to focus on such burning questions as "Do fairies like the smell of honeysuckle?" and "What is this gunk under my fingernails?" Or pretty much anything other than the data in front of me.

But when you take that data and make it into a visual story, suddenly it makes perfect sense. The line on the graph that shows an upward trend. The dots on the map that show me where things are happening. The sections of the pie chart that let me know how much of the total they represent. I am grateful for them all.

Graphs and charts
Good stuff

But the crowning jewel of data visualizations is the majestic infographic. Infographics are the comic books of data visualization. When done correctly, they tell a compelling, informative story in an aesthetically pleasing format.

Take a look at these beauties, which do an absolutely stunning job of conveying the latest statistics on audiobooks and podcasting, respectively. If you can peruse these and NOT come away with a better understanding of the fast-growing world of audio content, I will be impressed. Confused, but impressed.

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