Pricing that's tailored to your needs

My standard coaching rate is $150/hr. However, after years of observing the needs of creators like you, and dialing in the most effective solutions to address them, I've designed these packages to help you create authentic, aligned content and release your true masterpiece: YOU!

"Help! I feel stuck / blocked / misaligned / disconnected from my creative source."


Creation is your birthright. The only thing standing in your way is you. 


Three hour-long one-on-one coaching sessions (via Zoom) to help you:

  • Align you to your values & core desired feelings

  • Remove blockages to creative living (limiting beliefs, trauma, shame, fear, perfectionism, etc.)

  • Process and make good use of ALL of your emotions, memories, and desires

  • Uncover your unique gifts

  • Identify who those gifts are for

  • Share them with confidence

  • Create a fertile environment for inspiration to take root in

  • Envision your ideal life

  • Create a sustainable routine that will bring it into being 


"I want to create engaging, multi-channel content so my audience will know, like, and trust me."


The only one who can create authentic personal content for you is you! 


Five hour-long coaching sessions (via Zoom) to help you:​​

  • Discover your core message

  • Identify the audience that most needs to hear it

  • Find and shape your own hero's journey into an inspirational story

  • Add language that will motivate your audience to take action

  • Share that story via multi-channel content

  • Design an ongoing content strategy to magnetize your message and inspire your audience to action

  • Master emotional hygiene so your energy is as enjoyable and inspiring as it is infectious 

  • Improvise & go live with confidence


"I want to create long-form inspirational content (i.e. a book,  audiobook, podcast, webcast, or online course).


You deserve bespoke support every step of the way! 


My all-inclusive monthly support package


  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (via Zoom) to keep you aligned, prioritized, and on track to achieve your creation goals

  • Unlimited support and real-time unblocking via email or asynchronous messaging 

  • Monthly milestones to keep you on target for long-term project completion

  • Unlimited constructive feedback on any content you produce

  • Technical guidance & recommendations

  • Built-in motivation to get finished fast!

  • Guidance through the publishing, self-publishing, or production process


For the duration of the FIND and SHINE packages, add a REFINE subscription for only $999/mo. 

Case-Study Testimonials

Showcase your greatest gifts and build credibility by featuring narrative testimonials from satisfied customers.


You know those clients you absolutely adore and wish you had a million more just like them? I will interview them to get the full arc of the transformation you and your brand empowered within them, and condense that story into a powerful testimonial that lets you SHINE without having to brag!