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"Adrienne's talk changed my life. She gave me not just the courage but the tools I needed to have a tough conversation I had been avoiding for literally years. Thanks to this funny, whip-smart lady, I am finally speaking my own truth instead of walking on eggshells, and taking charge of my own career instead of waiting for permission to shine. And I'm never going back!"

- Karen Ngoma

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Dr. Adrienne is a creation coach, a best-selling author, a podcaster, and a storyteller who delights in using her PhD in Drama to help creators of all stripes spin the mucky straw of life experience into narrative gold. Her personal transformation from suicidal, eating disordered, PTSD-addled abuse victim trapped in what felt like an inescapable pattern of addictive behavior and compulsive people-pleasing, into the authentic, aligned thriver she is today, is sure to inspire any audience. And if all else fails, she can always bust out her favorite party trick. Live aligned, and live aloud!

  • Release Your Masterpiece:  Identify the creation within you that just might be your legacy.

  • How To Be a Muse: Empowering creators to get and stay inspired.

  • The Story You're Not Telling: Discover and release a stuck story to vanquish shame and embrace your true self.

  • The Story You're Not Living:  Create the next chapter of your story, the one that's going to take you exactly where you want to be! 

  • Elevate Your Elevator Pitch: create a short, impactful introduction speech that reflects your core message and attracts like minds.

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